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Well she saw me and cried for me AWWWWW she gave me a good kiss and is sitting here under my chin...
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Somehow I don't think she is going to have them when she is alone
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Originally Posted by missymotus
Somehow I don't think she is going to have them when she is alone
I know but I was doing different things that everyone has suggested....
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Not saying you were doing anything wrong, just going by how she reacted when you came home
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I try to stay away hoping she wants her privacy....I think it stresses her out....Is that possable she is sitting on my chest
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Velcro kitty
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Skittles, baby girl please give us some kitties soon
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I had my preg cat for 3 weeks before she delivered and she wanted me with her for birth. not sure if she wanted company or what her thinking was. As long as vets not to concerned yet your ok RJ
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are you feeling contractions with her sitting on your chest?

my dads cat refused to have her babies without him home! one day she ran around all day a MESS. he got home from work and she flew down those stairs cried for him, ran back up the stairs noticed he wasn't there back down she went cried again. Think the 2nd or 3rd time I understood (it was her 2nd or 3rd litter and she always waited for him) and he followed her and with in min. she popped out her first baby! Poor thing was doing ALL she could to hold them in till he got home! LOL
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I had to take her off my chest she is heavy....Now she went back to the closet but will return in a min I bet... Yes she is having contractions and her bottom looks really swollen.... I had to go to Vet to get some KMR and I found out Dr Neal is way cutier the Dr Clark and he is nice.... Man I was standing there between them I was in heaven talking about my Skittles ... I am suppose to call on Fri with a report.... He said I can call tommorrow If I want to but that it looks like she is getting things started... He said he wants a report ASAP when she starts labor and he will do what he can to be on call and come over if I need too... Dr Neal wears glasses and is a lot shorter but he is like a cowboy ........... I think I was drooling... Well anyways he gave me another thing of KMR and a few more bottles free because he said he is sure she will be wore out and I might have to nurse a kitten or 2 of her football team...
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are they still the light contractions spaced far apart? just trying to figure out if she is any closer. LOL
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No I think closer and a little stronger also she has been nesting really bad...She even took my clothes in to her nest area because I was gone...
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Is it possible for you to just go with her and sit by her spot in the closet (I mean sit outside it) and see if she really settles in. I think she wants you with her and might get things rolling if you can stay with her there.
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Originally Posted by pondwader
Is it possible for you to just go with her and sit by her spot in the closet (I mean sit outside it) and see if she really settles in. I think she wants you with her and might get things rolling if you can stay with her there.
Excellent suggestion, pondwader ...

You can always post an update on Skittles and her progress when she is finished with her delivery, but she needs you more now than we do. Go and sit with her.
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Smiling here.....momof3 with her sore ankle, over pregnant kitty, checking out the vets....lol
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I cant no where to sit for my leg the floor space is the size of 1 butt check
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Well i guess skittles matchmking might be working, now two good looking vets. Glad your back home with her.
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Is it possable she stops her labor... She better not or she is grounded but can a cat really do that...
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Yes they can...
It's something they would need in the wild if they were in labor and then suddenly in danger, they would halt their labor until they felt safe again.
I do think their is al imit to how long this can go on... but I'm not sure what that limit is once labor has truly begun.
Considering I've had cats have 2 kittens and then have 2 more 24 hours later..... it wouldn't surprise me if they can hold things off for several days.
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Try to figure out a way to be in there, closeby to her as she delivers. You (and Skittles as well as all of us) have been waiting for this day for a long, long, long time now. There has to be something you can rig up for your leg and comfort so that you can at the very least, sit nearby and offer encouragement, support and in the event she needs it, a watchful eye should problems arise. Go and watch her. We'll all be fine until you get back.
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I believe her bed is right there so she does sit on her bed in the same room as her. I think she said her room fit a bed and dresser and that was about it. I understand that since we gave our 2 youngest the masterbedroom and we are now in the smallest room of the house which fits our king size bed, a night stand with our TV on it and we have about 14" of space on one side of the bed and 16" on the other. not much room to sit down in there. LOL
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She is back in the nest box on my bed... Her purr sounds like a growl...So cute... She is bearing herself....
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bearing herself? do you mean bearing down? as in pushing some???????
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My room only fit me and the queen bed.. If ya look the dresser had to go in to the closet.. I have the little little room and I gave the 3 boys the big master room...There is only a foot of walking area around me... That why it is hard to use the crutches...
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LOL no like covering herself up
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ok I get it!

And Like i said I understand on the room! LOL mine is the SAME WAY! our dressers are in the basement. LOL And my hubby built "end tables" and attached them to the wall so we have a table beside us. LOL
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I dont even have that LOL My bed only fits because it is under the window... only 2 sides available lol Very small room...
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This is intense. I cant possibly wait any longer!

She's gonna be SOoooo tired! Poor baby. How long does labor usually last?
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That's actually what I'm beginning to worry about, is that if she doesn't let things move along soon she may become too tired to finish the job
I would encourage her to use the box on the bed then, just stay with her and keep any household activity out of that room.
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That lasted 15 min she went to the bed LOL so I guess I stay here she is in the box on the bed cleaning herself...
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