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Need help, cats adjusting, litter issues!

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Kinda long, but please bear with.. Im trying to give as much info as possible so someone can tell me the best way to solve some of these issues!

I had 2 cats, Tabbi and Boe.. both are about a year old? I didnt get either as kittens, so Im not really sure. Both are fixed. I am going thru a divorce, so I moved back in with my parents, and they took in the cats. They have been here at least 2 months now.

Their cats.. are all spayed females.. Bookie is about 2, Chessie and Smokey are sisters, about one year.

Tabbi and Boe settled in quite well. Bookie is taking the newbies well.

Smokey stayed hidden in my parents bedroom for the longest time. Dad put litter, food and water in the room for her. She did not start coming out of hiding until I told dad to move the food and water out of the bedroom.. he finally did a few weeks ago. She didnt like it, but she has learned to accept it, and now hangs out in the kitchen with the other cats.

Chessie, we are having problems. She hides in the computer room, which is beside my parents bedroom. When my parents go to bed, she would go in there. When the food was there, she'd eat and drink then. But she was having litter box issues.. she would poop under the bed every nite. Mom crated her a few nites in a big dog crate, with litter, food, and water. Mom realized that she doesnt need to crate her all nite.. Chessie just needs taken down to the crate so she will use the litter.. she eats and drinks then too.

The problem is, she does NOT leave the computer room on her own! There is no food and water in here.. she was eating on a houseplant, and drinking its water.. the houseplant was removed.. I've also caught her nibbling on paper. Once I have caught her sneaking into the bathroom, which is also close to the office, to get a drink of water.

It seems odd that she wont leave on her own to at least eat!

Should we put food and water in the office and then slowly move it out of the office? Take her down to the crate more often so she can eat and drink, and hope she realizes that its ok? Or just chase her out of the office and shut the door and make her deal with it?

BTW, I think she likes the office, because there are so many high places.. shelves, the computer desk, a dresser.. many of these are by a window to look out.
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Since she is so very stressed over the changes in her life, I think that for now you should move her food, water and litter box into the office. Once she has become clam and has adapted to her new home, I would be more encouraging of her to visit the rest of the house. But I think it is important to let her do this in her own time.
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thanks, I will suggest this to my parents. The only concern would be that she doesnt use the litter up here... there is a box in my parents room, right beside the bed, however she goes under the bed instead.

I think dad only has about 3 boxes set up.. for 5 cats! I told him that sometimes you should have at least one box per cat, because sometimes cats are funny about sharing, and need their own. He thinks 3 is enoughif he scoops the twice a day.

She doesnt fuss when we take her down to the crate.. she ussually heads straigh towards the food. We dont lock her in it anymore.. we shut the door to keep the others out, she can push the door open when she's ready to come out. She ussually hangs out down there for a while to eat, drink, and take care of buisiness, and then come up on her own when she's done.

Weird thing about it is that if one of the other cats comes into the computer room, she doesnt fuss.. Ive caught her sharing the window with all of them. She is fine with Tabbi, because when we take her out of the room, she doesnt fuss at her.. she only hisses at Boe. But she's ok with him if he's in the computer room!
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