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Im concerned about Romeo

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Romeo is my four year old Savannah/Amur Leopard cat mix. He was neutered about two weeks ago.

Yesterday my boyfriend told me he saw a little blood in Romeo's poop. I told him to keep an eye on him and if he noticed it agian to tell me. Well shortly after my boyfriend told me Romeo threw up in his room. Then this morning when I woke up and checked on him, I saw throw up too, looks like food.

Romeo still hates me from me taking him in to get nuetered, he runs and hides from me and howls when he sees me, all because I tried putting him in a cat carrier, it was like WW3. So If i am going to bring him in for a health check its gonna be the same thing. He will also have to be sedated most likely, he just freaks out.

I will definitly take him in if you all think these symptoms call for it, but im wondering what this sounds like it could be? If I dont have to stress him out I dont want to.

I do work at an animal hospital so I can bring home whatever I need from work, if i dont want to bring him in.Im just worried and hope he is ok.I know my old cat had blood in her stool once and the vet said it happens sometimes when they are straining. So im hoping thats all it is.

When I got Romeo about 2-3 months ago I got him vaccinated since his previous owner never gave him a vaccine once.

Should I take him in or keep an eye on him?
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I might give your kitty a little bit and make sure it doesn't get worse or just not be eating. I've had a couple cats do that and they were over it in a day or so. I don't know what it is but I know my cats were fine. But, I'm not cat expert so I couldn't promise you it isn't anything serious.
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Since you work at a vet's office, any chance you could convince a vet or vet tech to make a house call?

Bring in a stool sample for testing?

His fearful reaction this long after being fixed is unusual. Have you tried sitting with him quietly, perhaps while he's eating?
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Since you work at an animal hospital, I would ask a doctors opinion on it. If it happens again definatly take him in asap. Keep a close eye on him. I hope it's nothing serious
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I am planning on calling the doctor but he isnt in till 10:30.

One of the vet techs at work actually lives with me, I just didnt see him all day yesterday and he is sleeping now. He works today though so I will catch him before he leaves and give him a stool sample to run when he gets to work.

I've tried everything with Romeo to try and get him to like me agian. I give him a little bit of tuna in the morning and thats the only time he doesnt run from me, but if i try petting him then he takes off. He wasnt like this with me before. I hope he gets better, cause i really like him and i want him to like me too.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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I hate to say it, but maybe something went wrong with the neuter... that would explain his hateful reactions, and possibly the med stuff too. I may be way off base though. I just agree that his reactions after the surgery for this long soud pretty strange.
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He only acts this way with me though, im guessing cause of the drama with putting him in the crate. He lets everyone else pet him, and he lets my boyfriend hold him. Its just me.
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That is sooo sad. I am so sorry to hear that he is so afraid of you and so mad at you. Hopefully he will get over it in time if you keep on trying. Do you think that for the next Vet visit you could put him into a pillow case and let someone else hold him. Loco hates the carrier but will sit quietly on my lap in a pillow case, he feels safe but not so confined. He peeks his head out from time to time and tucks it back in and tucks his head under my arm. Romeo is a monster and just needs to be crated because he is just like Catzilla in a car. He vibrates the car windows with the growling and carrying on, he lets me comfort him through the carrier but would bolt from the pillow case. They are totally opposite personalities when it comes to transports.
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