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What do you pay for anual checkup?

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I am in the process of finding Sibohan and Duke a new Vet and have found that the cost of a normal yearly checkup and shots for an indoor cat ranges between $80.00 and $150.00, so I am wondering what other people pay for yearly checkup
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I don't know, because she's not a year old yet, but the base price at my new vet is about 40$ just for an appt and then everything else gets added on to that. It sounds about right to me for it to be 80$-150$ for everything. That's how much a pediatrician costs when you don't have health insurance.
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Ours is about $80 with no stool sample checkup, and about $100 to get the stool checked as well.
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My vet is outrageous I think....
40 to walk in the door
67 for booster vaccination
45 to do a stool check!!!
30 for deworming meds even if sample is negative

The rescue momma cat I had a while back cost me 403.00 to have a booster shot and be spayed. They did give me a deal on spaying and neutering for the kittens... each person who took a kitten paid the vet themselves, but through my account, and it was 40 for male kittens and 60 for female kittens. The new owners had to pay for vaccines themselves and I don;t think there was a deal on that.
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My vet charges similar to yours pondwader, only $60 to walk in the door
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Our vet runs about $50 for check up and shots... not bad. Other vets 3 blocks away want $70-$100 for the same thing.

LuckyGirl is gonna get spayed next month ...I'm getting a certificate for $55 from this will help off set the cost of medicine for CSD...$28 per week.
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A vet visit in my area, meaning an examination, stool sample or dewormer, and full shots (meaning for an indoor/outdoor cat or feral), runs about €100
($127) for an adult cat.
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Check up minus shots $40.00 with Shots approx. $70.00...
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Prices at my work are $45.00 for exam and 3 year rabies vaccination. Each vacc after that is $16.00. We are one of the most reasonable in town too!
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For an annual exam with all shots: Total cost $58 (in March)
$14 of that was a parasite check in stools

They waive the $40 exam fee if any vaccines are given.

They are the least expensive and biggest vet in the area.
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Well my first vet visit for Bellina I believe was a waste of good money...I spent $111 and all he did was look her over, and stick her with two shots, the poor thing. I'm not sure she even needed those shots. That vet will not be visisted again.
Then I want to a vet in Tenafly, NJ, and was very pleased with them. $98 dollars later they solved the problem with an enema and fluids. (She recovered quickly after that after not eating very well for days and no poops.)
One has to be very careful with vets they are sometimes just as bad as some is their game.
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I'm not too sure - and I won't find out til December when he goes for his yearly check up - but I'm guessing from the past visits - that it'll end up being about $40 for the visit and then about $16 for each shot... so I'm guessing it'll be about $70 - not so bad, I don't think.
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Zoey was 60 with shots and exam ...

Kandie is about 100 due to age and blood work

Gigi is about 70
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My vet's office visit is $25. If vaccinations are given the office visit fee is waived. Rabies, Feline Leukemia and Distemper are all $10-12 EACH. My kids live in a very sheltered environment so my vet does not worm or take stool samples. I do have a couple of senior cats and I take them in for check-ups every 3-6 months.
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$65...Sebastian was just there last month for his 1 year check up...Not bad in my opinion I can not imagine paying $150 just seems expensive for literally a 10 minute visit! But I would if I had too..hes my baby
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$44 for the annual exam
$13 Rabies 1 year vaccine
$16 FVRCP 3 year vaccine

And my vet takes his time and does not rush through the exam.
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Rocket won't need his yearly for another 3 weeks but since I just went to the vet yesterday and I still have my bill here.

£25 for the consultation in which I was told that Mica was not ill that its behavoural.

£23.43 for the Feliway Refill

Total: £48.43 including tax (conversion: $91.56)
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Office visit: $31.00, shots: $12/each
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