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15 wk. kitty/change in sleeping habits

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Hi all! Got a quick question. When we first got our kitty at 8 wks. old, he used to sleep on our bed every night, snuggled up to me or my husband. About the last week or two, he's been sleeping UNDER our bed. And if I pick him up and put him on the bed, 9 times out of 10, he jumps off and goes back under the bed. Any ideas on how to make the TOP of our bed more inviting for kitty???? I was thinking of maybe trying that spray that vet's offices use to relax the kitties, but not sure if that would work.. any ideas would be appreciated. thanks!
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I'm not sure if there is a way to convince kitty to sleep on your bed. I recently bought a fleece cat bed for Ivo, who likes to sleep behind my front door during the day. I put it down and what did the silly cat do? She sleeps NEXT to it. Maybe giving kitty treats and loving while in bed, but avoiding really rough and exciting play may help to make the association that "this is bed".
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Has it recently gotten warmer where you live?

My kitty changes sleeping areas quite often. . .sometimes just whim or cat logic that I don't understand. . .sometimes it is temperature related. The colder it is the closer she will snuggle -- even under the covers all night. When it got warm a month ago she started sleeping in the kitchen where her electric lambswool bed is. . .cuz it is warm but not as warm as under the covers.
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Actually, I didn't think about the temperature thing, but we have central air.. so you're saying that maybe he's cold and that's why he's sleeping under the bed? That's interesting..
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Temperature, I would think that maybe he's getting too warm with all the body heat on the bed if the weather is getting warmer too. I know I haven't had snuggly kitties at night since it warmed up. Sometimes they just go through phases, too.

I did find that once I put one of those "fuzzy" blankets on the bed, the kind they have in hotels, or when I had a small fleece blanket on the bed, I couldn't keep them off of it. Since I put the blue fuzzy blanket on, I have an Ophelia sleeping with me every night and she never used to sleep with me.
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ah yes, Heidi . . .fleece works great as a cat magnet. Also reminded me of Cat Law # 7 which is the more expensive an item is, the more likely kitty will grace lovely fur all over it. :tounge2:
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well thank you all so much for your replies.. I may try the fuzzy blanket.. But it does break my heart when he'd rather sleep under the bed than up on top - like he did last night.. My old cat would never "snuggle" with me, but he consistently slept at the foot of my bed. This cat sleeps under the bed, but when he does come up or is put up there by my husband (who knows it breaks my heart that he's under the bed), he comes right over and just can't get close enough to me. Aren't these kitties hysterical??!!! I LOVE them! they're the greatest pets (in my humble opinion)... Anything that anyone else thinks of, please let me know. Does anyone think spraying Feliway on top of the bed would encourage him to stay up there???
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I've seen a catnip spray that may work, just a light spray to get the scent on there. I'm not sure, but I thought Feliway for good for calming kitty's nerves (that's what I have gleaned from the discussions here) so I'm not sure if it would work to attract kitty on the bed. I'm certainly no expert though, especially since I've never used it!
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My Kitty also changed her sleeping habits at that same age. From the time I got her at age 5 weeks she slept at the head of the bed, between the two pillows. Then one night she would only sleep at the foot of the bed. A couple months later she started sleeping on the floor either in the doorway to the bedroom or out in the living room.

Now at 19 months she will sometimes come up & sleep at the foot of the bed but more often on the floor in the living room.

I think some kitties just like a bit of variety in their life. (HaHa) One just never knows what they will be doing next.

Betty & Mandy
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our 2 cats vary their sleeping spots all the time.....one week one of them will be on the bed, theother in the spare room, the next week, they will swap, then sometimes neither of them....I wouldnt get upset over it at all!
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