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This is for any of you who like yogurt Have you tried the Blue Bunny Swirl sensations? Oh my goodness-that is SO delicious!! I cant decide whether the cheesecake or shortcake is my favorite They are both so scrumptious!! If you havent tried them, you *must*-lol, they are really yummy-you dont know what your missing out on.
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I love plain yoghurt but I can't stand the fruity variety! When I was growing up in the middle east I never had fruit flavoured yoghurt so maybe thats why... My younger siblings (19 and 13) love it.
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I like plain yoghurt (greek) on my wheetabix
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I love yogurt, haven't heard of blue bunny swirl sensations I'll have to take a look next time I'm at the store.
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Have you tried Yo Crunch? Yum!! Its yogurt with granola that oyu mix in. There are also some with like oreo cookies and other toppings to! Yummy!
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I actually really like Wallaby yogurt. It's available in the US!! I don't know if they make other flavors, but their vanilla is to die for.

I've never tried the Blue bunny swirls yogurt, although I've had Blue Bunny icecream and that was delish!!
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