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I am so glad Cow will never go through that again as well. I was just reading on the previous page about an article where a lady has a cat with fluid in her lungs. Possible FIP. Since two kittens out of this litter died with the same symptoms I am wondering if FIP was responsible. No blood work was done on Faith.

Both kittens had trouble breathing. The first kitten, Miracle, died with labored breathing after 2-3 days of being born. I could tell she had fluid in her lungs. Faith appeared healthy from the start. BUT.....she had an eye problem. When her eyes opened, one refused to open. We had to help her with hit with a warm wet rag. At least twice a week till she died her eye would glue shut. I have not heard of FIP before. She had an eye problem as well and worried about her being blind.

Before she got sick with her lungs, she would glance up at me and my husband when we walked in her den. She would be happy to see us and was nursing well and was a little chunk. But when she got sick, her vision was different in both eyes. I had to put food literaly under her nose so she could smell it in order for her to eat. She ate off my fingers. If she attempted to eat from a saucer, she would bite the edge of the saucer thinking it was food. It smelled like food and so she thought it must be food. She could not see the food or so it appeared. I think she was goijng rapidly blind.

And yes tiger, she was special. I still miss her a lot. She was our favorite baby because when she was well she was so in tune to me and Juan.

The others are all very healthy looking, FAT, and sassy and Cow is now weaning them. I am going to miss them when they go to their new home. They are all going together and will be house cats. I want to wait till they are at least 8 weeks old and have had their first shots. And I am also keeping a clause in our verbal contract that if they can't keep the babies, they ONLY come back to us. They are going to live with a co-worker single mother with three kids. Juan is going to help her fix her cellar door before the actual "giving" takes place so we can check out her house and the situation they will be living in. If it doesn't like like a good environment, they are going to remain with us. They are so active and playful. They attack us when we are in the room with them. We love them very much but they will do better in a loving environment so they can totally bond with a family. I hope it works out for them. The woman in the household is lovely and they already have kitten food bought and litter and are getting prepared now. I am going to buy them a new bed and get them use to it before they go. I want the transfer to be gentle on the people and on the kittens. I am thrilled they want all three. But we have to do a house check first. The oldest child is a disabled 12 yr old girl and she is a sweet child. The middle child is 10 and a boy and he is thrilled with the cats. He is a christian and loves kittens and can't wait to have them. I feel like they will be good to them but I reserve the right to repossess if things go downhill. They plan on keeping them house cats only.

Keep your fingers crossed that these remain very healthy.. They have a separate litter area then any other cats in the house. So......only time will tell. But at this time they display no symptoms of illness or disease. And Cow is fat and sassy. We finally got her to go in the enclosure today for the first time. She had not wanted to leave her babies alone in the house till now. This was the first time she has went outside since we brought her in before the move except for being fixed and that certainly didn't count as an outside adventure.... She hated the vet by the way..!! hehe

Later, Jenn
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I really would doubt FIP in such young kittens, but I would suspect fading kitten syndrome. Sadly it is part of nature, and in teh wild, not every kitten woudl survive, hence them having such large litters. But our intervention means that they have better chances, but it still happens.
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My fingers are crossed that all is well Jenn.
Give Cow a head bump from Sadie & Dexter.
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Kittens are still doing good. Still don't have internet yet but do have some great pics!!! They are adorable....
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It is wonderful news that the kittens are thriving.

Hurry up and get your internet going....
We miss your presence here on TCS.
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We are trying to buy the 3 acres adjoining our land so hopefully we will have dsl in the next week or so. Should know Monday for sure. If all works as we plan the money for our satillete system will be included in the "very small loan amt"..... we will know Monday....... If not, dial up it is. I haven't had dial up in so long we are dreading it if we have to use it. But we have found one company about 30 miles from us that can offer us dial up. Yuck....

Can't wait to post pics of my thriving babies. The woman who is supposed to be taking them is not overly excited so I am worried. I might end up keeping them. Only time will tell. This morning when I got home one of them was running about the house with the other cats playing. Tulip...

Tomorrow I am making their area larger to start socializing them with the other animals.
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I hope that you get the loan to buy the 3 acres Jenn....
I'll be watching for your update.
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Well, tomorrow is loan day. $7500.00 is all we need. Keep fingers crossed. They will pay cash for the loan and our internet equipement. If all works out well, this should transpire pretty rapidly. We live 250 yards from the lake and this property is closer to the lake than out house. This land around us is in the process of being developed in the next 10 years. It would not hurt to own 6 acres out here on the lake. When we get it paid for, I told my husband we should check on the next three acres as well since it is even closer. It is all within walking distance but lake front property in this particular area is dirt cheap....

