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Here in lie questions that require immediate attention for those willing to help!

After yesterday's trauma, resulting in my new kitten Seth going missing....and eventually being found again; reunited now with her mother Astaroth:

My other cat, Belial (pardon the names) has just in the last two hours given birth to three kittens.

Problem is, Belial doesn't by any means want anything to do with them. It got to the stage where I actually caught Belial (normally quite friendly) and at the sight of her kittens she "freaked out" -so to speak- and slashed my arm, hissing all the while. She's now run off and is nowhere to be seen.

It may not have been the right thing to do, I admit that now (as I am no feline expert) but I have put the three new kittens in the room with Astaroth and Seth, in the vain hope that Astaroth will look after them.

So far, she seems to be okay. She has smelt the kittens, pushed them around with her nose, and licked them, cleaning them of. She has even been rolling onto her back into more sensible positions in order to let them suckle.

Problem is, the new kittens don't seem to understand. I'm not sure what to do.

Someone! Suggest something, if you can!!
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Perhpas you can try to guide them towards her nipple. Try moving the baby's mouth gently back and forth over the nipple. That should stimulate them to suckle. Sorry to hear that you got slashed. Ouch, make sure you put something on that. Hopefully someone will come along shortly to be more help.
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