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Hello all,

I've been on line for a week now and sorry I haven't written sooner. I have been preoccupied with bobcats. I am having to reinforce my enclosure to keep them out. I am serious...

Before I elaborate, here's JJ exercising his brain.....

He is a chunk and totally spoiled. He enjoys sitting on our chests when we are watching tv. If he wants attention, he puts his big old paw on our face and touches us. He is so smart. He has also quit trying to kill the dogs. He actually lays by Muffin now. Occassionaly he gets that look in his eye if WE correct the dogs. He wants to help us because he actually considers himself the "boss pet". The others don't mind....hehe

Now......the bobcats... We have a family of bobcats... The other night the dogs were outside and raising cain. I don't usually pay attention because Molly barks at the wind. And so does Muffin. But emma was barking as well so I told her to hush........and she didn't... So I got the flashlight and went outside. It was around 7:30pm and dark. I figured I would see an opossum or something similiar. I shone the light toward the woods in an area that lit up approx 50 yards away and my light pinpointed on some cat eyes. Or that's what it looked like. I thought I imagined it. I kept moving the light in the general area and I caught the glint of cat eyes again. I kept the light in that one spot and watched the "eye lights" appear and disappear.. The dogs were going nuts... And I could not shake the feeling that it was unreal. It was a surreal experience to be exact. My heart was pounding. Suddendly the eyes started moving. They moved crossways from where I was standing. And two more sets of eyes came into view as well. Since bobcats are solitary animals, this has to be a mama and her babies. I watched them watch me as they went across the yard. The hair on the nape of my neck actually stood up. I walked weak kneeed [rapidly]to the house and called the dogs in scared to death and freaked out. We had suspected mountain lions in the area due to a few large prints we had found. We had found a bedded down area last month behind the dogs yard where "something" was bedding down at night in direct view of the cat enclosure. It left three large 4 feet wide spots in some tall grass. Much like cats bedding down in hay make. That's what it looked like. I would have thought deer but there were no deer prints.

Also......the neighbor the next door a mile or 1/2 mile down the road told my husband she saw a big cat that she thought was a bobcat. And that was the same night I saw the eyes. Since mountain lions are rare in Missouri I am "assuming" it was bobcats... It is hard to say without positive proof.

Husband and I went walking to see what we could see in the wilderness behind our house further back on our property. We found a possum skull buried in the dirt and leaves that something had killed. We also found possible dens... and we could see where something had been laying against some large rocks. We have rocks large as a huge kitchen table out back.

But anyway we have decided to buy a hunters motion detector camera and bait an area way back behind the house and set the camera up and see what is out there. If it is a bobcat we can handle that... We just put a different sort of roof on the enclosure. If it is a mountain lion, I will have to take differnt measures and relocate the animal if I can catch him in a live trap. But if it turns out to be a mountain lion, we will have to buy a gun for our walks. I would hate to shoot anything but we are a little fearful.

I believe it is just bobcats. Right now I am keeping a flood light on at night on the cat enclosure and keeping a radio blaring outside creating noise. So with the noise and light, they should stay away till we get a differnt type of roof. Right now it is chicken wire. They are fixing to have a tin roof...

Here's one of the small dens we found. The way the ground is, we could not see prints. Something lives here but it wasn't home. Whew. We took walking sticks with us. One is a big cedar limb with nail driven through the end to use if something attacked us.

This a huge huge rock taller than us and something has been resting here consistantly.

And this is the oppossum skull we found. This skull was buried like cats do. Bob cats and mountain lions. Something else we have noticed is the large game in the area is gone. No more deer and no more hogs. Something drove them away. We are just not sure what but "something is in the woods"....

Everyone else is doing good. Great in fact. We're all fat and sassy....!!

Take care all,
Jenn and the gang
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One more thing......... The bedded down area behind the dog yard.....

We burnt it ... and urinated on it to mark territory...... hehe

The wild animals [to my knowledge] have not bedded down in that area again.

