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New here-pregnant cat question

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Hi just wanted to introduce myself. I have been keeping up with the posts on Sponge and Skittles. Congratulations Sponge and good luck to Skittles.
My cat, Isis is pregnant. Not quite sure when she got that way, but two days ago she had a brownish discharge but it didn't have any odor. Her milk appears to be coming in a little bit. How much longer do you guys think it will be? She just about refuses to let me take her temperature. I might have to get help to do that.

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Milk production occurs 2-3 days before a cat is due. Has she ever been allowed outside?? If so, that is probably how she became pregnant as cats d not need to be in heat to become pregnant. Right now, make sure you restrict your girl indoors only and away from any intact males until she has her kittens, weans them and can be safely spayed.

There is also good information in the link below:


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She has been kept indoors since she became pregnant. She was indoor/outdoor. She is such a beautiful cat, I didn't care for her to get pregnant. However, she will probably not be allowed outside after this litter.
My other cat D.C. is a male indoor cat, but I adopted him from an animal shelter and he is fixed.
The milk isn't a whole lot that I can tell, it's not coming out of her nipples or anything, I can just feel the small bulges behind the nipples.
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Congrads and I think Isis will be having babies today or late tonight. I hear the brownish discharge is a sign of the labor. Another one might just beat Skittles
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However, she will probably not be allowed outside after this litter.
Best thing to do is have her spayed once the kittens are weaned..that way, if she happens to escape again, she won't become pregnant.

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I wouldn't recommend taking her temp. Just wait and the kittens will come. I know there are people here who are checking the cats temp, but I think they were shown how to do it safely by their vets.

Good luck with the kittens. Please keep Isis inside until you can get her spayed. I had a foster who had multiple litters (3 in 6 months), and lost a lot of kittens. It is not good for the Moms or the kittens to allow overbreeding! And it is pretty hard to keep a kitty inside when she is in heat and wanting out!

The other advice I would give is to be sure she has a place away from the male. Even though he is neutered, he may harm the kittens, or upset Isis.
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He (D.C.) generally stays away from Isis except when he gets in one of his playful moods! He sleeps out here in the living room or in our window seat in the bedroom. Isis's nesting box is in our bedroom too, but he doesn't go near it. It was the safest room in our house with 2 toddlers running around!
also-here is a link to the pics of my cats:
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The only reason I was confused about the discharge is because it was 2 days ago and nothing has happened since. She has meowed at me a couple of times a while ago, and she has been cleaning herself everywhere for the past couple of minutes.
I have been keeping an eye on Skittle's posts and I feel for her-she is such a beautiful cat!
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Thank you I will tell her that right now she is moody
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I have to wait until my area has the free spay/neuter clinic, but I will definately look into it!
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