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Yes is left they said wasnt broken I sprained it but I popped it so they had to put it back. I figured heck I had my 10 lb boys natural I can do this so I will not be drugged...Holy Cow it hurt the pop is so scary... I can do this.. I dont want to be dopped up while she is giving birth
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Anyways here is a Skittle update... She is pacing and her nipples are really sticking out and her bags are full I think really full.. She drank all her water... She has little contractions are more... She is a little shaky...But I am noticing them alot. She is sitting different also.... I thought I saw her have like 3 hickups....Her whole body jumped... I am trying to check the vulva...
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Get well soon!
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I think she is making progress I will show you a video hang on..
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Originally Posted by minxie
I agree.....had to run out....just got a look!
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sounds like active labor to me from what I read on that site you posted (yes I memorized it. hahaaa) but it said the cat may "heave" (hiccup looking maybe?) when they have the heavy contractions! how far apart do they seem now?

Gotta know if I should go to bed or not. hahaaaa.
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Ok here it is please let me know what ya think see how she shakes and looks like she is concentrating hard...

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That was a good contraction! Awesome, I will keep checking in... Jenny I hope your feeling better, Poor dear...
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Well, I thought she was in labor after the first video, and I still think she is... I think it is normal long hours of early labor that we don't notice most of in other cats, but because she is so huge everything is more noticeable. It does look the contractions are getting closer though....

I just hope one of the babies isn't turned sideways blocking the rest
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I think she's getting that "inward looking" look..
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Originally Posted by cookandcompany
That was a good contraction! Awesome, I will keep checking in... Jenny I hope your feeling better, Poor dear...
So it isnt just me and my son... He saw it and said mom the cat is shaking I was like what and that was happening to her She loves the headboard so I think I will have to talk her off the ledge when birth is closer
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Ok, so now the big decision for me is do I go to bed or stay up

I really want to be able to read almost real-time updates, you know, like Skittles CNN ticker news LOL
But I do have to work tomorrow....
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Hun you can go to bed. I will update everyone as things happen...
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Oh, Jenny, I'm so sorry you hurt your foot! I'm glad you didn't fall all the way into the hole!!!

After this is all done, you need to teach us how you manage to keep up with your kids and critters, post on-line saga's...AND FIND TIME TO DO YARDWORK!!!

Take it easy on yourself. Sounds like she is getting closer and closer. I'm off to bed but will check in tomorrow bright and early!
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hmmmmmmmmmmm were there 2 during that video? hard for me to tell since it has been years since I have gone through it with my cats.
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Maybe I'll go to bed and get up hourly to check for updates

Or not.....
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pondwader---- hahaa you sound like me! I will stay up for a bit and see if there are any new changes then decide. LOL
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Dont fall to sleep at the wheel because of me ya all...
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You're sweet to think of us... but we all just want to be with YOU!
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I hope this is all good signs that she is now moving her butt along... She was doing the little ones over 24 hours
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Jenny--- how far apart do you notice them now?
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I think every 30 min maybe sooner...
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rats was hoping it was sooner. LOL guess I will wait up for the next 1/2 hr and then head to bed. heehee. I will be gone most of tomorrow morning/early afternoon.
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momof3rugrats.......I am so sorry to hear about your terrible fall! Last thing you need right now.......trying to gimp along changing cat litter and beds and such.......now I feel so guilty, we were having fun while you were away at the hospital.....I did think it was odd because what your last post around 4:00 said and then you just disappeared! ...thought maybe it was the satelite thing....sounds VERY PROMISING tonights the night though.....I really think you need that drink now....and maybe a little sympathy from Dr. Clark tooo........
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This was taken from gaye's sticky, just in case you need the info:

While most deliveries go without a hitch, if your queen experiences HARD labor for an hour and has not delivered a kitten, you should be concerned. Do NOT let anyone talk you into letting a cat continue in hard labor for more than two hours. (I tend to panic and phone the vet after one hour).
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I think they are stronger but with Skittles she is a very unpredictable cat... I bet she is trying to hold them all in lol
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Ouch!!!! I can only imagine how that hurt. I sprained my right ankle and blead in the joint and that was terrible but to pop it out of the joint. Isn't that more like dislocating it? You are really going to be busy. 3 boys, house, Skittles, many Skittlets, I say forget the yard .

And is our lady of the Skittles comfortable tonite. Baby did get shaky when she was in labor. I didn't realize that she was in labor, because she wouldn't leave my lap or my side until she was pushing. And she was definately shaking and watch her face, you will see the discomfort in her face. They make a face like scrinching up there nose when they smell something they don't like when they are having labor too.
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She did the face and eye thing. SHe is purring so happily lol
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She is sleeping and seems to be doing well... I have not seen another contraction yet. I had no clue to time them till last one lol...
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Just remember, cats don't always purr because they are happy.
They also purr to comfort themselves when they are distressed or in pain.
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