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Dont you find it funny when....

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My cat always does this when playing and you see other cats do this too when they are in the "crouch" position about to pounce. They wiggle their rear ends just before they pounce on their prey. Its so funny. Every time my kitty gets ready to pounce on a toy she looks like she is winding herself up for the pounce by wiggling her behind.

I was just wondering if anyone knew why they do this.
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I know! I love it. Zissou does that as well. I think its an instinct because she didn't do it when she was a baby and only started it after she'd been here, and only cat, for a couple months. Perhaps its like they're aiming themselves for the attack?
I do know one cat that doesn't do it, I think he was taken away from mommie cat too soon and also he has brain damage...
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all my cats do that and it's quite funny, but the funniest was my childhood cat in germany. She used to do the wriggle and got so excited, that she started chirping, which obviously alerted all prey to her presence and it ran off / flew off.
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the best is when they're doing this, being totally concentrated on whatever it is that they're "attacking", I'll kind poke my kitty right above his tail- boy does he jump about 10 feet! Simo is usually trying to attack Sapphire, so I have to beak it up somehow
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I love "pounce mode", Trout is adorable when she does it...But she only does it to inanimate objects which is weird because they wouldn't be able to run away even if they wanted to

Maybe they are trying to get a good grip before they take off
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It's part of the thrill of the hunt.
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i looked on the internet for info, but couldn't find what i was looking for... i seem to remember one of my many cat books saying the wiggle was to help focus the aim of the jump.
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I think of it as winding up to bat! You take a few little swings before the big pitch right?! Lucky's eyes get as big as quarters! I swear...they go almost all black with a tiny ring of yellowish/green... She almost looks like Puss in Boots from Shrek 2...when he makes that pouty face... sooo cute!!!!
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