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Our queen

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our queen is 4 1/2 and we recently became foster parents of a mama and her kids. We have been taking the one kitten we are keeping into the queens den to let her sniff it. the usual reaction is sniff/hiss/sniff/hiss. well today she did something different...she sniff/lick/hiss/lick/hiss. what do you make of this?
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I'd hazzard a guess that she will probably accept the kitten, but she is telling it early on who truly runs the house.
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this would be my guess too. Ie, it is going well. Dont rush matters - but be optimistic.

How is she to the foster mama? If foster mama is shy feral you can perhaps try to let them meet together. Shy ferals very often become good pals with home cats, easier then buyed cats.

Do it cautiously, the mama musnt be stressed. But if you see they are getting along so...

I take if for granted your own cat is fully vaccinated??
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the queen im introducing the kitten to is our own cat. we started feeding a stray when it was about 4 months old then it got pregnent at 6 mo. something terrible happened outside and we brought them in when they were 3 weeks old. the mama and her kids have been in our room for a month now...the kittens have stopped weening(sp?) now.
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