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The Mole II

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I was glad to see the return of the Mole last night. I had watched those episodes in the fall, but it was nice to be reminded of what had happened. I hope it's not the Admiral! I come from a Navy family! Of course, his former position automatically makes him appear to be trustworthy, so he would be a good choice. I have no idea who it is, though. Anyone else?
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I also watched in the fall, but it was good to get a feel for the players again. Elavia is too obvious a choice for the Mole I think. It could be one of the innocent looking women Katie or Dorothy, but it was an innocent looking woman last time. I still don't really have a vibe yet on who it is - I may change my mind every week LOL. If I had to pick now I would pick Katie.
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I missed the end of episode 2 last night. Who got executed the second round?? I was hoping someone here watched it!

I think the mole is the admiral or Katie.
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Daniela- Ali got executed on the second show. I wasn't too sorry to see her go though, after the bar incident with her and Bribs.

I have a suspicion the mole is either Dorothy or Rob(the spikey haired blonde guy- I think thats his name anyways , hes so yummy names really not important )

Thank goodness this show is on, to help curb my Survivor withdrawal :laughing2. I just hope the next Survivor will be better than this past one
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I thought the show was pretty good. Katie is very annoying, hopefully she will be voted off soon.

Elavia is only pretending to be the mole, but I think the mole is Bribs.

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I just posted about this in the other reality Tv thread, because I didn't see this one.
I don't have their names down well enough yet to say who I think the mole is....I am bad at remembering names!!! I did enjoy the shows Tuesday, though!! I felt bad when they thought they had gotten all their stuff burned!!!
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Just a reminder that there are 2 episodes this week on Tuesday, back to back.
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Great! Thanks for telling us. I missed that announcement! Then in July, we'll have Big Brother. (Ducking as I speak!)
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Oh good! I LOVE big brother!!!!! (seriously)
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I also love Big Brother - I loved Bunky last time around!
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I liked Bunky too! I heard somewhere, on TV I think, that Big Bro. 3 starts next Wednesday. A week from tomorrow.
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Great! And tonight, for anyone who might have forgotten, the Mole is on--twice in succession! Yes!
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Finally into the new episodes with the 2nd one last night. I am so glad Patrick was gone - he was beginning to irritate me. What was with the tearing out of the pages in the journal? I honestly think (for today anyway - it may change tomorrow) that Katie or Al are the Mole. Al is way to trusted. I really like him and if he isn't the Mole I want him to win.

I checked out the CBS web site (the do Big Brother) and it doesn't show anything about the new one yet.
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I'm beginning to suspect Katie as well- her show of relief at not being executed seems to be pretty exaggerated as well as her emotional response to things that come up in the game.

Do any of you guys think Bribs is hot?
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I didn't like Patrick's attitude either. At first he seemed ok, but when he tore the pages out of Katie's book and told everyone he didn't trust anyone, I thought that was unnecessary. Of course you can't trust everyone! Someone is the Mole! But I think you can be pleasant, and not cheat. It's a shame the original owner of his book didn't get hold of it and snip a few pages here and there!
The show is focusing on Katie and Al quite a bit, so I wonder if the Mole is not someone who's "flying" under the radar as was said about Tina in Survivor.
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They said at the start of yesterday's 2nd show that there was a hidden clue to the identity of the Mole - anyone catch the clue - I didn't.

Yes Melissa - Bribs is cute.
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I just wanted to "butt" in here and yell "THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!! ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!" You all get to see this stuff before I do!! We're behind over here and I'm STILL waiting for the Mole to come back!!!!
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But you are almost 6 months ahead of Canada on Coronation Street. We are just watching Christmas episodes here now. I want to know what happens with Maxine and Ashley!
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Alas, I cannot help you my dear..... I don't watch Coronation Street!! (but of course, for a price.... I could find out for you....Bwahahahahaha!!)
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What is the price? Ashipment of wildberry poptarts?
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What!?!? You think you can bribe me with PopTarts?!??!?!?!!?! Oh... you do,...... well.... ok then......- but throw in a Hershy bar too - we don't get them over here!! :LOL:

PS - you needn't think you can "sting" me with NON ICED PopTarts either......
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The wildberry ones have psychodelic coloured icing - blue and purple. and 2 Hersey bars!
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OK!! It's a deal!! :LOL: (Now whats the point of going to the gym Ady!?!? Hmm!?!?!? :LOL: )
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I knew I could talk you out of going to the gym!
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Hmmmmmm---Bodlover can't get this program over there, so she turns it into a thread about food....hmmmmmm...Could it be that we have a
Besides, I told you before, Rhea, Hershey's chocolate cannot compare to Cadbury's-or Nestle's either. Good grief! Do I have to teach you everything? grumble,mumble, some people's kids.... no taste...sabotage...mole from the UK....friend...ha!...
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Jeanie you are too funny.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:.... a chocolate loving Mole I might be.. but I'm NOT a thread hogger!!! Nah ah... noooo waaaayyy...... sooooooo back to subject at hand....(what was it?? PopTarts?? Hershey bars??... no, wait... I think it was some TV show.... ah yes, Coronation Street?? :LOL: )
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OMG - is there a Mole on Coronation Street? If there is Katie from the Mole 2 is probably it. She is the Mole everywhere! Or is Bod the hidden Mole?

Really though - did anyone get the hidden clue from Tuesday's 2nd show - I totally missed it.
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Adrienne, I did not get the clue. I don't think I have ever got the clue. I must be dense!
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No clue here either. I still have no idea who the mole is.
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