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introducing male kitten to 2 female adults?

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I have 2 female cats currently, 1 is 9 years old, the other is 10. I'm fostering a 4 week old kitten currently, and am wondering if it might work if I actually keep him.
My 2 cats occasionally fight, because noise spooks them.. so I figure a kitten running around would get them more used to random noises happening, and not freaking out at the slightest thing. Also, the younger of my 2 cats torments the other, because she's much more playful, and pesters the hell out of my oldest. I'm also thinking that maybe the male kitten will preoccupy her so my oldest can have a little more peace.

Currently they don't like the kitten. The youngest is terrified of him, and the oldest just stares and hisses through his carrier (then proceeds to go upstairs and eat).

The odd thing is, usually they have replaced aggression when they see strange cats and will go after eachother, but haven't with the new kitten..

Now I'm rambling :p
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Many cats dont know what small kittens are, feel unsure.

If they only hiss and no more seems a good sign.
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FELIWAY plug in diffuser and/or spray might help with the interaction process - its helping with mine and well worth the price.
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when i introduced my then 6 year old female to my 6 week old male kitten, i was worried that my princess would attack him or hurt him (he was barely 3 pounds)...so, i did several things to get them accquainted:
1. i had a sliding glass door, and put one on each side so they could see each other but not hurt each other.
2. when i fed them, i fed them on opposite sides of a pocket door (creaked open), so they could hear each other eat.
3. i put the kitty on my lap or stomach and let the older one come up and sniff him out, while i was in control.
4. we used a strong and played with both at the same itime...they played tug-o-war with each other or chased the same toy
5. during the day while i was gone, i kept them separated, one in one room, and the other in the house (a cage was too frightening for the one in the cage).

these thigs were only needed for maybe three days until they adjusted to each other. some are curious and others may hide (a reason why we won't get a dog...we'd never see our male again!). let them get adjusted in their own time...
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Please click here to read about how best to introduce a new cat to your current cats.

The fact that the kitten is so very tiny (4 weeks!) should make the introductions go much more quickly. She is too tiny to be a real threat, though the adult cats will certainly need time to get used to her.

Good luck and bravo to you for being a foster to this tiny baby.
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Well, my kitten has officially met my two adults... They hiss and growl at him.. and he spits back :| Then of course the adults start hissing and growling at eachother.. Cats, argh.
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