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kitten questions

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Snowball is now 4 weeks old. She still isn't eating "normal" food. When can I start weaning her? And she seems to be peeing a lot ... is that normal? How often do kittens pee?

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You can start now if you like. I usually start off with human chicken or turkey meat baby food and progress from there. Get a few jars from the grocery store along with some dessert-size paper plates. Warm the entire jar gently in a bowl of hot water until the baby food is warm, not at all hot, to your touch. Pour about a tablespoon of it out onto the paper plate and smear a little onto your fingers. Offer it to Snowball, while trying to get a little of it into the corners of his mouth. Repeat this several times until he begins to lick your finger. Each time he licks your finger, move your hand closer to the plate until he is lapping up the food from the plate and not your finger. It may take several days for him to catch on, but eventually, he will get the hang of it.

Good luck,

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Is the mother still nursing? If so, and the kitten is not crying a lot, be patient. Most of my kittens (barn or pedigree) did not start eating solids till around 5 weeks old. Even then it was a week or two more before they really got "into" eating solid foods.
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I think this kitten was found in a parking lot ... I remember the OP saying she thought he was a piece of balled up tissue until he meowed at her.
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Snowball is mommy-less. She was an orphan.

I would try mixing a bit of canned kitten food with KMR, so that's it's of an oatmeal consistency. Heat it up a touch...8 seconds in the microwave should do it. If she takes to this, you can gradually begin to decrease the KMR, and increase the amount of wet food.

I believe it is normal for her to be weeing like she is. Does she seem to have any discomfort when peeing? How has she been taking to the litterbox?
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Oh yeah she meow's LOUDLY when she wants to get to the litter box. .. I know this prob sounds really stupid ... but I can tell the difference between her meows... ya know the "i'm hungry" "gotta go pee/poo" "PAY ATTENTION TO ME" meows ... it's prob just my imagination... I am very proud of her for adapting to the litter box. I just bought 2nd stage KMR from petsmart. It's supposed to be like oatmeal consistency ... I'll start it tomorrow ... hopefully she'll take to it...

Thank you to everybody at this site... ya'lls have been lifesavers for me and my snowball!
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