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Cat Cry

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I have a 10 year-old Siamese mix, and she is very talkative...and she purrs a lot too. She has this old furry ball that she's had since she was a kitten, and if I'm in another room, she will put the ball in her mouth and cry loudly, as she walks thorugh the house looking for me. When she find me she drops the ball at my feet, and usually doesn't want me to pet her. She's done this for a long time, but she's doing it more and more...even if she knows where we are (like laying in bed at night). I call it her "communication ball" and figure she's telling me something...but I'm not sure why she's doing it more lately. Any ideas?
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Perhaps she wants you to play with her. Have you ever tried throwing her "communication" ball?
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It sounds like she wants you to play with her - by throwing the ball maybe. My cat does a very similar thing - he carries around a toy mouse with a bell on the end of the tail (handy for getting my attention!). He'll walk through the flat with that in his mouth and crying for me. When he finds me he drops it at my feet or sometimes a few feet away and then runs up to me. What my Jaffa wants is attention and lots of cuddles.
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Your baby wants to play fetch with you!
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At least she doesn't wake you up by sitting on your chest and licking your face with her sandpaper tounge because she wants to play like my cat does
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No, no, no - it's not about that. Mine has done exactly the same thing with a toy mouse forever (and every time I put it back in the same place so she knows where it is). She's bringing you her 'catch', and a lot of cats do it all the time. She will talk to it a lot before bringing it in sometimes, and it is to get my attention, but more likely for food, not play. I used to think it was a substitute 'baby' for her, but it's not, either. It is a substitute for "I went hunting (even if she was only in the bedroom!) and look what I found, now can I eat?". At least that seems to be the most likely explan. She does other things when she wants to play.
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yeah, i've tried throwing it, but she seems uninterested in playing catch. she has little rainbow balls that i throw around the house and watch her slide across the hardwood floors trying to catch...she brings them back like a dog, ready for more! i like the idea of her "catch"...that ball is so old and nasty, that it kind of looks like something the cat drug in
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Bijou brings things his little beanie babies, sets them at our feet and waits for us to throw them. As soon as we throw them he runs off after them and brings them back for more.
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