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Virgin Poster

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Just joined from the UK - I've been reading at messages for the last few weeks and decided to jump in!

I've got 2 persians; girl - Firenza (Fifi) a lilac cream and boy - Baliero (Balie) a blue. Fifi is the most photogenic and beautiful cat I've ever seen and Balie is a small grumpy, nervous adorable bundle of greyness.

I've just last week taken on a British shorthair stray who I've been feeding for the last year or so. He was poorly a couple of months ago, so I took him to the vet. Since then I'd become more and more attached to him. Until my husband suggested adopting him - yippee!

So, we've had him 'done' and he's now a permanent resident. Sadly he is FIV, but as he doesn't have an agressive bone in his body I'm not overly concerned about fights with my 2 existing babes.

He's pure black in colour, and I've named him Ferdinand (Ferdy).

All cats are indoor cats, as we live on a busy road. I've just bought a sturdy harness for Ferdy, so tonight after work - weather permitting - (I bet some of you in the sunnier parts of the world don't have this problem), he'll be venturing outside for the first time since his operation.

I'm quite excited about it!

Thanks for reading my meanderings - I'll be a regular visitor from now on.


PS - Phew - I'm glad I read this message through prior to posting. There were so many typos even I struggled to understand some of it!!
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad you decided to join us.

Sounds like you have a wonderful furry family. It is great that you were able to give Ferdy a good home - and even better that you have a hubby who has a soft spot for the little furballs we love so much.

I look forward to getting to know you better on the boards.
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Yola, welcome! Never mind the typos, I do them ALL the time
Your furry family sure sounds intresting! We live in Belgium and boy can we relate with the weather! Rain, rain, rain, and more rain....

Once again, WELCOME!!!
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