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Job Search sort of freaking out.

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I'm sort of freaking out right now about starting the search for a new job. I e-mailed my academic advisor & she basicly made it sound like I wouldn't be able to get a job in my new field (Counseling) with out experience, but that if I did it would be part time. Well I'm going to school part time & I absolutely need to work full time. This news wouldn't have been so bad, but my boss keeps asking when I'm going to be looking because they want to replace me before I actually leave. So I'm just totally freaking out right now. I guess I should take a deep breath & not get upset, but I just didn't think it would be this difficult.
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Take a deep breath. You might need to intern somewhere before you find a full time job. Good luck finding a full time job!!
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Are you finished with school now? If so, can you possibly keep your full time job and work as a counselor part time to get the experience you need for a full time position?

It is very hard. I have been in school part time and am making the switch to full time in the fall. I also have to work full time work hours. It is extremely hard to work out the schedule. I am actually taking a medical terminology class this summer that will allow me to get a job in the hospital where I can work a night time clerical position so I can attend classes during the day. I am going for nursing so even though the hospital job is clerical, I am hoping I would be able to transfer and remain at the same hospital when that time comes.
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Best of luck with the job hunt!!, I know it will all work out for you!
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I guess I should add that my boss knows I'm going to start looking & they are already looking to replace me. She talks nice, but if they hire someone into another position they can easily "eliminate" my position. I'm just nervous that I'm going to end up with no job at all. I've only got 4 of my classes done so I know I won't be able to counsel, but I thought perhaps there might be some sort of clerical job. (although it will probably be a pay cut, but I guess that's better than no job at all) If it weren't for my 4 kitties I would move back in with my parents & go to school full time, but I'm 31 years old & there is no way they will let me bring my babies with.
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I gues I got lucky. My boss knows that I will be leaving sometime within the next 6-8 months. He knew when he hired me he was going to lose me. He is so wonderful though and the deal we have is that when that time comes I will make sure we have someone hired and trained before I am gone. He doesn't rush me at all. He doesn't want me to leave

Is your boss not willing to work with you at all? You might have to look for another position outside of counseling to get by until you meet the requirements for a full time job in that area.
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When one of my nephews was going to school at UW-Oshkosh he worked weekends at a home for mentaly disabled adults. Basically he was there from Friday thru Monday morning. His field was special ed but maybe there are some halfway houses or something with similar with the county that you could look into??
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I would just scan the sunday paper, circle all of the jobs that you qualify for, then cross out the ones that you would be unwilling to do (because of salary, hours, type of job etc.) then start dropping off resumes and applications everywhere. If you end up with something that's mildly okay for awhile while you continue to find a better job, then that's okay. You're still earning an income, and when you move on you've added another job and set of skills to your resume. Keep it up, and I'm sure you'll find something!
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Are there any psychiatric hospital units near you? When I worked on the hospital psychiatric unit, the assistants were untrained. They worked directly with psychiatric patients, providing care and talking with them. If they are not hiring patient assistants, maybe they will need clerical help.

Then try outpatient psych clinics, special school settings. Maybe even the crisis phone line needs people to answer the phone. That would be a job, and would get your foot in the door at a place that may hire you later.
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Try not to worry too much. As long as you are actively looking for a job and trying your best, you will find what you're looking for. I just know you will
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Like Trout's mom said, try not to worry so much. You don't know until you start looking. Counseling is a difficult field (at least in MI), so is there any way for you to move?
If not, keep hope up and I wish you the best of luck! With a little faith you'll wind up with something sooner than you think!
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Thanks for all the support, my mind just sort of took off in a bad direction yesterday.
Right now I'm laughing because I just heard a rumor that I'm leaving in a month. I said to the person who asked me, I don't even have my resume finished, unless someone knows something I don't.
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