In fact, yall might think it's nuts but hubby marked our territory around the perimeter of approx 2 acres. We have burnt several spots around as well. We are trying to claim the land but it is so remote that it is difficult. We want to co-exist with the animals out here but we want them to keep their distance. We keep no open food out at all... There are no stray domestic type animals out here at all.

I keep a shovel and a hoe and my club with nails in it at the door.. for just in case. I would fight anything to protect my babies...

Most are indoors at night but they do have a choice. Festus is the only one who does not come indoor through the cat door. Jimmy and Felix come in the house.

This week we are going to haul tin up to the house. We have a huge piece that is about 24' by 12' for a roof. We just have to get it up there.
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moved to general forum

Something else wonderful happened......... It is probably the most exciting wildlife adventure I have had...

Husband and I found a hawk eating his prey. Which was a possum... He allowed us to approach him to within 3 feet. I took approx 50 pictures of him. He stood his ground and ate his food. He was very hungry or he would not have let us get that close. He dragged the possum a ways from us first because it was too heavy to fly with but he would not abandon his kill.

It was amazing to watch the ways of nature unfolding directly in front of us.

Here's 4 of the pictures I took. This is one reason I am so thankful I have that enclosure for my kitties.

This is Mr. Hawk standing his ground..... The feathers on top of his head are raised up...... Juan was worried we were going to get attacked. I talked real quiet to Mr Hawk and he let us stay there.

He appeared to relax slightly or else he was real hungry. He chowed down.

And I blew up a couple picture of his face. He was so beautiful and it was so amazing to be this close to a wild animal in his natural environment. It might never happen again.

It still gives me chills.........

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JENN!!!!!! I'm SOOOO pleased to see you back again!!!

I've been wondering how the move went, how you and Juan are settling in, and how the handsome JJ (and the others!) have been going!

I thought about him when I was back home in Australia visiting my mum's kitties - I don't know if you remember, but our boy had his leg amputated a few years back. I posted a pic of him in this thread a while back, but took a bunch more to show him to you when you were back on here

I'm so glad to hear everything is well - scary about the bobcats though! I hope that's all they are... Good luck in keeping your kitties safe and sound

I love how Juan "marked" his territory!!!! Did you make him drink a heap of beers to make that easier?

Great to hear from you, and can't wait to see more pics of the crew!

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Oh my gosh Jenn...
the photos of the hawk are absolutely amazing.
You must have felt at one with the earth, when the hawk continued with his meal.
I have no doubt it was a deeply moving experience.

JJ, your miracle tripod, looks healthy and content as can be.
He is truly the head of your household.
That boy warms my heart everytime I see him.

I hope that you get the tin on the roof ASAP.
You don't want your babies to become a meal for the Bob Cats.
Where I live, we call outside kittens, coyote food.
Only the fastest, wisest and luckiest survive.
My fingers are crossed that the creatures outside your house, are only Bob Cats.

If it is a Mountain Lion, I hope that you can call the state rangers to trap him.
They are endangered in so many area of your county now because they have so little habitat left.
I know that you will protect your fur family fiercely.

I missed you, JJ and your wonderful stories while you were gone.
You might want to continue this conversation on your other thread because JJ is so healthy now and members will miss your posts here.
Please add your hawk photos there too.
It's great to have you back.
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of course...... And we will probably keep marking territory... [I never thought we would do that, you know? ].....

And yes I remember your kitty and you telling me about his leg... did your cat get fat like JJ. He is a real porker. Since they all eat together I have considered putting the food up about 4' on a shelf where JJ can't get ot it and feed him diet cat food and try to control his weight. He does not attempt to jump that high. He gets on the couch and bed and that is about his limits as far as jumping.....

It's great to hear from you!!! I have tons of pics but don't have them uploaded to photobucket yet... I'll try to get some of them uploaded. They all seem to love the house.

Jimmy, my most feral kitty, is even getting better. He stays in the house most of the time now even with the cat enclosure. Yea, he likes us.... Felix just started coming in the house. He was the one whose pad was ripped off when we found him. He loves us now and enjoys lots of petting. It took approx 7-8 months before I could touch him. His bro Festus has never came through the kitty door into the house on his own yet. All the other come and go constantly. I have deep hay in the enclosure and they lounge around....

