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I was suprised when Magician Rob got booted out. The more I see it the more I think it is either Katie or Darwin as the mole. Once again there was some hidden clue in the show I missed about the identity of the mole. How did Katie miss the G on the board?
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I began to doubt Al and Heather-Al because I think if he were the Mole he would want to appear upset, and Heather (as nice as she is)because she gave up immunity. In other words, I DON'T HAVE A CLUE!!!
Of course, Rob just got the most questions wrong, so if we could remember whom he suspected, we would know that choice was wrong. But.....I don't.
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Missed this one. I was going to watch it, but hubby was already watching some show on Fox network, where people audition (singing) and then three judges decide who goes on and who doesn't...some of them were really bad, but it was kinda interesting, and I hated to make him turn it. I'll try to catch it next week. I can't seem to get into the people on there, like I do with BB2 and survivor..the only one I seem to have any sort of clue about what they are like is Katie. The others are kinda just there. (for me, that is)
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Debbie, I believe it will be repeated on Friday night. I think the show has been concentrating on Katie's reactions a lot, because she's so emotional. I am beginning to feel now that I know the other characters. Watch tomorrow night and see what you think.
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Rob is gone!! I loved that guy- he was so funny (not to mention HOT HOT HOT!! ) Oh well, at least we still have Bribs as eye candy.

I totally think Katie is the Mole. Shes a little too emotional, it seems fake to me. Can't wait until next week!!
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I think I finally saw the clue. If I'm right, it was certainly big enough! When the bicyling group was heading for the top of the hill, there was a message on the roadway, "the mole will beat you." Now we just have to figure out who was first up the hill. One of them might ride competetively. Wasn't Bribs the first? If I'm interpreting the clue correctly, he would be the Mole. What do you think? (He's so cute; it's a shame if he is!)
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I can't believe Myra got booted. I didn't think she was the Mole, but I thought that she would last longer. Jeanie if that is the clue then we also have to consider that Bribs was the one who rode over it 1st and he was the 1st one to get there of the bikers. However, Bill, Myra and Katie got to the church 1st with the pizzas. So does that mean that Bill, Katie or Bribs is the Mole (we now know it isn't Myra). I still strongly feel that it is Katie.
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Well, everyone's favorite villain is gone! I wasn't surprised Elavia took the money. I'm going to play Devil's advocate and guess that Kathy is not the Mole, simply because the last Mole was a woman. To be honest, I suspect everyone for different reasons. And---I missed the clue again!
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I also missed the clue. I think I have the Mole narrowed down to Katie or Bill. I was suprised she took the money - I thought she had a good chance to win since so many people suspected her. I would have taken the money and run.
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I guess the reason no one liked her was because she made it clear she was playing for herself, not the team. Of course, that's the object of the game! She did cost them some money, though. I can understand why she took the sure thing. There were still eight players, and she might not have had any more of a clue than we do. Katie, Bill, Bribbs--are just hunches on our parts.
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Obviously my opinion on Katie was way off base - I now say it is Bill and I think that Bribs will win. I missed the 1st 20 minutes last night because of my hypnosis - did I miss another clue?
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What hypnosis? Clue? Good question. I missed it again. I tend to agree with you about Bill, although I still suspect Heather. I'm getting so paranoid, though. Do you suppose they would deliberately make us feel sorry for Dorothy just to make her look innocent? If she's working for them, she might be allowed privileges that they're not, and might have visited her mother later.
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Anyone catch the clue last night?? I keep missing them! I must be stupid or something!!

I also thought it was Katie, so obviously I was wrong. I am not sure now anymore, although I do not think its Al or Bribs. I really think it could be Dorothy, especially after she was the only one who didn't get to spend time w/ her mother. That was kind of weird.

Can't wait for next week.
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I still think the Mole is Bill (ok maybe Dorothy). This one has kept guessing just like the 1st one did. I didn't pick the Mole last time out I hope I have this time.

