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Off to the vet

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Well, Kitty is off to the vet for her spay (normal spay)... Wish her luck, she's a little nervious but she's stayig brave I think.. she keeps running into her carrier.. either she likes it in there, or she wants to go for a drive.. I dont know which cuz she's only been out of the apt like 3 times. lol Well see you all later.
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Good luck Kitty!

Sending many good spay }}}VIBES{{{ and speedy healing for afterwards!
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When our babies undergo anykind of surgery, it is always stressful.
I am sending positive vibes to Kitty's surgeon.
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Good Luck Kitty! My foster boy Ernie is in for his neuter today too! Fingers and Toes crossed!
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Good luck with your spay today Kitty! I'm sure all will go well, & you'll feel much better in the long run!
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Yippie Kitty is home... but she's verry touch and she cant lay down in one spot.. i know she's in pain.. i wish there was something I can do for her.
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Sadie was really edgy from the anesthesia for at least a day.
When it finally wears off...Kitty will settle down.
Hooray...your girl is back home and on the road to recovery.
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yup yup yup
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I'm so pleased that Kitty is back home with you!

Sending speedy recovery }}}VIBES{{{ her way!
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Is Kitty calmer this morning?
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I am so glad you abay girl is back home - did they no tgive you pain meds to take home for her???
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No they didnt. no meds.. she's alot calmer this morning too... I was able to pet her and pick her up (ever so carefuly) to look at her stiches, its sooooo small... Like about the size of a yarn needle or something.. but ya. she was purring and she was closing her eyes like she was about to fall asleep when i was petting her. so she's doing good. dont look like she is in too much pain, shes not jumping on the window pirch we got her so thats good and she walks slow, but i know she's in a little bit of pain. but other then that she's eating and drinking fine.
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Kitty is doing great.
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