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2 males or male/female

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Its me Again!!

This is actually kind of an add on to my earlier questions. I have an 18 months old male persian and I am getting him a new buddy.

Would you suggest gettting a female or male? I assumed female only because I figured it would stop any "alpha male behaviour". But I have been reading some things about Males spraying and becoming mean when females are around and having 2 males is better.

Now he is nuetered and the 7 month old girl I am looking at is spayed as well, so will the heat factor still be there?

I have never had 2 cats before so I am sorry for all the questions! I just want to avoid potential issues.

Thanks again for all the help.
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I think it's more about their personalities than sexes.

If you indroduce them slowly there shouldn't be too many issues. And they are both young which will help.
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As long as everyone is spayed/neutered it doesn't matter.
I have three boys and wouldn't have it any other way.
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I have a male and a female and they get along great. They play fight all the time, and when they aren't doing that, they are grooming each other! Stanley is usually the one grooming Sadie. She will walk up to him and he will just start grooming her... and she loves it. So I don't see a problem in having a male and a female. My sister has two male cats and they seem to get along fine. They play together and generally hang out together really well. But put her Milo with my Stanley and boy all of a sudden there's a problem. Milo just doesn't like Stanley.

I have to agree that it has a lot to do with their personality. If they can't get along because of that, then it won't matter what sex they are.

Just be careful and properly introduce them to each other and you shouldn't have any problems
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when i went to get my kitten i had to get a male since the only female in the house(who is 5 yrs old) will attack any other female she is around, but is fine with males. it just depends on the cat and their personalities.
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Okay guys heres the verdict...I stayed home from work today and I am never home on a weekday. And guess what my Sebastian spent the whole day doing...NOTHING...he slept a majority of it and ate some. He was content to be lazy and not play with me. Then as soon as it became around the time I was to come home all of sudden he was wide awake and wanting to play.

SO i think that he has a nice routine during the day which involves MUCH relaxing and being lazy then he saves his play time for when I am home. After seeing this I have decided to go with my gut feeling and stick with only him. I think he is content as an only baby and gets all my attention.

All of your replies have been so very helpful in my decision making process and I appreciate your input! I believe I have made the right decision now and feel more at ease with him being alone during the day.

Thanks again
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A playmate may encourage him to be more active while you're gone...

I guess the way I see it, "there's always room for one more." And he is young enough that he would probably accept a much younger female fairly well. This is how I paired 9 month Fergus (male) with 8-week old Ripley (female)...it's been a match made in heaven, and the older male/younger female arrangement has worked well in most instances.

However, if you really think your kitty is content on being numero uno, I understand. Sounds like you want what's best for your boy!
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