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Two-week old kitten and fleas...

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I will foster a two-week old kitten from tomorrow. In the past, I have done so, with a six-week old and his mom, who were covered with fleas. As I did not know when I got them, it was quite awful to get rid of them + the trouble to get rid of the fleas in my condo. Real hell. Consequently, I do not want this to happen again + the kitten contaminating my 2 year old female cat, who is an indoor cat.

Which preventive product should I get in the event the baby has fleas? I'd better buy them in advance than go through again a flea infestation! I know that commercial products could be dangerous. Would Dawn dish soap be to harsh on his tender skin? I guess Revolution is also too rough on him?

Thx for your replies!

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I use diatomaceous earth. Here is an example of what I'm talking about (and yes I wrote that one review): http://www.onlynaturalpet.com/Only_N...y_p/999012.htm
You can put it on the kitten, you can put it on your carpets, in your vacuum bag, etc. It is safe for even the tiniest kitten, since its not a chemical its a dessicator, it just dries up the fleas and larva and eggs and kills them all. And it works better than any of those foggers or sprays esp for the carpet, furnishings and such even if you don't want to put it on the kitten.
You could also try revolution/advantage/frontline on your 2-yr old cat for posterity. If you search through these threads you'll find all sorts of opinions on all three.

Are you sure the kitten will have fleas? If you're fostering it it seems like the sort of thing that will already be taken care of?

Dawn dish soap would be okay if you fill the sink with a little bit of water, add a drop or two of soap, mix it around, and then put the kitten into it staying away completely from his head and ears and then fill the sink again with warmish water with no soap and rinse him thoroughly. It won't do a thing about the fleas though except remove dead ones and make the live ones jump on you!
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