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Poor sweet baby

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On my way to work this morning, I saw a beautiful ginger kitty laying in the road, off the exit ramp He/she was soo beautiful. There are a few houses right there, so I imagine it was theirs. I wish there was something I could have done for it, but it was too late--he/she was gone . So can you please spare some vibes that this little love made it over Rainbow Bridge safe and sound.

RIP Darling angel

You are loved
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It always breaks my heart when this happens I am so sorry you witnessed this today, Marge I bet he/she is running and playing as we type at RB.

RIP sweet little kitty.
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Bless it's little heart

Run quickly over Rainbow Bridge sweetie, theres lots of new friends waiting to play with you
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Rest in peace, orange kitty!
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Rest in Peace special kitty..play happily over the bridge.
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I'm praying he was loved in his life...because you showed him great compassion and love as he passed over the Bridge. Did you ask anyone at the house of the kitty belonged to them or someone nearby?
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RIP, little one.
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OH, your post reminds me of the night that I found a little grey kitten lifeless in the middle of the road. What really touched me was that the only housing nearby was a ramshackle trailer park notorious for the poorest of the poor living there, and, yet, she had on an expensive pink-collar with pink rhinestones - truly a sign of love! So, despite my passengers' protests, I made a U-turn, and moved the precious little girl to the side of the road, and gave her a towel to rest on. Early next morning, the body had been taken away, and my heart ached for the sad sight that morning brought the owner. So, join the little grey kitty, Little Ginger-colored Cat, and know that here on earth, TCSers mourn your passing & wish you peace and happiness over RB...
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RIP 'lil one. I also saw a big dead dog on the highway today, and all I could do is tear up and wonder if he had a family that loved him? Or if he was just dumped....because theres no houses near by where he got "hit".
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R.I.P. Little
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Oh how my heart breaks for the animals killed impassionately by cars.
You never know whos heart is breaking at their loss or where their home was.
You always feel so empty and at a loss of what to do.
To all those kitties by the road your world is much safer and happier now.
RIP little lost ones.
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