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A Rescue Story! And THANK YOU Jen!!!

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I got home from renting a movie yesterday and saw a pretty little tuxedo kitty sitting by the door of our building. I went over to say Hi thinking it was somebody's outside/inside kitty, and noticed that it was definitely a stray and definitely sick. His symptoms were: walking funny and lethargic, his tail doesn't move and has a big lump at the base of the tail like its broken, he is heavily wheezing, holds one foot up in the air and acts cold though its springy, has goopy-eye, and his third eyelid is closed. I fed him a can of wet food, which he ate whole almost the second I was far enough away.

I kept running down and checking on him and he kept coming closer and closer, and as it started raining he seemed to want to come in the hallway of the building but wouldn't because of course I was standing there! So he hid out in the bushes by the door.

I contacted Jen (you guys all know Jen of course!) and she drove over in the rainy dark with a live trap and helped me get it all set up with a towel and food under the bush the poor guy had been hanging out under. Thank you! Otherwise the poor guy would still be out in the come-and-go storms and so sick. I checked the trap a few times before bed and checked under all the cars and such.

And when I woke up this morning there he was! Yay!!! So I brought him inside and he's sitting reluctantly in the cage on a bunch of paper toweling outside my front door.

Jen is figuring out how we'll get him to the (Is it the Humane Society or the APL?) since I don't have a car yet and nobody can let me borrow one today.

I am so happy that the poor guy won't be so miserable for much longer!

Oh and of course, here are some pictures!
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what a handsome boy - i hope he can find a furever home after he gets well!
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Jen just stopped by and they are on their way to the place right now!!!!

He let out a big sneezy snot rocket on the way down the stairs, just for fun, too! And then I lysoled the landing where he spent his day.

Best wishes straybaby!
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
Best wishes straybaby!
awwww yes!! best wishes darling.... lets hope they can get you all better in no time and find you a perfect forever home

thankyou both for all you did for this handsome boy
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Oh how wonderful that he found someone like you who cared. Prayers that he will get better and find a great home with lots of love. Bless you for helping him.
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Heres vibes for a furever home for this little furry
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You and Jen should be given many for helping this poor little baby. I pray that he recovers quickly and that someone will adopt him into his forever home soon! How I wish I could take them all that need love and stability............
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any news on the little fella?
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He crossed the Rainbow Bridge...
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Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
He crossed the Rainbow Bridge...
Godspeed, StrayBaby, you were given the help that you so desparately sought and now are in your FOREVER home, with our True Owner. Enjoy your reward, dear cat.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
He crossed the Rainbow Bridge...
I'm sorry...but for a little while he knew the love of 2 caring individuals.

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You cared enough to help, and that help enabled him to cross peacefully and not painfully. That's as much as any stray can ask for - someone to care enough to help.

May you find peace at the Bridge straybaby.
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Aww the poor baby

Rest in peace little fella You found some love when you needed it most.
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Oh no...I'm so sorry that he passed...but thank you for going through the efforts of rescuing him and allowing him to pass in peace..
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