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Scary and creepy

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If three guys ride up to you on horses and ask you to get on the white one and ride with them... don't do it.

That is the creepiest disease I have ever heard of! I feel all skeezy myself now! Thats so terrible how the one guy killed himself because he couldn't take it anymore. I wonder why its mostly in Texas California and Florida?
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That's really weird
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Uck.... that's very scary and I'm sick to my stomach now.....
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Wow! We saw that on the news the other night. How scary! I'm surprise that the one girl had it for 12 years!
Remind me to avoid all deer/ticks or anything that carries lyme disease!
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Dear God..that sounds horrific.
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Good lord-that made my skin crawl reading that! That is really nasty and bizarre! I hope they can find out what is causing that odd disease! YIKES!!
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Oh my! That made my stomach turn. Its a good thing I don't like spaghetti!! Those poor people who are suffering from this!!
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Made my stomach turn, too. It's sad that fellow couldn't go on, and ended his life, but it's not surprising, given the description of the symptoms. Here's hoping the research is fruitful and some answers are found about this soon.
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The scariest thing is that this is happening the world over.
Just most concentrated in those three states.
Honestly, I read it 4 or 5 times, thinking it was BS.
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Good lord that does sound like a horror movie. What an awful, bizarre disease.
What scared me most is the typical reactions of so many doctors - label the patient as crazy when the doctor is too ignorant to figure out what the disease is.
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sounds like something for House, that is just scary! I hope the figure out what is causing it and how to treat it soon!
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That is aweful!!!!! i think it would be hard to deal with and can't really blame the guy.

i hope they find a cure soon, that made me feel sick.

that has the be the grossest disease ever.
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I could hardly read that made me feel sick. It's so weird and scary and it sounds like something out of a science fiction horror movie. The kind where something from another planet erupts out of a human body.

***This is really far fetched, but I wonder if something very small or microscopic from another planet didn't travel millions of miles across space and finally land on earth....and now it's causing this horrible disease?????***
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Oh my gosh,

That sounds like some freak science experiment gone wrong or from a movie.

I can't stop thinking its like those people are from the x-files or something.

Seriously though, I hope they find a cure, because it sounds like that disease is pure torture. God help those people and that young person's soul. I hope his family is ok.
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This is sick and scary I have shrills up my spine...
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