And as far as the kittens, I have decided to only give her two of them on a trial basis to see how it goes. Three at once might be a little much for her being a single parent with three kids. 9, 10 and 12 yrs old. I plan on buying her litter and food for a while. Not sure how poor she is. It all depends. I know she would be good to them but I don't want to overwhelm her. I am giving her all their ball which is about 20 or so and there other stuff as well so they won't be scared and will feel at home in a new environment. I am just so worried and don't know why. I think this woman is great! But it is hard to think of them going off. I do love them and I also know they would thrive in a wonderful environment where they are house kitties.

I had wanted to keep "Lone Lilly" because she is the runt [the spotted one] but I am now thinking of giving her Little Lilly and Snoopy as they are very bonded together and I think they would do the best being house kitties together. Tulip is very independent and likes to run the house is not afraid of anything. She will love the enclosure and running outside. The others are a little more timid and would be more likely to stay that way as indoor cats. They have never ventured far from each other but Tulip is different. She is the largest, the best eater, the most adventurous and the most agressive. She would fit with the cats that we have if we don't find her a proper home. There is one other lady I know that might like to have her where she would fit in. The woman and her husband love white cats and their cat died a few months back. They had a handicapped cat and she is looking for another. They own a plant shop not far from us and they are fantastic people. she loves cats like I do. Tomorrow afternoon I might take her Tulip and see what she thinks. Tulip would have a loving home and be a single cat and do fine and then if this woman doesn't want her I will keep her. But that is Tulips only two options. But Lily and Snoopy and the ones I have decided would be best for my friend Melissa and her kids.


p.s. The good thing about the new homes are that they are where I can keep an eye on the babies as they grow........I like that fact!

It will be tuesday before I can post the update on the land. I don't work till tuesday afternoon.
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Fingers crossed Jenn.
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need some crossed fingers. I have my eyes crossed...

Will know about our loan tomorrow. If all goes well, we close on our new land next week. We walked to the back of our property for the first time. I took pics. I can't wait to post pictures of it. We were shocked at the utter beauty of it. Juan wants us to build a house back there...
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Oh Jenn...

Lots of positive vibes are on the way.
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Well, still don't know about the loan. They move so slow in these small towns.

In the meantime, I built my first cat shelf. It is a double decker and completely carpeted. The cats love it. The bottom shelf sets about a foot off the ground and then the upper level is about 2.5 feet higher than that. It is a sleeping area for JJ and the other inside kitties. Juan and I have decided to devote an entire wall to the cats in the living room. We are going to build all sorts of shelves and cat boxes and attach them on the walls for crawling space indoors.. [Yes, we have lost our minds.... ] but we love it!!!

As soon as I can I will send a picture of what we have done so far. It is really awsome. I am going to put cat shelves just like the ones I built so far on the other side and then connect them together on the walls....

I will have to ramp them so JJ won't have to jump. I am paranoid about his hurting his back leg...

And by the way, that little guy is so spoiled that it's not even funny... He is by far the most spoiled cat we have... He enjoys laying on us to nap....hehe

later, Jenn
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I can hardly wait to see you kitty paradise pictures Jenn.
Dexter & Sadie are jealous.

Precious JJ has seized control of your love and is not letting go.

My fingers are crossed that the loan comes though soon.
Hurry back.
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Jenn, dont worry about him hurting his back leg - it will do him good to do some jumping to keep the muscles in that leg working, Pebbles is fine with jumping on and off the bed, the only time she struggles is if I have too much junk on the floor (she still only jumps on from one part, as she has a wall behind her!!)
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I try not to worry about his leg but I can't help it. Last week he acted like he was a little stiff or sore and I am not sure why. I don't have any high things he jumps off of or onto but he just acted like it was pulled or something. He is fine now but it just worries me a little.

But on the other hand, he is a very smart cat and he knows when he acts a little cranky, we hold him and baby him and give him extra snacks...... so I am not sure if he really had a minor ache or if he was putting on for a little extra tlc......
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I have to say I dont really worry about Pebbles's leg, as she manages the bed fine, and it is the highest thing she jumps on - I see it as good exercise, and good that she is still doing what she likes to do.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
I try not to worry about his leg but I can't help it. Last week he acted like he was a little stiff or sore and I am not sure why. I don't have any high things he jumps off of or onto but he just acted like it was pulled or something. He is fine now but it just worries me a little.
Jenn...JJ has been through such a long ordeal,
I would exercise caution with his jumping too.
Better safe than sorry.
JJ...hurry back to us, we miss you sweetie.

Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
I have to say I dont really worry about Pebbles's leg, as she manages the bed fine, and it is the highest thing she jumps on - I see it as good exercise, and good that she is still doing what she likes to do.
Pebbles came though her surgery like a champ.
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JJ is also a little cranky these days. He has decided the dogs are okay now but I am careful not to correct the dogs around him OR HE HELPS ME!!! hehe

I am being careful with him..... He is a little overweight and that might have a little to do with his attitude. It might put a strain on his hind leg..

