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The best vacation spot

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A year ago last October my niece and I crossed the U.S. by Amtrak. I had never been west of Chicago, and my niece had always traveled by plane, so neither of us had ever seen the U.S. We went to Chicago, through Kansas down to New Mexico to the Grand Canyon, Fullerton California (Disneyland-great!) up the coast to San Francisco, (What a gorgeous city!) then across the Sierra Nevadas and Rockies to Denver, back to Chicago, and home.
I was thrilled by the scenery in the Southwest, and I really hated to say goodbye to palm trees; every turn brought more beautiful scenes in the Rockies, but--the Grand Canyon was so breathtaking!! I just stared at this wonder and knew that God is in his heaven and all is well. It is amazing! That was my first vacation since my honeymoon. Where was your best site?
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When I was growing up, Dad would have to travel to Ft. Lauderdale for work (he worked for the Navy) about once a year. Most of those years, that was our family vacation, too. We did't stay at a glitzy, glossy hotel but a motel (The Sea Gate Motel) about 1 1/2 blocks from the beach. In the 70's and early 80's, Ft. Lauderdale was still a family town. We'd go to the beach, or the local park for their tram rides, or walk along the boardwalk and look at all the little souveneir shops. Now, when I smell suntan lotion, hot pavement, coconut or see thunderheads piling up, I think of Ft. Lauderdale. I'd love to go back, and stay at the Sea Gate and try to recapture my childhood. Maybe, now that I have a real job, I can finally afford it!
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I have some great memories of family vacations as I was growing up. Every year we would go to this small mountain town in Colorado to go camping, Buena Vista. My parents lived there before my sis and I were even thought of and loved the area. We would go see the old mining towns, ghost towns, share in our parents' history, and be in the midst of such natural beauty.

We went to Yellowstone a few times, too. Such an amazing place. Lake Powell is one other place I want to go back to. Take a boat out for a week, and unless you are by the big docks and harbors you may not see another soul.

We went to North Carolina in the days when you drove to your destination. Quite a trek, but we saw a lot of cool stuff. Saw the Biltmore Castle in Ashville, went out to Cape Hattaris (sp) and Okracoke Island before going to Cherry Point, a Marine base where my sister was born. Came back through Kentucky and visited a thoroughbred farm where I saw Seattle Slew, and the horse that ran second to Secretariat (he broke every record that Secretatiat broke, just couldn't beat him).