I think what Bribs did in the ball game was smart. Exemptions are vital right now - if it isn't offered to you you have to do what you can to prevent anyone else from getting it. it made the difference between a 1 in 6 chance and a 1 in 5 chance.

what did everyone think of the wine game?
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I think you are probably right, Adrienne. It's either Bill or Dorothy. I'm leaning toward Dorothy right now. Who knows what next week will bring!
I think it was dumb to get everyone out of bed in the middle of the night. I think I would have thrown the game just to get back to bed!
Talk about dumb? It was next to impossible for anyone to pour the wine without spilling a drop-period. Only a professional waiter could have done that-wine or no wine. To have their friends drink that grassy, dirty concoction was in bad taste. This is not Fear Factor, where the object is to gross everyone out. I was certain that, after they drank the juice, Anderson would tell them it was made of clean grapes, mashed in a clean kitchen. Yuck. You could see pieces of grass in it. I assume the players were told to wash their feet. Nevertheless...
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Still thinking it is Bill. Poor Heather - she looked really upset at losing immunity 2 times! I was suprised Bribs went out - I thought he had a better idea of what was going on. He seems like a super nice guy!
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I'm totally bummed Bribs got executed last night. What a hottie he was, and he seemed so nice and intelligent too. I thought for sure he'd make it to the end.

I have no idea who the mole is. I keep thinking in my gut its Dorothy, but I don't have anything to back that up with.

Anyone catch any clue last night???
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I think it's Dorothy, because of the stupid items the girls bought and the fact that she always seemed to be looking the other way during the fingerprint chase. I'm beginning to think Bill is ok. Heather is a possbility, but I'm betting on Dorothy. The guys said the book on top of the money was Romeo and Juliet, and that it must be a clue. I'm sure they're right, but I don't understand the clue. Montague, Capulet, lovers, Shakespeare, What's in a name? A rose by any name would smell as sweet? There could be thousands---wait! The girl in the tower! "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?"--could be it! Dorothy in the tower "looking" down. Well, it could be....
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It is so Bill!

I just couldn't stop laughing at what they did to poor Al. I keep hearing that song in my head now! I think it was unfair that all of the money got wiped out if one person left the rooms! It was sad to see Al go - I really liked him!
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Do you guys think its Bill now?? I still am unsure, although I do not think its Heather. Dorothy raises my suspicions though, so I am stuck between her and Bill.

Is next week the last episode??
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Yes - next week we find out who the Mole is! I can't wait to find out!
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I don't think there was any point in torturing Al all night once the money was lost. It makes no sense to me. I've always thought Bill would have been the logical person to choose as the Mole because of his very honorable position as a retired Admiral. But---I still think it's Dorothy. Won't we all be fooled it it's Heather? She came out of there awfully fast, but I know I would have too! I might have been all right for a while. I've petted a boa constrictor--but in the dark, the thought of that snake crawling over me would be too much! But, didn't Bill say they don't hiss? Didn't Heather say it did? I'm so confused!!
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The thing about the hissing snake was this:
Heather said it did hiss ( which it did ) but she called it a Boa, when it was a Python. So when Dorothy was "lying" and saying it was a hissing boa constrictor, Bill was not believing her. But she should have said it was a Python.

Ok, there is my lesson for the day!!
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Thanks, Daniela. I knew it was a python, but didn't know whether they hissed or not. Bill was pretty sharp to know that, as you are. I have never heard it before! All I knew was that they are both constrictors, and I believe the python gets bigger than the boa constrictor, especially if you believe the stories of the gigantic ones in S. America! Either way, I could not tolerate being in the same room with the lights out!
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I wasn't trying to be a smarty pants...I thought you were serious when you said you were confused! Sorry, I was just explaining it the way I thought it went.

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I was sad to see Al go last night. However I laughed so hard when he had to stay in that room and listen to "tiny bubbles"
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Daniela, I was confused! I couldn't remember who said it hissed, Dorothy or Heather. Then Bill said Boa constrictors didn't hiss, and I didn't know that either. It made Bill look good and it could have meant that Heather was the Mole. If she had been the one who said it hissed, and knew better, she could have been saying that to deliberately lose the game. Am I making any sense? This show has me going!! I was sincerely impressed with your knowledge, by the way. That's a rather obscure fact to know! I missed almost all the clues.
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Ok - so last night wasn't the last night! Urgh! How can they make us wait another week! That was a pretty intense last game. I still think it is Bill but I was wrong last season and I am probably wrong this season. What does everyone else think?
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I was so mad it wasn't the last episode!! Argh!

My money is on Dorothy. I just have that feeling, although I guess it could be ANY of them and I would not be surprised. They are all playing so well!!
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Well, I was surprised too, but I think it would have taken two hours. That last assignment was a killer. I was so sure Dorothy was the Mole, but I don't understand why she and Bill made it back and Heather had to quit. That "animal attack" could easily have been staged. We could have been "set up" when the women were behind bars and Heather sacrificed money and an exemption to save the money for the team. That made us trust her. Dorothy took money and an exemption, didn't she? They are playing it well!
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