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Is it possible she wedged herself to help ease her contraction pain? My cat liked to lay with her feet against the kittening box toward the last few hours...she did only have 5 so laying on her side comfortably was possible ;S
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I am hoping tonight is the night because Thur is coming on soon... I dont want to decided.
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That is a super good ? I am not to sure.... She does have a lot of trouble laying.... Man if I had oxytosin I would give it to her but the vet said it wasnt a option It is dangerous....
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If oxytocin is given before the first kitten is born it can rupture the uterus....
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Ya I know he told me That why I knew it wasnt an option

Sorry should of added why
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Her last day outside was march 23 right? according to book I have kittens would be dueMay 27. but obviously sooner if mated over a few days...If she has them naturally did vet say she might need c-sec anyway due to wearing out or she should be able to do it on own?
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Going by March 23, May 24 is the 63rd day. I always calculated my cats due date to day 63, though many went a day or two longer, and several went a few more days past that.
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he feels she can go on her own... Yes she was outside and I could not get her in she was with a bunch of cats.... I thought she had to be in heat to get pregnant I found out she had URI after that was over she was almost 6 weeks... I got her in 5am 23th
I know she has been like 3 days early on everything the calender says...She was outside all night on the 19-20-21-22-in 23 so see why my date is off...I was very irresponsible. I had so much going on in my life I did not get her fixed...
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It happens... don't beat yourself up about it. You've done a wonderful job with her, and will do a wonderful job raising the babies too!
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SHe came out to lay with me the kids went to bed.... I feel her back paws are shaking on my leg....Not all the time...
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I hope so But I know i should of done it... I will take account for my actions... I am not going to beat myself up but I will say I hold myself accountable... Untill the 18 she was out and in every day... Then the 18 or 19 she went out came in few days later went back out never to want to come in then the 23 I got her in and kept her butt here Inside
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Mom-please don't blame yourself-it happend, you didn't want it or plan on it but its done and your doing the best you can Shes very lucky to have a peson care for her even though shes pregnant. RJ
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Here is a timeline

April 4 was vaccinated
April 12 went in for a URI got meds was told was PG
April 24 was told on xray 7 more kittens
May 11 The skeletons where all visible and calcified and showed 9 + kittens due vet said May 20th then he said the 23....GRRRR

We have no clue... If I take May 11 as being 50 days what is that... I think I read skeletons are visible at 50 days right... Vet said 47-50 So I have no clue but he did say she was big and can not go to long but knows I do not want her to have a c-section unless b=necessary...
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Do you have any KMR? I would maybe give her some just to make sure she doesn't have or develop eclampsia. (Lack of calcium that occurs late in pregnancy or during the first 3 weeks of nursing) It can't hurt anyway, and then I'd ask your vet about it, mention the restlessness, shaking etc... (I was just thinking with such a large litter they are probably really depleting her calcium levels?)
It is most likely nothing, she is probably just in early labor, and has been for some time, maybe getting tired.

I'm not a vet, I'm just throwing some ideas out there....

Also, eclampsia is very rare in cats... and there are usually more symptoms that progress....
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well i'm ganna go to bed. that would be kinda cool if she had them on the 27th (my b-day). but then again i think we would all go loony waiting that long. (yes we can go crazier than we already are haha!) goodnight everyone!
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My hubby's b-day is May 27 too LOL
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She has KMR 4 Tbls daily mixed in her wet food He said because of the size of the litter it was good for her....
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In "Breeding Pedigree Kittens" it says anytime after the 45 day is safe to take xray...so guessing that means it COULD be done before but may pose more risk to the fetuses.
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I hope she doesnt do that

I am noticing she seems dry mouthed and keeps going for water but I see no panting....She is now back to my headboard. But I do hear her open her mouth like she is dry like every 20 or 25 min then gets a drink...
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Vet did it because she was fighting a URI for over 3 weeks and I could not get her spayed.... Right now the babies are all over the place... She is meowing at them to stop it is like all of a sudden they decide to be aerobic...
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I'm off the bed...wow Skittles...you are just doing it your way, aren't you?!? I check in often on the Skittles watch, even if I don't post often. You get some sleep, too, Momof, you may be needed before morning!
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Risk of xrays damaging the babies is so low these days... the equipment is much better.

Anyway, I am going to bed... night Get some rest so your leg heals up
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Maybe some reverse psychology?

Skittles, we don't want to see your babies so don't have them any time soon
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quick kmr bit-they have a frequent buyer program-you save the upc and they will send you free kmr/bene-bac. even if you can't use all the redeemed stuff(not sure how long/many points you need) you could donate teh extras or even donate the points. Found this little info tidbit on kittyvilage.org/freebies.asp

<<<<<PetAg, the manufacturer of KMR (kitten milk replacer), has started a frequent buyer program. First, you must call Judy at (800) 323-0877 ext. 2241 or send e-mail and sign up. Give your name, address, daytime phone number, and indicate you are a rescuer, not a breeder. In about two weeks, you will receive a welcome packet in the mail that contains the point values for each product and a redemption form. Anyone who uses KMR can sign up, and it doesn't take many points to get free products>>>>>

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Originally Posted by missymotus
Maybe some reverse psychology?

Skittles, we don't want to see your babies so don't have them any time soon
I am going to try this right now lol.....
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Originally Posted by ryanjay
quick kmr bit-they have a frequent buyer program-you save the upc and they will send you free kmr/bene-bac. RJ
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Being they are purebred breeders and they would know the date i guess they have the..."luxuary" of waiting longer...the main reasons they state on taking xray is to determine how many (to know if 4 kittens come out and xray at 55 days showed 5 they know labor is not over and to be more ready to head to vet if its not produced in reasonable time). And also if a much smaller fetus is seen in the womb or if a diffuclut delivery looks likely.
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Originally Posted by missymotus
Maybe some reverse psychology?

Skittles, we don't want to see your babies so don't have them any time soon
I am not sure it is going to work... She looked at me smacked her lips then went to eat a little and drink
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Don't beat yourself up about not getting her spayed in time. I stopped feeling guilty long ago. The bottom line is that you didn't and look what you are having to go through so I think that is punishment enough! With my four kittens I know I have been punished enough! I will definitely have her to the vet by the 2nd week of June! Besides, it was a learning experience at least that's what I keep telling myself!
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Well the vet said the only thing he felt would happen was a long labor then today he said he felt she would do ok because of all of the prelabor contractions she is having... She has milk and it did leak so am not sure.. We are going off all of the signs she is showing... He did say on Thursday I need to think about a c-section... He agreed with me that if she was in no danger then a few extra days was ok but if she showed stress or a rise in temp at all then she will have a c-section... Then again he said I can have it done Thursday or friday if I want to... I told him I would see when thur comes. He said he would back me what ever I decided...
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