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Shadow is getting Spayed

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Ok so Shadow is getting all of her shots on Thursday and then getting Spayed on Friday.

I am scared for her and want to make sure she is ok and everything goes the best it can.

So what do i need to do before bringing her in on friday. What can i do to help her heal better when she comes home...

What should i expect
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Shadow will be fine, but you can expect to be very nervous! She should have nothing to eat or drinkafter midnight the night before the surgery.

When she comes home, just offer her a quiet area away from other pets and kids. She will be low key, and kind of quiet initially, due to the medications given.

I have a friend who lost all three of her unspayed girls to infections. She never let them get pregnant, and did all she knew to do to provide the best care for her cats, but was unaware of the risks of not spaying. You are protecting Shadow's health by spaying her now. Good job!

My foster girl goes in next week for the same thing...and I will worry, too. And feel bad when she comes home so quiet. But it truly is a lifesaving surgery!
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when you bring her - bring along a t-shirt/sweatshirt anything you have worn and has your smell on it - should make her feel much more secure while there!
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Congrats on getting her spayed.

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I'm sure she'll be just fine, but worrying is natural.
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I feel for you! I originally planned to get April Joy spayed at 5 months but I couldn't get up the nerve until she was 7 months (Amy-Ugaimes knows all about it). Everything went smoothly and I worried myself to death for nothing.

Your baby will be just fine. You can talk to your vet to get all the specific instructions for Shadow's pre- and post- surgical care. I'm sending good vibes to both of you.
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Thank you for all the good vibes. She had her pre exam today. she was so scared she pasterd her self to the conter top in the room.

She was fine with the mouth exam (great teeth, gave toothbrush to keep up on them) she got her shots (go back in 1 month for busters) and she weighs 6.7lbs the vet wants her to be around 7lbs so she gets to pack on the weight (lucky her).

she was great until it was temp time.... she did not want it going up there and fought when they shoved it up there, also didnt like the de-worming pill she got.

She goes back tomorrow for the spay. i will keep you all updated on how she is doing
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all that is great to here. Kitty just got her spay done today.. she was brave.. really pissed
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I am such a dork, I was actually crying while bringing Trout to the vet for her spay...I kept telling her "mommies sorry, and mommy promises you'll be okay and come home soon"...I think I was saying that more for myself than for her I am really emotional
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well just got her home for the vet.... and she looks so sad.... look for your self

i will update later
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awwww.. Kitty didnt need one of those, she's being so good, I havent seen her try and lick the stiches or anything and I check them every now and then and they look nice and clean, no infection is showing.. I think she'll make a full recovery
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Shadow is doing great. she is a long hair cat so when she needs to clean she will do it every where so it was better for her to have a e collar when we are at work and when we go to sleep.

she is eating and drinking like a crazy. i have not seen her use the litter box but when we picked her up yesterday on the way home she peed on my husband (she was still waking up)

She got her pain meds today. i have to give her ONE DROP every day for the next 10-14 days. and she also got a kitty tooth brush and toothpaste
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Aww, Trout, I'm the same way.

I know I'll be all emotional and stupid when I take Steuben in to get neutered, and that's even less of a big deal than having a female spayed. I know I'll be so much less of a trooper than he will be...the worst part is having to leave him there while I'm at work, and waiting to have him picked up!!!

Glad to hear Shadow's doing fine. What a sweetheart!
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thank you. thats what the vet office and everyone in there said about her, what a sweetheart what a great personality... and so on. she was so scared she didnt move. she was stuck to me and my husband like glue. but we dont mind.
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