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All of my cats make a wierd noise when a bird or rabbit is near by. I laugh when I see them do it because it's a chorus of kackling from three cats at once.
Anyhow; What does it mean?
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I call it "the bird call." I love it too. I think its usually pent up emotions let out quietly so as not to disturb the thing that has them all excited.
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My cat does that too! It's different from when he is meowing for food and stuff, and it's like this quiet, constant meow that just keeps going, but very short meows...lol
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We call it "kitty chatter" LOL
My cats do that when they see a bird out the window or something.
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I've read that its from being able to see prey and being frustrated because they can't get at it. Zissou does it also when she's outside on a leash since she can't get to it because I won't let her. When she tries to chase something she never does it.
On the other hand it sounds kind of like a bird, maybe its a bird call????
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We've had cats do that too, we always would say that there are talking to the birds
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I call it the "war cry"

Luna does it when there's "activity" outside and I just started to notice Whitey doing it last night. Love it!
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my new kitty just yowls for now, but our other kitty does it, we call it chirupping. it's precious, and yeah, it's normal. if you were your cat, wouldn't you do the same? try it...without sounding like a dolphin...go ahead...
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This chattering is quite natural and really is so adorable and fun to watch as our kitties hunt for their birdies and prey on the other side of the window!
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Prego never does it, but Polly does when she sees a bird or a bug. I thought she was trying to convice the birds that she was a bird too, so they'd come closer.
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Duke and Sibohan both do that it's entertaining... you kind of imagine them going "here bird, here bird just want to play with you bird, I'm you're friend"
All Sibohan wanted for chistmas was a bird but I had to disapoint her *smile*
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