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Originally Posted by snosrap5
Sarah I sure hope you feel better!!!!
Thanks, Eva!

Originally Posted by snosrap5
I'm getting ready for my oldest sons graduation tonight from High School. They have 515 seniors graduating tonight, so I know my butt is going to be sore sitting in the stadium that long. Then it's off to a party at my mother's place. Where I'm sure to have a drink and wonder just how old I'm getting.
How exciting! I bet you'll have sore hands, too, from all the clapping!

I hope you have a great time and you enjoy your pensive drink at your Mum's! You're only as old as you feel, Eva!
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Morning everyone! It's my day off!!! I'm so happy!
Today honey and I are going to go and order new screen doors. One of ours and one on our rental are starting to become pathetic looking but we are going one by one since the doors are a gazillon dollars each. (old house) So we will buy one and pay it off then buy the other. Then on to the next project. It seems like a never ending battle here. The sad part is this might not be our forever home. I guess it should be the way we are spending $$$ on it. honestly, even though it is small, it's not to bad. Not what I would've picked out, but since honeys grandparents owned it, we got a good deal.
Mackenzie and Sarah I hope you are feeling better today.
snosrap5 enjoy your graduation. Jasmines boyfriend is a cutie, better watch out for all those other boys though, she is adorable!
All of my kitties have that pudge. I think it makes them extra "squishable" when I hug them.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Thanks, Barb!

It certainly sounds like you'll be pretty busy sorting the doors out! At least it'll keep you out of trouble on your day off!

I hope you get to relax too!
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[quote=snosrap5]I'm getting ready for my oldest sons graduation tonight from High School. [quote]

How exciting it that!! I know he is ready to get out of there!! Congrats!! And no for you!!
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Well i am home from work now, real busy day but still didn't get done what i had hoped.

I dont suppose that HMCS will fall apart tho'

Just ate a packet of crisps which i really shouldn't have. I them but they dont like me I think it must be the fat content that makes me feel horrible after.

I dont work on Fridays so i am hoping the weather is better than it has been, its still windy and wet I haven't been out on my Harley for 2 weeks
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Originally Posted by snosrap5
Karen, snakes are our friends!!!
Snakes are your friend, not mine

to your son's graduation! You did a good job Mom!!!!

Sarah, I took a few pics for you of some of the flowers:

Here is my living wreath:

I found these really neat hangers to put the pots in:

I just came back from the garden store again. I went there to drop off something for a friend, and of course I bought a nifty hanging container, and more Flowers. I must be stopped!!!!
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Brilliant pictures, Karen!

I've not heard of a living wreath before - looks lovely though!! I'd love to give that a go, but I'd probably forget to water it!

The pot hanger looks great! So much nicer than a metal basket!

I'm just as bad as you with Garden Centres, I can't come home empty handed!

Plus I like it when you buy plants, I get to share them with you through your pictures!
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Jazzy, you and Caius are so adorable together!
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Good Afternoon to everyone!
Great picĀ“s Karen!
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What a great photo Dan! They look so cute!
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