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My finicky girl

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According to the book Cats For Dummies, it's a good idea to feed a variety of cat foods from a variety of manufacturers. They support feeding a wide variety of flavors and brands. Other experts believe that feeding too much variety will turn your cat into a fussy, finicky eater.

I feed only one dry food but with wet foods I feed from a variety of manufacturers and all sorts of flavors. Lately Rosie has been rejecting wet foods that she used to eat with great gusto. She covers them up with imaginary dirt and walks away. And it seems she will sometimes do this no matter what wet food I put down for her. She has this, I'll eat it if I feel like it kind of attitude. Sometimes it's mmmmm, this is like caviar and sometimes it's what kind of crap is this? You don't really expect me to eat this do you? What's your opinion and what do you do. Do you give your cats variety or do you stick with one dry food and one canned food and only one flavor?

Here are a couple pictures of my finicky girl. Two things she always treats like caviar. Fresh cooked chicken or turkey and tuna fish.

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Your girl is lovely!

I've always read that feeding a variety of foods can make a fussy eater. I don't know - I'm lucky in that mine have always eaten anything you give them. Magpie was a bit discerning (but liked most things) and Jaffa has never turned his nose up at anything. I feed the same dry food, changing the flavour from time to time (the brand I feed only did 2 flavours until recently so not much choice!) and have pretty much kept to the same brand wet food although I change that more often than the dry food and it doesn't seem to have caused any upset tummies or finnicky eaters.

I don't believe cats have the psychological need for variety that we have - I think they're perfectly happy eating the same thing every day.
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My Lucky is a finicky eater while Rambo is a Hoover Vaccuum in disguise. Once i found a food that Lucky would eat I stuck with it (occasionally get differnt varieties of same kind of food). If she doesn't it after about 20 minutes...well usually rambo has gotten to it by then. But if not I just take it away...by the next feeding she is usually dying for it.
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