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Your worst hotel stay ever!

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I went to Denver for an orchestra festival a few days ago. It was fun, but the stay at the hotel was terrible! My roomates were awful. They yelled and laughed SO LOUDLY ALL NIGHT! Then, they started smoking and it was all stinky. This went on until about 4:00 AM! I think I got 2 hours of sleep max. I'm really suprised there were no complaints from the surrounding rooms. At least the orchestra did well the next day.

On a seprate trip, the water from the shower shot over the curtain and hit a light bulb, which exploded!

What are a few of your unpleasant stays?
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SOunds like you had a rough night Hope you have been able to catch up on your missed sleep since you have been back home

Thankfully, I have never had a terrible hotel stay. They have all been fairly pleasant. I just wanted to remind everyone not to mention any specific hotel names in your thread. We don't want them to get upset for us giving them a bad rep
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We weent to Kartfest last year in North Carolina. we stayed at a really nice hotel that waws super close to the convention center. All was good until the night before we were leaving. Someone came to the room next to our to stay and were so loud all night. They were screaming and slamming doors. Ours was one of those rooms with a door between them so you can join them. Well at 1:45 am they opened their door and were knocking and banging on our.

Our payback were the next morning at like 6:00 when we got up to pack and leave. We turned the tv on obnoxious music as loud as it would go and we yelling and laughing and beating on THEIR door. I hope it taught them not to do that again!!
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I haven't really had a bad stay, but I used to work in a hotel. One time some questionable characters were staying in a room, and I think it was a drug deal gone bad because one of them pulled out a gun, and another guy jumped out of the 4th story window..There were crazy people running all over the hotel with guns, and the police were chasing them all around.
It wasn't even a skanky hotel either, it was a nice one.
It was quite scary.
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I stayed in a motel for a night recently on my way to Portland and it was terrible!! There was a hole in the bathroom door (patched up on one side), and the bed might as well have been plywood. It was reasonably clean... but only just. Eli actually got extra blankets out of the car for us to sleep on. It didn't help that I was really sick....
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Oh yea!! I forgot about when we went to Commerce Ga to go to the outlet malls. We looked up the hotle on line and it had this really beautiful lobby. We decided to stay there since the price was right. It was the dirtiest place I have ever stayed in. Cigarette burn in the bedding, mold in the tub. Nasty. I slept on a throw I brought out of the truck and waited to take a shower until we got back hom. And didn't sit on the toilet seat. Nasty place!!
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I've been really lucky on staying in good hotels - and getting good service as well.

I'm sorry that you had such a rotten stay!
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I haven't had any terrible ones, though quite a few where the walls were just a little too thin and the neighbours were a little less than discrete!!! Just piled the pillows over my head and hoped it wouldn't take long! LOL
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Once when I was little we were on a family vacation and one of the beds had a big bloody stain right in the middle of the sheet. I don't even know what state we were in, but I remember that.
New years in Windsor CA everyone was pretty loud and obnoxious, we had seven people in a four-person max room and everyone but me was drunk and snoring really loud... teach me to stay in a room with six boys ever again! And one of them busted in really late and said he almost got arrested for stealing pot from a stripper. I didn't know this kid until we were already on the trip. Ugh.

Other than that, mostly good.
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my worst experience..

Driving back from FL, me and the ex decided to stop and spend the night at a hotel, it was like a 12-14 hour drive home. I forget which one it was, but it was disgusting and was definitely a major chain. There was this slimy red goo all over the desk when I tried to get the phone book it got all over my hands.. There were only handtowels, no bath towels, and the shower was disgusting. There was no alarm clock so I called the ft desk to get a wakeup call, and then they didn't call and tried to charge extra when we slept past the checkout time. It was sick!
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Yrs ago DH & I stayed at a mom and pop motel near the locks at Sault Ste Marie MI. The bathroom was icky. Even though we only stayed overnite I still check the dresser drawers and under the bed. Should never have looked under bed. There was a bunch of the plastic cup from the bathroom, it was BAD!!!!
BTW when I graduated from HS I worked at local Holiday Inn for the summer-I could tell you many stories of stuff found in rooms (this was mid 70's!)
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I've had a couple of bad experiences. Mostly when I was in college and too broke to be able to afford anything better.

