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Psycho kitty,,

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Hi, I think Angel is psycho, A little while ago Tuffy was sleeping and Angel came by him and started licking him on the head, so he wakes up and she instantly turns 180 and attacks him and runs off.
I can carry Angel around and she will lick my face real nice one second and the next she is growling and biting me in the arm hard enough to draw blood sometimes.
She will groom Panther allot also for a few moments then it turns into a big fight. Some times when I am holding her she is fine till I go to put her down and she gets upset and attacks me or any other cat if any are near her.
Also there is only one time I ever heard her purr. She was like this before she got fixed so that didn't cause it. She is not a dumb kitty, in fact she is very smart at figuring things out.

Anyone out there have a kitty like this? She changes from nice to mean and back to nice like flipping a switch. Why does she act like this?
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your Angel is a bit high strung and easily over stimulated. You need to be very in tune with her body language so you can tell BEFORE she goes into attack kitty mode.

Have you talked to your vet at all? If there is no physical problem, you might want to invest in a feliway spray thingy that you plug in the wall. It makes aggressive cats less so. Hope you find a solution. It's no fun to be on the receiving end of those growls and bites!!
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I can normaly tell when she flips her switch but she does it so fast I don't have time to react. I don't want to just drop her if I am carrying her around with me.

I sometimes think she is ticklish [sp?] because if I am holding her and pet her in certain spots she twitches and gets a funny look on her face like she would be laughing if she could then she tries to get away or bites. She also just hates to be brushed, she goes into "kill" mode if I even get close to her with a brush.

Lately she has started to headbutt me at times and I figured out when she does this she wants the top of her head scratched around the base of her ears, she loves that. Also she is looking for attention from our dog all the time, she will headbutt the dog allot to. We think the dog might have cushing's and I wonder if Angel can tell something is wrong with the dog?

Like I said before she is a very smart kitty cat, when you look into her eyes she always has a look like there is allot going on inside that little brain.
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