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Are 8 month old cat had 5 kittens and shes constantly moving them around. We locked up my dads closet awhile back because she would pee on the clothes in there and we couldnt find 2 of the kittens and I looked in there and set the mom in there and she ran to the back and went in a hole I grabbed her and found that the 2 kittens were in there. I dont know how she squeezed under the door with both of those kitten with all the clothing on the other side. We took her and the kittens out and locked back up the closet and she had broughten her babies behind the couch yesterday night... This morning she got outside and my dad said he would take one of the kittens from behind the couch and hold it by the door because when one of the kittens meow she usually comes running. The kittens were not behind the couch and cant seem to find them in the house.. They couldnt have possibly gottin outside with them. Now I cant get her back in the house because she runs away everytime I open the door and I dont know where her baby kittens are. Its late so I cant get into the closet maby check the hole in the closet again tomorrow morning.. Just thought I should share.
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It is normal for the momma cat to move her kittens if she feels uncomfortable where they are at...they usually hide them in dark,quiet places.She probably hid them really good,just keep looking! Good Luck and keep us updated!
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From reading your other post, these kittens must be found and returned to their mother quickly. They are only a few days old and cannot survive for long without her. You must get her back inside, you must find and return her kittens to her and then you must confine all to a small room such as a bathroom or small bedroom where you have closed off access to any hiding places. I like and use an extra-large dog crate for this and find it to be the best way to protect Mom and babies as well as restrict their movements - they are inexpensive and can be used in the future when confinement is indicated.

As KittyCity81 accurately comments, Momma is moving these babies around because she feels they are threatened in some way. Make a nest (preferably in a large dog crate or similar set up), place it in a very quiet, warm and dimly-lit room of your house and don't allow a lot of visitors or other activity/noise in that area.

And as always, never, ever allow an unspayed female access to the outdoors or she is going to be pregnant again in no time. It is way too soon for her to be pregnant again and you are risking not only her health but also that of the kittens she is currently nursing - and the future kittens too.

If you haven't already, it may be a good time to call your vet to see when he feels comfortable scheduling your girl to be spayed. The best time, IMO, is when the kittens have reached the age of between 8 to 10 weeks old.
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