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Breathing Hard

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Daisy, is our 1 yr old kitty and lately she's been breathing really hard. I think she may also have lost a little bit of weight.
We've lost both her brothers Louie and Julian within the last year. (Julian had FIP. Louie had a cancerous tumor hooked onto his intestines) And Daisy is the only one left. She seemed to be healthy during her entire life.. We've had her since she was born.
But anyway, the last two days she has been breathing really hard. Her sides are moving drastically in and out when she breaths. She's not making any noises that indicate she's having touble except her stomach area that normally moves a little when you breathe is going alot more in than a normal cat's breath would.
Could she be missing Louie? I mean, the last few days Louie spent with us, she was near him. She wasn't clingy or anything, but she would at least be around him when our other kitty, Lucy would ignore and hiss at him.. SO I"m guessing both of them knew Louie was sickly. But could DAisy be getting sick now that she knows something's different and that Louie's missing?
I'm not sure what to do, it just seems like we're slowly losing them all

Any advice on what breathing hard may indicate?
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I'm so sorry about the loss of Daisy's brothers. It is very possible that Daisy is missing Louie, but she should not be having breathing problems because of it.

Two days is a long time to be breathing hard. Daisy could have anything from allergies or asthma to a heart condition. Breathing difficulty and some weight loss tells you something is wrong.

Please take her to the vet ASAP.
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I agree, a vet visit is truly in order here. That kind of breathing to me indicates some kind of respiratory distress, and you need to find out why.

I hope it's nothing serious, I am sorry for your loss of her two brothers.
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Well Daisy went to the vet this morning and it isn't good news. The most likley has FIP, like her brother Julian did. I am still kind of in shock..
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Oh, I'm SO...SO...SO sorry. I remember when Julian went. And I was afraid it was that, since that's one of the symptoms. If there's anything I can do...
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I am so very sorry.
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That is such bad news. I am sorry. But is the vet sure? When Persil started breathing hard and not eating (she was 6 months old) the first vet thought FIP, and then it eventually turned out she had been born with a hole in her diaphragm that eventually ruptured the whole organ. Fortunately I met my current vet who operated on her against all advice, and she has been fine ever since. So just be sure of the diagnosis.
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Yes, we're pretty sure it's FIP. The vet did an X-ray to get a good look of her lungs. Her abdomin has got fluid in it and it is squishing the lungs which is making them look way smaller in the X-ray. After that he took some fluid out to see if it was blood or a different fluid. He showed us the fluid and it was the kind that was very commonly seen in FIP, and I remember Julian's fluid was the same color.
The vet "tapped the chest" (I think that's the term he used) to drain alot of the fluid out, but he said it's probably going to come back within a few days or up to a week. He also gave her a steroid shot and that made her more active when we got home.. Her breathing isn't as bad now ( i think they took like 100cc's or something along those lines of fluid from her chest)
We're not going to put her to sleep until she has lost all hope and has no will to live. But right now we are just spending alot of quality time with her, she's been active and eating well so we know it's not time yet. I hope she lasts a long while, it tears me apart that soon all three kittens Julie has last april will all be gone. My family has experienced alot of loss within the last year (humans and kitties) it's truely a helpless feeling you get when it seems everyone is dying right in front of you and you can't do anything about it.
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Oh, I'm so sorry, but I'm glad you are all doing something to make her more comfortable. I know it's just too hard to fathom. I still have people asking me, "why did you lose Smudge, when he's the one you kept?" And I just have to say that for now I don't know the reason, but I think we kept him because we would do the right thing for him. Maybe Julian needs Daisy at the RB. At least we know that he will be there for her, and Louie too.
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That is terrible and all you can do is make her happy for as long as possible. Sometimes there just seems no rhyme or reason why we get a run of awful things. I am so sorry.
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