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Kittens and Ferret

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I'm slowing trying to indroduce my kittens to my 3 ferrets. The ferrets are fine with the kittens but the kittens get really scared and puffy.
Does anyone else have ferrets and cats? Do they get along, do they have problems using the same litter boxes? Do they bond well? What are your ferret kitten ratios? How can i make it easier for the kittens to relax around them?
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I think you just have to give them time to adjust.
We have 2 ferrets and 6 cats.

Question: Are the ferrets caged and let out to play or do they free roam?

They should be supervised carefully when the all together as they both (ferrets and cats) can get too rough.
When ferrets play with each other they bite kind of hard and will think the kittens are like ferrets and can take the same sort of rough housing.

But all in all they get along pretty well, but they do need supervision.
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Our neighbor's son had a ferret when we first got Jamie, and we let the two of them play together - they had a real ball, chasing each other all over. Ferrets are rather "catlike", so there really shouldn't be a problem with the two species getting along.
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I have two ferrets with our cat. The introduction was fine. However, our cat is very social. She loves all her dog friends and she is always up to meeting new animals. The ferrets didn't mind her at all but she was a little weary at first. What we did (to get the ferrets use to our home and to get the cat used to the ferrets) we let the ferrets out only in a small part of the home. This way they were not running all over our cat and she still felt like the alpha. then slowly, as the cat was able to observe the ferrets out of their range, we let them roam more and more of the house. Just give your kittens a space they can be away from the ferrets for a while. They will eventually come to see what they are all about. They just need to see what those little guys are all about. Time and patience are key...don't force them to get close.

Good luck
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I don't quite know if this WAS mentioned earlier or not, but I do remember how someone said that you should introduce them gradually, and that's definitely true-what I would suggest (this is what I am not sure if anyone else has said) is that you leave a towel with the cats, and a towel with the ferrets while they sleep...then, after the scents are on them, put the towels from the ferrets with the cats, and the ones from the cats with the ferrets, and that should get them used to the different smells, and then go from there...hope that I helped!
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Yes i agree 100% and this is with any animal intro... Please do it gradually... Dont just throw them together.
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I have a lot of experience between cats and ferrets interacting. They are a VERY VERY good mix as both animals are so similair they seem to get along much better then lets say ferrets and dogs or cats and dogs.

BUT PLEASE dont EVer leave ur kittens alone with the ferrets until they are at LEAST full grown. Ferrets can sometimes get to agressive and end up hurting a small kitten.

An older kitten and an adult ferret will have a BLAST playing together and will probably bond really well but just for now keep an hawk eye out as long as your kittens are small.
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I have indeed heard that they can go very well together.

For some reason, I am reminded of an old Beatles song: "Sont des animaux qui vont tres bien ensemble..."
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