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Based on rave reviews here

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We purchased a Cat Dancer Compleat ®.

Everykitty is interested in it, but it is an absolute addiction for Vash.
Obviously I can't keep it up 24/7, so the times it isn't up, Vash is crying at the paw pad that holds it on the front door, or sleeping at the front door.
Otherwise he is patting me on the arm and running to the front door and crying.

Poor guy needs his cat dancer fix.
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Aww!! I can just see that poor deprived *yea right* kitty trying desperatly to get you to play iwth him and fix it when its down!!
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LOL We need to find all the other cat dancer addicts on the site and form a support group
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I need to GET a cat dancer. They don't have them here and I bet my kitties would go wild.

Right now they have "The Floaty" a stick with a bell, ribbons and feathers on it. That gets a lot of action!!
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That reminds me, I need to get some replacements they are all pretty much shredded.
My cats go crazy for it, it's the only toy the whole group likes.

Kaleetha - You can buy them on Ebay if they're not in you area.
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Are they at Petsmart? What do they look like? Can someone post a pic of it?
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It's a piece of wire with tightly coiled little bits of cardboard on the end.
Petsmart and Petco carry it.

Normally around $2.99 for just the Cat Dancer, $4.99 for Cat Dancer Compleat (has a sticky paw to hold the toy on doors etc.).
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That sounds interesting. I just got "Da Bird" for Jamie, and that's quite a hit. I think I'm going to have to stock up on replacements, though.
Your story reminds me of a dog we had. He was a "pound puppy", and one of the first toys I bought him was a yellow squeaky ball. He had it in his mouth at least 15 hours a day (it looked like a grapefruit half), and squeaked and squeaked it until it drove us nearly nuts. If I "put it to bed" at night, he would sit in front of the drawer and whine and scratch. It took us quite a while to wean him from it, and only bring out "squeakies" in the early evening. We managed to direct his attention to stuffed toys, which he would take to bed with him at night.
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The cat dancer is a "must have"! I've never seen a kitty who can resist it!
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Sierra and Serenity agree, the Cat Dancer is a must have!
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Originally Posted by clixpix
The cat dancer is a "must have"! I've never seen a kitty who can resist it!
Java LOVES ours - she actually got it out of the sticky paw one day & had dragged it across the room! here's a pic of her 'dancing'!

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When I first got it, I opened it and thought, "This is IT? Why is this such a big deal???" But, yeah - the kitties love it! LOL It's the simplest little toy but it drives cats wild!
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