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Update on SKittles - Page 52  

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Like I said I would make a few if I understood Photoshop LOL
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lol junior I caught the last few minutes of AI. I watch it but not a fantic who never misses a show :S
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I really like AI but was upset when Chris was voted off so not as much into it at the end. But had to see the finale. heheee.

ok it is 8:30 in skittles time is she awake yet? LOL
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Yeah come on skittles i'm wired as heck cause I dranbk ALOT of soda today kittens decided they wanted to eat adult food..ughhhh it DOESN'T agree with them. RJ
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I didnt have to see it I watched it till last week....
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Yes she woke up and is really grooming herslef.... She is really big eyed I need to pee so I bet she follows me... SHe is stuck like glue to me... The kids have 15 min then bedtime so I will see how she does then... Last night she went on a nesting frenzy....
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Hopefully when I get up tomorrow morning, we'll have baby skittlets!
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It would of been nice for her to have them before 25th because my niece was born 1 yr ago today Her name is neveah and the kids wanted to name a baby after her called heaven.... They told me this morning but I didnt want to jinx her but it looks like no babies today...
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Well got to go get some stuff done(night owl bb in few hours-so come one skittles get some babies moving
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I noticed she does not like to have her tail down now it is in the air.. When she sits it is even up lol
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Any new pics of her tonight?
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I will in miniute I am using my night came so not to disturbe her It can see her she cant see it
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Ok here is something for ya Skittle lovers...

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WOW look at that poor belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Looks like she's starting to want to push
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Aw...she can't even turn over.
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It is 10 pm so I am just keeping my eye on her... She is sleeping good... I here the snoring then she falls of the HB
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Well going to go to bed,hopefully something will happen tonight while we are sleeping!!! Good Night Everyone
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I think I'm going to have to go to bed soon...
I wanted to wait up but I'm really feeling quite ill .... blah....
Maybe after I lay down for a while I can get up and check in later... 12:10 am here...
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You all get sleep trust me I will post if anything happenes do not make yourself sick waiting on her... SHe is stubburn lol
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I would think that when she is ready to give birth, her belly would be bigger toward her butt rather than her middle. That would mean te kittens are movng into the birth canal - at least it is that way with a mare!
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They are there also... She 9 so there isnt much room plus they think there is 3 more
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Aww... poor Skittles! I was thinking that when I got back tonight there would be kittens!
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nope She is doing he stuff again LOl It seems like she sleeps like she is dead then goes about on a trip lol
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GL with sleep tonight Jenny! Hope to see some pix of babies when I get up. LOL one of these nights I need to get to bed at a decent hour. LOL Can only imagine how tired YOU must be right now! Off to bed as it is 1:15 (almost) a.m. Night!
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It is 11:11 pm here I am laying here rubbing her belly maybe trying to get a nap in tonight... I will update when things happen....
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Hello, she is still hanging in there I see. How are you feeling? I hope that your ankle is feeling better, you are a trooper to handle that pain with no pain meds.
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Im just wondering, are you going to take her to a vet if she dosent have them soon? How long has she been pregnant? Youve said a bunch how many there are, arent you worried, Lord i would be chewing my nails to bits, Not trying to hound you or anything, im stressing for you here. Poor baby.
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