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u have a video and never showed us I want to see...
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Ok it could be just me but she just climbed to the HB to sit and laying nest to my ear and she is breathing a little heavier... Just a little and I notice she spreads her claws alot.
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
u have a video and never showed us I want to see...
Go to forums it just posted. I took a little break from the skittles channel, sorry.
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good sign.......
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wookie130 May24, 11.30 pm, 8 kittens

Renny, May 25 (yay douglas adams!), 12:01am 9kittens
laureen227, 2:00 am, 10 kittens [ok, maybe 4th time's the charm!]
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Can you post the link here...

Skittles is really cooking
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Misty was kneading last 3 hours before they came out...it was going with the heavier contractions. To the people who've had pregnant cats before-is that a very common sign or? RJ
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I will try, but fairly new at this whole thing.
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I found Jade and movies the kittens are adorable
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wOw...she hasn't had those kitties yet??!!!! unbelieveable!!! I'm still waiting for them....
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Maybe if you have Skittles watch, she will want to pop, so she can play with skittlets.
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yeah but lets just HOPE she doesn't know how many shes carrying.
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She is trying to dig to get under my bed.... She loves it under there but I took it off the frame so she couldnt have the kittens there.
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mom I took my bed off the frame years ago-they used to go under and hit the cheesecloth...so I put a fitted sheet to cover it...then they thought perfect we can hit the sheet all nigth long. So that was the end of the frame. At least now my old cat can make it on the bed no problem and no worry of kittens falling off. RJ
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Here is another video I took when I said she had the heavier breathing.... Notice it or is it just me..

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I tried to get it on video the sound of her breathing but no luck
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looks pretty heavy to me......
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It's so hard to tell I'm sure from one cat to another. But Jada was not near as relaxed as Skittles. She was quite nervous, heavy panting with her mouth open and tongue out. She was in my lap with her paws on my chest and looking right in my face. I think she was wanting answers. LOL I didn't have any for her. But I've heard that all cats are different in how they deal with it.
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She is in the nest... Unless I hear a noise I will leave her be a few......She is int he part of the closest that she was in last night...
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She is now in the nest on my bed She is just sitting there nice and calm and looks like she is going to sleep....
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You know what? That video looks like those kitlets are MOVING LIKE CRAZY!!!!

No wonder she's breathing hard...them little kittens want OUT! Lets get going skittles! COME ON GIRL!

Oh hey, what the verdict on how many kittens shes "supposed" to be having? I missed that part.
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we only know it is 9+
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She is now on the HB but isn not comfy like she was keeps slipping trying to change positions every few sec........
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sheesh...I wish we could have full live camera on her. YOU KNOW there would be at least 50 hits on that, all from us! I would totally call in sick to work to watch skittles all day!!
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almost 1pm she seems to be calming down.. She is laying on the HB trying to sleep her breathing has slowed down her temp is 99.9.. I am now seeing her tummy ripple all over the place. But her breathing is better....
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as long as it stays on her and not me cool LOL...She seems to have calmed down....
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Come on Skittles!!!!! Let's let the skitlets out and welcome them into the world!
Come on Skittles!!!! Show us what beautiful kittes you've been carrying around!
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WOOHOO I called the vet again and he said she can go tonight because these are strong indicators. He said if she is doing this still tomorrow we can let her be unless she starts hard labor with nothing happenening.... So I will pray she at least keeps this up and deleivers... No c-section He said yes 1st time mom are confused... The reason for the little breaks is because she feels she has to take a stole because of the pressure. He said it can still be another 24 hrs but he is sure it wont. fingers I hope we get somthing going tonight. heck it is only 1pm I hope something now lol....
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You didn't tell Skittles what the vet said did you?? You know she is always trying to prove him wrong. You know you really should have him over for dinner after the skittlets are born for all his help. Never know what might happen. You did say he was single, and cute, and we all know he is very sweet.
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Yes he is single cute and he loves dog and cats He has his own in the vet office daily with him....SHe is passed out again I hope it doesnt mean she stopped it
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