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Carolyn Keene has died.

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I caught this briefly on the Today Show. The lady responsible for about 25 of the Nancy Drew books (whose pen name was Carolyn Keene) has died. She was quite elderly, by the clips shown. Oh, of course they were predictable and chewing gum for the mind. But that's not how young people saw them. They made reading addicts out of me, my sister, my children, and soon, I'm sure, my grandchildren. Even my father read them when he was desperate! I remember one week, years ago, when I had to spend a week in bed for some ailment, getting up to date on my Nancy Drew reading! I think I read 10 that week. My girls had all of the current ones I hadn't read. Remember when you were a young girl how exciting The Hidden Staircase was? Or The Mystery of Larkspur Lane? Carson Drew, her father? That series made readers out of so many of us. Thank you, Carolyn Keene.
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As a kid, I loved reading her books, Nancy Drew was my hero I remember getting a bunch of those books from library and just reading, reading and reading. Coulnd't put them down before I was finished.

RIP Carolyn Keene, and Thank You for the reading pleasures you gave to me and to thousands others.
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I agree. Every generation has to have its "JK Rowling".
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I LOVED Nancy Drew....I have several of her books in hardback somwhere..probably the attic, that is too bad the author died, she gave me hours of enjoyment as a child.
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I loved those books, too. I still have them in a box at my parents' house. I have often thought about rereading some of them, but never have. I am sure they are the cause of my addiction to mystery novels. It was also nice that Nancy was smart, but able to have friends and a boyfriend. A good role model for girls, definitely.
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