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Urgh! I am going insane - I can't wait another week!
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Well tonight is the final night. If the Mole is Heather I will be shocked. I still think it is Bill, but I am probably wrong. I think Heather is too much like last year's Mole for her to be this year's. Or maybe they did that on purpose! I just don't know!
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You're right!! That's why I thought it couldn't be Heather. And Dorothy--always lookiing the other way during the fingerprint game. And Bill, the admiral-above reproach! I wouldn't want to put money on it if I were a gambler! I can't wait either! I guess we're addicts, Adrienne. Please, mister, I'll pay my cable bill, honest!! Just give me my Survivor, Mole, Big Brother fix this one time, and in the future I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a program today!
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They said that is is probably the last ever Mole as this one didn't do as well the 1st. I love this show - I can't believe it isn't coming back. At least there will be a new Amazing Race in about 1 month. Urgh!
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I would have thought just the opposite. I enjoyed the first Amazing Race much better than the second, and the Mole II better than Mole I. What's wrong with those people?? I'm not happy! This time the Mole is really puzzling, and I like that. D#@$%^&^%$#! it and other bad words--very vehemently!! (That makes it much worse.)
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So what did everyone think of last nights final episode??
It ended differently than I had predicted, go figure!!

But, Bill made an awesome mole, and I am glad that the two girls made it to the final 2. I would have liked to see Heather win, but Dorothy seemed so excited it was hard to not be happy for her.

Any other opinions out there as to how it ended?
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Boy was I wrong and Adrienne right! Bill did a great job as the Mole. He was so personable. Was it Al who said he knew something was wrong, but he forgave Bill? I would imagine Heather is kicking herself for giving the tips to Dorothy. It's a shame, but she doesn't get anything except the experience, right? So near and yet so far!
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Thank you! Thank you very much! I have no idea why I thought it was Bill, but I am glad I am right! Wooooohooooooo. I was so wrong last season, now I feel better.

You know that clue we thought we say - apparently it wasn't even a clue. How were we supposed to get those clues?

I love how Darwin convinced all of those people that it wasn't Bill. Wild!
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The clues were subliminal, at best! Of course if we had ESP we might have got one! The only one we had spotted was the book at the market, but I thought the title was the clue, not the author. Somehow, as a fan of William Shakespeare, I have never thought to refer to him as Bill!
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You think we would have noticed all of the ships in the show. How am I supposed to know that the night sky was showing pisces? Well, they didn't make it easy for us, that is for sure. This is one show I would love to participate in. I couldn't do Survivor - tho much nature - I need a toilet! I couldn't do Amazing Race - Too much of a hurry. This has a nice pace with world travel, what more can a person ask for?
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