I'll be glad when I am back online.......

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awe i read most of the begining of this story and I am so touched, some parts tears came into my eyes! Some people say though that i am going to be the "crazy cat lady" one day and your story just touched me and i think all cat lovers would be identified as that, I always want more kitties and I always want to rescue but I havent graduated and I am still young lol all my kitties are rescued except stormie and well in a way i want to say that was because the lady we got her off of was cool but two days later we went to the vet and stormie had an URI, ear mites, and was badly covered in fleas, and at 10 weeks had NO SHOTS or nothing and is a manx mix from her mothers breed! And now stormie we have learned has sinuses, apparently really bad ones! But towards page 20-30 something i just kind of skipped to 47 and i was wondering from Cows first litter did you keep all the kittens ? I was just wondering because you said from where i left off that u wanted to, I cant believe someone would do that to JJ, and Missouri laws are horrible I though our laws here in PA were bad but they are soo good compared to there our animal cases half the time get on the news but theres only if any a few or 1 year in jail and a big fine and i think there should be better laws. I just HATE people that sit there and get animals and hurt them and dont do what they need to to be a good pet owner, and all the time i read how people will have a cat for so long and then just want to get rid of it , But your JJ omy i fell in with him !! And its so great that his recovery went so well and I cant wait to hear some more updates and see more photos and of all the kitties! Your story truly touched me I was ready for bed and I started to read this and I couldnt stop and I have to get up at noon to go out with my grandmother and this story just truly touched me and I cant wait to share this with my mom, she is just like me except if theres a stray or anything I will get more attatched than her because they want petted and they start to like you..thats how i ended up with bella and it was over 90 degrees outside so my mom went knocking on doors and no one knew whos cat that was but it was there for a week looking for food and no one feed it some lady had her daughter give it people milk. From all the photos i seen ur cats are so beatufil
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Hi there proud,

First let me say thank you for reading JJ's story. He is really a special kitty guy! I hope soon I can update his pictures. I have tons of them.. It is really something that people are still reading this thread.. It still blows me away that people are so touched by his story. JJ has come a long way and he is quite a handful.. He loves being spoiled...

As far as Cow, yep, I have her first litter. There were three when I brought them indoors. Honey-Suckle, Princess Minny Pearl and Hank [after Hank Williams].... I call them Honey, Minny and Hank. Hank is JJ's son. Or at least I believe he is. They look a lot alike. I have a picture of them somewhere on this thread of them together. JJ and Cow love each other. They were strays together....

And welcome to the "crazy lady cat club". The more the merrier!!

Jenn and her gang
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Thanks for welcoming me to the club lol, and I cant wait too see more pictures, Awe that is soo cute about JJ and Cow they are in love lol, and I do remember reading about Hank looking like JJ thats why I thought you kept the 1st litter but I wasnt sure lol, and strays tend to be the spoiled ones, well thats my conclusion and they tend to be the most loveable ones. I also told my mom today about JJ's story and she had the same reaction as I did but its people like us I guess that will get more in the end other than these people that dont care for anything and just hurt things, even when I am sad it makes me happy reading these stories with happy endings and well just coming here with my kitties sitting next to me or on me or on the labtop itself lol !!!! So many strays out there that need help and I wish that there was way more people like us that can help these poor animals out!!
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When it rains, it pours.......I will be back on line at the end of next week!!!!

And......loan came through if we want it... but we are reconsidering buying additional property. what we have is paid for and we are not sure we want a mortgage even if it is a small one.. we are going to think about it.... but no large leaps.....

Pictures will be forthcoming. I will know Monday which day the satellite guy can hook us up.

Jenn and the gang
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Hooray....It will be great to have you and your tribe back Jenn.
Have a wonderful holiday.
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I Can't wait to have you back Jenn!!
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I'm back.... I'm back......

got satellite installed today. Can't update right now because I have to be at work in a bit... I'm going to browse a bit but tomorrow I will upload some pics of JJ to photobucket. He is so fat!!!

Jenn and the gang
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Hey Jenn!
It's great to see you back. Hope you, hubby and the gang are doing well.
Can't wait to see pics and hear how things are going with the new house.
Take care!
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Hey Jen and Welcome back! I cant wait to hear the updates and see the pics!!!!!!!!!!!
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Glad to see you back! I was beginning to wonder what was going on and where you were.
I too am anxious for some updates.
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I am so glad you finally made it back, I can't wait to see new pics of him - do watch him for getting too fat though, you dont want too much weight put on that remaining back leg.
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Hi Jenn....it great to have you back.
I can't wait to see JJ's new pictures & hear all about your adventures.
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