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Not sure if I should panic

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My cat started her labor (FIRST TIME MOM! She was born in Jan of 05) this morning around 8am. Started REAL heavy at around 5. She had her first (and only at this time) at around 7:30. She is doing real well with it and it seems to be nursing (she hid herself AND her kitty under my daughters bed after the kitty came out). I KNOW there are at least 3 more in there. Should I be concerned that they haven't arrived yet?

I am not 100% positive as her Xray was scheduled for tomorrow. She wasn't due (from what WE assumed) until the 22nd.
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Don't panic yet - keep your vet appointment but you'll have to bring mom and baby with you - if at all possible, get the vet to come to you. Can you see/feel any more babies in her belly? If you can, then get her to the vet now!
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Well she had another one last night around 1 or so. I called the vet and he said if she still hasn't had anymore by 2 this afternoon, then I should bring her in. She growls when anyone gets close to her, so I can't feel her tummy...not sure how I'm going to bring her in then. I didn't think it was typical for a cat to only have 2.

It was SO funny when she had her first one. My husband came out of the room and said "honey, it doesn't have any ears!"
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Hahaha! I'm glad you called the vet - is the 2nd kitten okay? You can never tell with 1st time queens - I've had a cat that were absolutely hugely pregnant and only one came out - he was huge tho (the kitten, I mean) and was appropriately named Humanga Dangga...
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Welcome Eden....I'm glad that you are in contact with your vet. From the picture you provided she looks like a lovely DSH black and white cat. I'm not sure given your initial post whether you intend to have her spayed once the kittens are weaned...but if you do, please keep momma strictly indoors and away from intact males until she has weaned the kittens and can be spayed. The other advantage with keeping her indoors only is that she will not be bringing in anything from outdoors that could harm the kittens during this fragile time. Please keep us posted.

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How are the babies and mom doing. If you look at mommy tummy really close you can see the babies kick if there is more. You might need to use a flashlight..
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The babies seem to be doing GREAT! Mommy is forever purring and "holding" them close. Because she is so small (the runt of her mommys litter) the Vet just told me that "if she doesn't seem like she's in pain and is taking care of the ones she has and if you can't feel anything in her belly, she probably was only carrying 2 kittens". The last kitten is all black with white feet. I should go get a picture.
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I want to go under the bed and clean up the little blood on the floor and put a blanket down, but I don't want to disturb her and stress her out.
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I love the pictures. Thank you for sharing. They are so cute... Mom is beautiful long haired
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww mom and babies are TOO CUTE!
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