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kitten adoption

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As I am getting ready to adopt my kittens out (and I think they are all spoken for by very good friends, actually one already left home )one of my friends was on the fence about adopting my SKittles. SHe currently has a cat and was concerned about how they would get along.

Well, when she got to the baseball game today, she said that she definitely wanted Skittles but after Memorial Day weekend since they were going out of town. But that she definitely knew that it was the right thing for her because she saw a billboard that said, "Happiness is a new kitten." And that sealed the deal for her!

There is so much truth to that! My husband will come home in the worst mood and will lay down on the floor so that the kittens will climb all over him!
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I am so sorry. I hope she has a good home.. You are a great mom...
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