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Sick pregnant foster kitty

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I am caring for a foster kitty with a severe uri.Last week her fevr was up to 105.6, neccesitating ice cold packs, alchahol on paw pads etc. to keep her from going into seizures or kittens dying. She is doing much better thanks to a great vet and alot of tlc.She still does sneeze and have green gook from the nose. Her last dose of antibiotic is tommorow. She is due ANYTIME.(temp is now 99.5) Has anyone had any experience with sick cats giving birth/ having kittens. I am concerned as the vet says they could be deformed or weak and die. Or she may be too weak to survive labor. I hope she and her kittens will make it. Any ideas?
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Oh my, I will pray that she does fine. You may have to help her care for the babies if she feels to weak. Make sure she has a quiet place to rest and doesn't feel pressured. Does she have a name? I have two foster mommas and one was sick when she came to me but she already had given birth.
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Ugh!!! How stressed you must feel!

Just make sure she's warm, and is eating and drinking up to snuff. Keep your vet informed every step of the way. I know one odd thing that helped Ripley when she had a URI at 8 weeks, was placing her in the bathroom, and letting the hot shower run nightly for about 20-25 minutes. It's kind of like steaming a baby with the crupe or with a respiratory illness...it clears the airway. I felt that it helped. Good luck with the mom-to-be!
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Thanks guys! I have been running a humidifier. She is alone in the bathroom as to not expose any other cats in the house! Her name is Patches. (She's Calico) Do you think 99.5 is low enough to indicate impending birth? She has been right around 100 for a few days. Now down to 99.5. The dr. says we won't know if the kittens will survive until about a week or so after birth, even then, they could get the virus at any time. AWFUL! Thanks for the support! Nice to know there are others out there who love kitties as much as I do! Friends think I'm crazy!
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I would've thought the vet would recommend she give birth at the vets with such a high risk... I hope everything goes ok, do you have your vet's number handy for emergencies? And will he or she be on call?
Do you see any symptoms of impending labor yet?
You'll have to watch the kittens very closely as they may develop signs of illness right away and fade quickly even if they look normal at birth. Hopefully they have had enough time to build up antibodies along with momma cat.
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Her temp keeps dropping to about 99.5, then going back up to 99.9. arrggh!
I am footing the bill which is already 300.00 for Patches. The shelter would abort them for sure if they knew she was sick, so I'm not including them in the medical care. This is probably why the vet has not asked me to leave her there...cost would be prohibitive. I have three cats of my own, in and out of the vets office......$$$.......you know. She's a very sweet cat, I have had her almost three weeks, and love her so much. The shelter basically will send her back to her original owner after she's done with all this. Long story, will share if you like, but probably too long......when I put her in her nesting box, she does the paw kneeding thing EVERY time and purrs loudly on command when she's in there. This has been going on a few days with temperature drop up and down and nesting.?????You can feel very large kittens in there, moving quite a bit, can even see them moving.....maybe she's trying to join the race with Skittles. Here's someone you can probaly beat Skittles!! Go for it!!
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I am sure she will beat Skittles.. SO far all the mommies have. She just gets bigger and bigger LOL...
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Momof3rugrats, do you have three kids?? I do too! My daughter Katie (9)LOVES SKITTLES!! First thing she wanted to do this morning was to check on Skittles! Dont be so sure, I think she's ready to pop at any moment!! Good luck at the vet! Is it a "bumpy ride?.......
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Yep 3 boys 9,8,5 the 9 yr old will be 10 May 30th
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The kids must be going crazy waiting for her too, if they are like mine!!
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My oldest is because she is so darn big..
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