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DT Wednesday

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Hello, everyone. Warm and sunny, expected high of 101. Another balmy Southern Arizona day! We're getting a lot of smoke and ash, from the big fire in the Catalina Mts. The entire Coronado National Forest has been shut down, because of fire danger and several cities have canceled or are considering canceling Fourth of July fireworks. All of the fuzzies are happy. Our new sofa has passed the Rowdy test: she, Bill and I had a snugglefest, last night. Opie still prefers the LaZBoy. Back to work (swing shift), today. Have a good one!
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I was just thinking about starting a DT. You beat me to it Cindy!

It's supposed to be nice/hot all week with temps getting close to 90. I know, it's not as bad as other places, especially since we don't have the humidity, but that's pretty hot for Colorado.

We have the fire bans all over, too. They haven't closed any of the Parks yet. We haven't had a huge fire, just a bunch of smaller ones. I think the biggest one so far was 4000 acres. They are talking about canceling the 4th fireworks around here, too. That would be a bummer, but it's better than the state burning down!

I'm doing much better today. Hubby actually went out looking for a job yesterday. Not any luck yet, but he said he isn't going to give up, and is calling in favors from everyone he knows. Send your good thoughts and prayers our way. We sure do need them.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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90 degrees? That is hot for Colorado. We have had a lot of rain this spring. Last year out water table was down and a couple of years ago we were prohibited from watering our flowers. That is nothing compared to what your states are going through, but it's very unusual for PA. We have some fertile soil and good growing conditions, normally. This year we're ahead of normal-mild winter, cool spring. Now let's see what summer brings. Ninety degrees is unusual for PA, but Colorado? With that altitude? In May? Wow.
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It is a beautiful day outside & I am stuck in the office. We are having the same horrible computer issues at work today that we did yesterday. It is making it very difficult to serve our clients. Going to Costco tonight to stock up on the essentials. I just want to go home and nap - I am so tired today.

Heidi - my fingers are crossed for the job hunt!
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Good afternoon everyone! Its a hot and humid 80 degrees here. Ugh! Today has been crazy at work. This morning, I had alot of UPS and FedEx bills to do. Then I didn't get to go to lunch until after 2pm. (I start work at 8am) And to top that off, we had a fire drill and I had to stay here to answer the phones while the loud noise was ringing in my ears! I hate having to answer the phones cuz I can never hear anyone. At least I only have about an hour left, then I can go home and relax and maybe go take a walk with hubby. Have a good rest of the day everyone! :daisy:
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I've been up since six this morning. The school changed the schedules of the students who attend Skill Center classes. Skill Center is different from a regular matriculate student. Department of Workforce services and Vocational Rehabilitation sends us for training in office procedures, accounting, health information technology, and customer service so we can go to work. Well, for the past year, I have been going to school from nine a.m. until twelve p.m. Now, they had me come in at eight and stay until one. From Eight until Ten thirty, we go to our regular classes were we learn the assignments and hand in our work. From 11 until one, I do mostly homework. I like the change because that way I can finish a lot faster.
My allergies are getting worse. I've been taking claritin, but by nighttime I am sneezing a lot. What makes me real bad is freshly mowed grass. The air smells of pollen and it makes me miserable!
Its getting hotter this side of the mountains too. Its in the mid-80s and by Friday it is suppose to be in the 90s! I am not looking forward to a hot summer. Utah is known as one of the driest states. I prefer humid than dry because it dries my skin and my nose dries up. The state is restricting water use because they said we are headed for another drought. I thought we were doing great with all the snow and rain that we received, but no! Utah is mostly desert and the people down south are especially suffering. And the mosquitos are starting to bite me. Also, I heard on the news that rattlesnakes have been numerous. A couple of people had been bitten. They survived. One idiot decided to pick one up and handle it(DUH!)and the snake bit him. Only Steve Erwin(The Crocedile Hunter) can pick a dangerous reptile! I hope everyone has a better day than me!
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Work stunk! Am thankful that I am home. Have fed all the critters and then am making a special supper for hubby. Today is his b'day. We don't celebrate as such, but we get to eat whatever we want. He is having a HUGE lobster tail and a Porterhouse...The meat cost me $30 - would have been cheaper to go out!
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