La Petit Motel in New Orleans. We were in town for the Sugar Bowl, there were six of us in a single room. The place probably doubled as a hooker-hotel. The shower didn't work, you had to pour water over your head in the tub while sitting on cases of beer. (I mentioned it was college right?) I'll spare you the details on what was under the bed.

Another hotel in Jacksonville, FL for the FL-GA game aka The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. This room had mold, mildew, water seeping down the walls, etc. It was so awful.

At a hotel in Baden-Baden, I had a great time, but my husband didn't sleep much at all...he was convinced the place was haunted.
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You are not to name the motels ! Sorry you all had bad times ,But if you were to stay in the hotel I work in you would not find any dirt or garbage . And we are not a large motel or a a chain.
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I did a flight from Sioux Lookout to Wayneright Alberta last year and on the way home the weather was getting worse so I put down in Winnipeg Manitoba at 2am. I stayed at this one hotel and there were well....lets just say women with interesting jobs wandering the halls, a drunk man relieving himself in the hall and my non smoking room smelled like smoke!

Needless to say I didn't get much sleep
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We stayed in a hotel in NYC that had cig burns on the toilet seat, a hard bed, a band next door playing music, and little tiny bugs everywhere in the a.m. Lesson- check trip before you book online. We are staying at another hotel there in two weeks, but it doesn't have quite the scathing reviews this one does!
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When I went to Rome for the first time I was too excited that I forgot I left some cash, INSIDE the suitcase, INSIDE a bag. When I returned to my room (about 2 hours later) everything was just as I left it. However, when I opened the suitcase and put out the bag the money was gone!
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Not exactly a hotel but..

I was on an overnight train in vietnam and was just about to go to sleep when something caught my eye.

I opened my eyes, and there was a mouse on my pillow just looking at me!

I screamed and jumped out of bed! My ex and the guy from the other couple we were sharing a carriage with lifted up my matress and found a mouse nest underneath!

So as they were checking under the other beds and trying to stuff plastic bags down the hole I was shouting "Dont hurt the mice, catch them in a cup and put them out the window when we stop"!

Later that night our train also ran over a motocyclist and killed them out-right
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten

Later that night our train also ran over a motocyclist and killed them out-right
Wow, that is really awful!

We stayed in Indianapolis when we went to a Pacers game. It wasn't a fancy place, but quite nice, and very clean. All was fine...except...the main reason for a hotel room is to sleep. There were 2 double beds, and even by piling all the bedding on top of one "mattress", it was too hard to be able to rest.
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A small family-run hotel in North Wales...we were given the keys to room 14. However, when we opened the do I say this politely...a couple were using the room romantically.

Hubby went and complained to the manager (I thought it was hilarious) and the manager told us that only room 14 was free and we could have it after he got the other mysterious couple to go. We didn't want a 'used' room and with it being late night the manager had no staff to sort the room out.

We were in the middle of nowhere, late night, tired and this was the only hotel we could find for miles.

In the end, we decided to continue driving and luckily found a lovely quaint hotel 20 minutes drive away!
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I have had a few bad hotel moments!!

We arrived in Memphis after out flight was delayed and a long bus ride only to find that the five star hotel we were booked into had given our room away because we were late!!!! It was late at night and we were incredibly tired after our flights!

Instead of finding us a room in the other five star over the road, they shipped us to a dodgy motel down the road!! We collected our keys and had to walk past gangs of people lingering around! The woman in the office told us that if anyone knocked at the door, we were to phone reception immediately and they'll get rid of them!

The room was grotty and the curtains didn't even close properly! It was pretty much a 'Psycho' stay! (we did get back into our booked hotel in the end!)

Another time, we were visiting Rome for the second time on our trip! The coach pulled up outside our hotel and we all piled in to get our rooms! My were we surprised! There were damp patches and stains on the bed sheets, bed base, walls, carpet....and bugs all over the place! There was even a rusty and dirty cooker in the room!!!!

We asked the rep why we weren't in the posh hotel we stayed in last time and she said they were fully booked! Not wanting to stay in the grim hotel, we phoned and managed to get the whole group into the great hotel!

Funny when you look back at it, but certainly not at the time! :lol1:
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