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more que from me

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Ok this isn't as exciting as Skittles and Sponge. heehee

But while we are all waiting I have a question.

IK it says around 4-5 weeks the queen will start to show. my cat would be right around 3 weeks and while she isn't round she seems "thicker" if that makes sense. She was thin to begin with so not sure if that is why. She isn't round at all just looks a bit wider overall in her stomach area. Also noticed when I picked her up last night her stomach seems harder already. Could she be further along? She got out a couple weeks before, she wasn't in heat then and yes IK they don't HAVE to be but also know most times neither male or female are very receptive unless they are in heat, BUT then she went into heat about 2 weeks after that time. So thinking she wasn't preg. then or she wouldn't have gone into heat.......... And I started checking her nipples and didnt' notice any change in those until last week so thinking she only got preg. when she was gone for the 6 days.
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It actually sounds like she may be around 3 weeks pregnant. I would suggest you get her to a vet for confirmation - at this time the vet can palpate the belly to 'feel' the kittens...
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abymommy---- going by the cat preg. calendar it says around the 20th-24th for a vet to feel. So figured next week I would take her in to be checked. That is going by her first day out so assuming she got preg. then. So figured around the 24th will cover all the days she was out. Ok just wasn' sure if it was normal that she start looking "wider" now since it says she wouldn't "show" until the end of the mo. And guess if I wasn't looking for it it isn't enough to notice. And normally in the spring/summer she goes into heat about every 3 weeks and it has now but just over 3 weeks (this weekend) since she started going into heat last time I am sure she is. Now to call a vet, trying to look for a new one since mine is extremely expensive.
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Sounds normal
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Skittle showed at 3 weeks
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S'okay - the vet can palpate anytime after two weeks (or so my vet says) without fear of causing an abortion. If your cat was skinny before (like mine was) then a thickening would be normal...but here's a funny story, a female cat came to me for studding, I saw the mating, wrote down the date and time (as we breeders are wont to do) and 3 weeks later, took her to her owner (who is also a vet by the way). I asked hime to palpate her to confirm the pregnancy and he said - "She's not pregnant, she's put on weight!!!" Heheheheh
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WOW that wasn't good.. That was strange she didn't get pregnant. I thought after mating a few times they always get pregnant. Did she abort...
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No - she just didn't WANT to get pregnant. She hasn't been on heat since either - the vet says she's most probably infertile anyway...but having said that, I'm putting her on a raw meat diet soon (after the July show anyway) to see if that'll put her on extreme heat...
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wow on the kitty just getting FAT! LOL Did her nipples change also? Hope you can get her to come into heat again!

No wonder skittles showed at 3 weeks with the brood she is having! LOL Hoping Angel doesn't have that many. 4 would work. heeheee

She definately isn't BIG at all and when she is walking or sitting a certain way you can't tell but she has gotten a bit wider and when you hold her stretched out you can see a teeny bump........... ho hummmmmmmm this is going to be a LONG 6 weeks! LOL
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