Gosh Jeanie - now you have me pining for my childhood vacations and the wonderful times we had together.
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For my 40th birthday, my ex took me on a 7-day Carribean cruise. We went to Labadee, Haiti (private island), Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Gand Cayman Island and Cozumel, Mexico. The weather, food and entertainment were wonderful. We liked Cozumel, best. We strolled along the waterfront shopping area and took a horse-drawn carriage, back to the ship. If I can, ever afford another leisurely vacation, I'm taking Bill to Cozumel. It isn't a touristy as nearby Cancun, yet. He feels badly, that he can't give me the trips and things that Numbnuts and I took. I never had those things, before and I can do without them, again. Anyway, if I HAD to turn 40, that cruise made it a little more palatable.
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That sounds like heaven. I really wanted to go on a cruise, but my niece, with whom I grew up, is afraid of water, so this train trip was also something I wanted to do. I'm so glad I finally saw my country, but there's so much more to see! I hope I do get to go on a cruise sometime, though.
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Cruises are very good value, for the money. My first one was a four-day, to Catalina and Ensenada. Royal Carribean is the only line that I've dealt with and I see no reason to change. That first cruise cost $740.00, for two of us. That includes room, meals, entertainment. You pay extra for drinks and shore tours but, they aren't that bad. That four-day is a good "starter cruise" to find out if you're going to like it. The midnight buffet, alone, is worth it! I deal with Cruises, Inc. and save about 50% of the cruise line's price.
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When I was a teenager I really enjoyed the trip my family took to Los Angeles CA to visit relatives. It was just soooo different from Minnesota and so much fun! We stayed two weeks and a few of the things we got to see were Disney Land, Beverly Hills, MGM Studio, Farmer's Market, Malibu(sp?)and it was so neat to be able to actually see the ocean! My aunt's nephew was in the navy at the time, and our relatives arranged for us to be taken on a private tour of his ship, I think it was a battleship but I'm not sure anymore. Of all the vacations I have ever been on this one was the best! I have never been able to go back out to California on another vacation, but I would LOVE to!!
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I haven't really been anywhere cool yet, since I am still young. But, the best place that I would say where I have been is the D.C. Hubby's dad lives right outside of D.C. in Virginia and when we go to visit, we love to go to the Potomac river and the falls and go hiking through the national park. I also remember getting to see the Whitehouse (which hubby's step mom works at), the Pentagon, Viatnam Memorial, etc. The one thing that I hope to see when we go back this July, is the FBI building. I can't wait!
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check on the FBI tours before you leave...I'm not sure they're doing the general tours again just yet. (I work two blocks away.) But if you can go, it's an interesting tour.
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Thanks Krissie! I would have never have thought to check the tour schedules before we left...I would just have assumed that they were open all the time.
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We went to D.C. quite a few years ago, and drove all around at cherry blossom time. It was so beautiful. We stopped in a park and visited the airport and Arlington Cemetary for the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknowns. That was very impressive. We didn't have time to tour a building because we were on our way to Maryland, but I hope someday that I'll be able to go to the Smithsonian. I think that would be a thrill. Try to go if you can, and let us all know what you think. Oh, don't get stuck in the wrong lane at the Lincoln Memorial. You'll be an old lady when you get back if you do!
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When I was in college, I got to spend one summer school (8 weeks) in Florence, Italy. I was on a full scholarship for the regular school year, so I worked and saved and didn't party (much) for the first two years I was in school so I could afford to go. What a blast! I took Art Apreciation there--really, the art class for non-Art majors where you look at slides and have to tell the difference between Monet and Manet. It was so cool to do this in Europe, as part of the deal was we got Eurail passes and could go all over the place. If I needed to go look at the Mona Lisa, I could get on a train and go to Paris and look at it. The only slide shows we got where of paintings that were in museums in the US.
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I agree, Florence is beautiful - all that art and history, plus wonderful food and delicious wine. I went last November, so it was cold, but empty of other tourists so we had almost private viewings of some of the most marvellous Renaissance paintings and sculptures in the world, including Michaelangelo's David (check out the nice bottom on that statue!).

2 weeks ago I went to visit a friend who now lives in Prague, Czech Republic. What a beautiful city and incredibly cheap! Wonderful architecture and friendly people. Terrible food, though. The castle dominates the skyline and offers fantastic views of the city from the walls. If you are ever in Prague, take a trip up the furnicular railway which travels through a beautiful park to offer even more great views of the river and the castle. A fantastic city to just wander around, getting lost in the tiny medieval lanes, stopping for a small beer or a glass of local red wine, and a pivny syr (plates of bread, cheese, mustard and onion - sounds horrible, but great to snack on).

The west coast of Ireland - miles of beautiful unspoilt coastline, blue sea, and white sandy beaches. The most friendly and welcoming people in the world. Miles and miles of ancient hedgerows covered in fuschias and dog-roses.

That's it, I want to go on holiday NOW!
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I think the best vacation I've had was up in Lach La Hache (Lack-la-hash). We we're at this campground called fircrest resort.
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I've done a lot of travelling, and in my opinion Europe is by far the best destination. I love all of Italy, especially Rome and Florence. And Denmark is just beautiful. Not to mention the people there are outstanding. I lived for a long time in Germany, so my heart is with Deutschland, but all of Europe is worth a trip!
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Last November I went to the Pacific coast of Mexico and it was amazing. It was Huatolco (sp?) Mexico and we stayed in a 5 star resort right on Tangalunda (sp?) bay. The weather was perfect every day - warm and sunny. It was an all inclusive and had 5 pools. There were activities and a night club and theme dinners right on site. It was so relaxing!
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I would love to go to Europe some day! Eventually hubby and I will. We want to do alot of traveling before we have kids and Europe is just one place on our list. I really want to go to Paris. Any good recommendations?
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I didn't really like Paris - I found it to be very dirty and smelled like a urinal (Notre Dam Cathredal really smelled bad as bums used it for their bathroom). I loved Lucerne Switzerland, Austria and Lichtenstein. Northern Italy was also lovely, specifically Lago di Como. San Moritz was very expensive and overrated IMO.
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