Talk to ya later,
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Thread Starter is so good to hear from you!!!

And you are right... I guess I should start a new thread...... I'll delete the hawk pics from here and move them. They don't like double pics.

One thing though..... You are so right in saying that I felt one with everything when the hawk was eating. It was very very moving. That was on the 30th of Dec and we still talk about it. He had a wing span of approx 4 feet. He was the largest bird I have ever seen and it was a very special experience. I will never forget it!

It made us feel very special that he allowed us in his space. It was misting and if you look close you will see the mist on his feathers...
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Do you still any cow kitties?
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Oh wow...........that's a beautiful lion....... Did you take that picture? Do you resuce big cats?.......

and yeppers, we have two cow kitties..... The woman did not want them. She changed her mind.

Let me upload a pic.... You're going to love this!
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They are very beautiful......
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This is our nearly 17 year old Bonnie - he's always been a pretty trim kitty, and I always thought he was a big cat - which he was compared to our petite Siamese Coco, but after owning more cats since, I realise he's actually a pretty small boy!

And this is our Coco - she's 16 next month. She used to be pure black, but now she's going VERY grey!!!

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Aww, gorgeous kitties. Jenn, have sent you a pm.
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I love Bonnie and coco..... !!!!!

They have led a long life... 17 years old They look pretty comfy and look to be in excellent shape for being the age they are.. My cat cleo looks like coco too....

And since JJ's ordeal with the leg, I am a soft touch for three legged cats. I remember you saying boonie gets around great... I hope JJ lives that long. He is a good cat. Yellow is a good cat too..

Let me ask you something... How do you keep bonnie so trim? JJ is a porker and it makes it hard for him to get around. When he first had his surgery he was fast as lightning getting around. Now thats he has gained weight, he hops different. The extra weight is bothering him I can tell but feeding so many not sure what to do. I am thinking of putting the food up too high for him to reach and then feeding him seperate........a low cal cat diet. He probably weighs at least 20 lbs if not more... He needs to lose at least 3-4 lbs to make it easier on him.

My husband is fixing to enlarge the rails on the gates in the house. They are 6" apart so the cats can come and go. JJ can't go through them anymore. He can get his head and shoulders through and he his belly just won't make it. We have a railed gait on each door in the kitchen [6" openings] so at night when we are at work, we put the dogs in the kitchen so they can't roam around the house and eat the cat food. But we have to make sure JJ is on the food/litter side so he can do his thing. Or we make sure he is in the bedroom where he has access to going outside. One or the other.

The cat door is 8". so if he is in the bedroom, he eats outside in the enclosure and uses the bathroom out there. He has no trouble with 8" openings.

If he is in the house when we work at night I have to make sure he is not trapped away from the litter or food by the gate.

But like I said, Juan is going to move one of the rails over a couple inches for him but he needs weight control. If I don't get him on a diet, he will end up being immobile.

When he hops forward with his back leg, his rear goes to the ground. Then he stand up and does it again. I let him get too heavy and poor JJ is paying the price.

What is a good cat food to help porkers lose weight? Did you have this problem with bonnie?
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Here's a video of him hopping along now - you can see he struggles a bit. He's a lot slower than he used to be, and I think he'll have major problem with his hips in the next year or so

Bonnie hopping

Size wise, neither cat has never been big eaters, so it's pretty easy. They like with my mum in Australia, but I think they get some dry food throughout the day, and kangaroo mince in the evening, and they just eat what they need to. Like I said - they're not big eaters.

JJ really needs to lose weight though I imagine. The more weight he carries around, the more pressure it'll put on his hip/back and the harder it'll be for him.

I don't have any suggestion, but good luck!
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Well, that looks like JJ's hop...... Exactly like JJ's hop.

Maybe that's how they are supposed to do it.
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Bonnie is 17? He looks great.
I watched his video several times.
He is just wonderful.
Coco is precious.

I imagine that a very slow weight loss of a couple lbs would help JJ but the loss must be really slow so his liver in not compromised.

Your tri-pod babies are precious.

Wow...Snoopy & Tulip are beautiful Jenn.
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I dont know how you are going to do it in a multi-cat household Jenn - I had two overweight cats last year, one was easy as he was active and playful, and the other was hard cos he didn't do anything. You could try putting the other cats food somewhere he can't reach, and maybe see if he would enjoy a game of 'chase the treats', where you throw individual pieces of kibble for him, or something easy like a laser toy. As has been said, it does need to be slow and gradual, but it does need to be done. Pebble's didn't seem to have that many mobility issues, although it was odd to watch at times - we had the opposite prob with her though, keeping enough one her was a struggle.
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Bonnie is 17? He looks great.
I watched his video several times.
He is just wonderful.
Coco is precious.

I imagine that a very slow weight loss of a couple lbs would help JJ but the loss must be really slow so his liver in not compromised.

Your tri-pod babies are precious.

Wow...Snoopy & Tulip are beautiful Jenn.
Thanks!! We've had them both since they were babies! It's nice to know they've only known one home, have had all the love they've ever wanted, and have lived to see an old age because of it.

I have a video of Coco yowling at me as well - I'll put it up tonight - she's so funny!!
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I can't wait to see coco howling at ya........ I loved the video too!!!

As far as JJ losing weight, I feel this spring when it's warmer will help him lose. He loves his enclosure and since it is in the process of getting larger, he will have lots more room to get around. I have thought of putting the other cats food up. But it will have to be at least 4' high. JJ cannot jump 4'. He can jump 3'.

Occassionally I throw kibbles. I have 20 cats running for them. It is a sight to see. They beg like the dogs. My dogs have taught them well that we are softee's..... I have a cat named Pebbles also after BookTigers Pebbles. At one time we nearly lost her due to her not eating. She was literaly a little bone. So we made her a spot by the computer and constantly fed her. Sausage, kitten chow and anything else. Tuna packed in water.. She is so spoiled now, she runs to the kitchen if we open the fridge. She is convinced all food is naturally hers. She is a normal size now.. and very beautiful. Husband think she is the pretties cat we have. If we don't watch her..if we are eating, she will try to grab the food off our plate with her little foot. She uses her feet like hands.. She steals food from the other cats too. She is a real pig kitty now...

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Oh...look how pretty she is.
I wish you had a video camera Jenn, so we could see all your kitties running for their food.

booktrigger...your Bridge kitty Pebbles has a namesake.
That is really cool.
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XO - Jenn told me, and I thought it was really sweet too!! Admittedly, her Pebbles is nicer than my Pebbles was!!
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
I can't wait to see coco howling at ya........ I loved the video too!!![/IMG]
Here she is She actually only meows a couple of times - she's normally soooo much noisier!

Coco yowling

I don't know if you saw my threads in the Cat Lounge and Crossing the Bridge, but mum had to euthanise them just before xmas And she only just told me because she was too upset to tell me earlier.

Bonnie was in too much pain, then Coco was lost without him - they've been together 16 years! She was too stressed out, so mum made the tough decision to euthanise her as well
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Awww....what a precious video of Coco.
I posted my condolences in their Bridge thread.
They were beautiful kitties who were deeply loved.
I think that you Mother made the right decision to keep them together.
((((Bonnie & Coco ))))
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I haven't' updated anything about JJ in quite a bit  (7 years to be exact).....  I was just outside and found him on the roof.  I climbed a ladder to get him down.  He has no trouble manouvering UP.  But I wasn't sure about DOWN, so I gave him a hand.  I'm not sure how he got up there.  The eves all overhang the house and there are no trees against the house.  I am bumfuggled about HOW he did this. Needless to say, he has thrived on three legs.......hahaha.......  He is fat and sassy.....



"What are you waiting for?  Get me down already!!!"



And back with all legs on the ground. 


He is a corker!!



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