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Aww, poor JJ. I do hope that in time, he can enjoy going out in his new enclosure, and it is good that you wont pressure him, he will get to do it at his own pace - maybe seeing the others go will entice him. Am glad he is better now though.
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Oh....poor JJ.

I am so glad that he is safely back inside.
I think that it is wise to keep all foundling kitties inside forever.
There is no way to tell how they will react.

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I will never put him outside again. We weren't going to leave him out there. We were going to sit with him. His reaction was real surprising. I could never just "put him out" as I am fearful since he only has three legs. I hope one day he enjoys the outdoors again. I hope he will feel safe in the enclosure. And you're right XO...... absolutely right! I totally agree. His environment needs to be geared strickly for his safety. He is doing just fine and is totally healed but he still just has three legs. He would not be able to escape as easy if something happened. I am saying that but JJ is quick as lightning as well when he runs. I really can't tell much difference in him since the surgery as far as being agile. But he is now an inside boy.

Here's todays pic. My kitty man-mama.

He is so sweet. They love him very much and JJ enjoys grooming them. I guess he just plans on continuing to nurse them. ??? He and Hank are back to normal as well.... Besides three three babes, there are two others that nurse him as well. He keeps all their ears scrubbed and usually grooms/cleans them as they nurse. Just like a mama cat. It just blows me away..... I have tons of pics of this.
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That is a precious picture. What beautiful kitties.
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Thank you CathyC........

Here's one more of this morning.... He's through nursing them so now he is playing with his balls...... A slight pun there since his biological ones mysteriously disappeared one day!!

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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
He's through nursing them so now he is playing with his balls...... A slight pun there since his biological ones mysteriously disappeared one day!!

JJ has found his purpose in life....he is a loving nurse.
He look so content and healthy.
You have done a wonderful job with him and the kittens as well Jenn.
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What wonderful pics. IT is amazing how quickly they are on 3 legs - Pebbles has a funny walk, but when she runs, I normally give up as I struggle to catch up to her!!
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I can't catch JJ when he runs. When he walks he hops, but in a run, there is absolutely no difference. He is as fast as the others. And just as agile. He flies when he runs......hehe I totally understand Pebbles being fast when she runs too. It's like they don't need that leg to run. When JJ took off for the door, we were probably 50' from the front door and he made it back in just a couple seconds. My mouths dropped open as we struggled back up the hill breathlessly trying to get him. At first we thought he was running away he moved so fast. But he wanted in the house.

and thanks XO..... JJ is a good boy.. He has toys too for the first time. I never thought of that before. When he is through playing he rests his paws on them and takes a nap.. He loves that thing that has the ball that goes around. And he plays with the babies all the time. He is very very sweet and his true personality is finally blossoming and it is a sweet thing to see..
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He does sound a lot like Pebbles, I can't believe how quick she is at times. I must post some updated pics soon, her fur has pretty much all grown back now, and the only time I notice it if is she has her one back leg sprawled out, and it looks odd.
It does sound like he is really loving life now, he is free from pain and the bothersome leg, and he has wonderful owners that care for him.
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Jenn...when I think about JJ's first photos with his injured hip, the sore on his leg, the depression that almost overwhelmed him, his amputation followed by his journey to were he is now...
a healthy, loving cat,
I realize what an exceptional cat your boy is.
You trusted in his potential and against all odds, went for it.

I hope that you have shared JJ's journey with the caring, generous people at IMOM.
They will be so pleased that your man-mama is doing so well.
Bravo Jenn & JJ.
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I need to update IMOM. They have moved their forum area to another web page..... I have the link somewhere..

Also,..........FRIDAY the 15th, we are moving and that's when I will be offline for a bit...

We have it done~~........don't have pics yet but the finishing touches are being done on the cat enclosure now. We made the first room and each corner is a ready made scratching post. I love it!!! and I think they will too.

And I'll tell ya something. My husband is a talker and today I was watching satellite tv while he was laying carpet and when "We finished".....he left to go back home. I stayed for another hr or so and then headed to the house and low and behold, he was just down the road visiting with our new neighbors who are about our age.....50ish...

They have seen a cougar...... in our woods. 100 lbs or so.

So I am so glad we have that cat enclosure and our fenced yard...... so darn glad......

It will be the thing that saves my kitties life!!! They would be dead ducks without it.... I shudder when I think of a darn cougar chasing my babies. They would not have a chance. Even if they went up a tree.

But anyway........friday is move day!! I am so excited....
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Good luck with the move Jenn, I hope it all goes smoothly for you. I love seeing updates on this thread, JJ's antics always make me smile
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Good luck with the move, I do hope everything goes well, and it wont take you that long to get back online, we will all miss your updates.
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It won't take long. .........We will be saving so much money with our move, that it should be only a month. And it is possible, it could be less time that that. The first check we receive will be used to put stuff around the house to insulate the pipes for winter and to winterize a couple other things. Then we'll do internet. I have been organzing our harddrive so we can play games and stuff while we wait...

This is the first time we have ever used satellite for anything. It's kinda cool. I spend part of yesterday [while working] checking out the satellite tv. We have much better reception with the satelite service than with the currect cable company that we use now.

When we got the tv satellite installed, I was not there. They gave us two remotes to use and we could not figure out how to use them. We coulnd't change the channels. So I got to looking at them yesteday trying to figure them out and the problem with them was batteries. It had only two batteries in it!!. We have tried to figure this out for two weeks. Husband had used a couple of them and forgot to tell me.

It was so nice yesterday to sit and change the channels.

It is 4:45am right here and I am fixing to get with it.......Got lots of packing to do today..... I hate packing. However, this house will be easy to pack. We knew we weren't staying here permanently so we nev3er unpacked everything. But there is still a lot to do.......

The cats are nervous with me packing. They suspect something is going on. They can tell. In fact they can tell more than the dogs. The dogs suspect nothing...

I can't wait to move them!! They are going to be the last load. I will take them in groups. It will probably take three trips. When we moved up here, I did the animals in two trips....\\

Got to get to work.......
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Packing packing and more packing.......ug
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Hang in there Jenn...
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husband is finishing the cat enclosure today....... tomorrow I am finishing packing. Friday and Saturday we are moving the furniture. We already have all the boxed stuff moved. All we have in this house except for furniture is animals, work clothes and a few bathroom items.... plus two plates, two bowls, two forks, two spoons and one pan.

Can't wait to be organized again.........

Everyone says hello........ I am keeping Mama, Socks, Dovey and Turtle in the house now. They like to roam and I don't want to have to call them and look for them. So right now, everyone is in the house.
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Did Cow get spayed?

When you come back to us, you will have lots of stories to tell.

Lots of calming moving vibes coming to you and your fur tribe.

Hooray....the move is almost done.
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Cow is spade!! Felix is spade...!! Have an appointment wednesday for two more. This is being sent from my night job so this will be a quick one.

JJ is doing wonderful. Even though he was scared at the old house, he loves his enclosure. In a couple weeks, we will have internet so I will be able to send some pictures. Dont' have long but HELLO everyone.

JJ and Jimmy and Yellow love the enclosure. Feral Jimmy runs in and out it like he has had a kitty door his entire life. JJ is nearly too fat to fit through it but he manages. yellow loves it as well.

I got to go but just wanted to say all is well and all are happy!!!

Jenn and the gang
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So good to see you back JEnn, I am so glad that everyone is doing well, and cant wait to hear all the updates when your internet is back up.
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You & your gang have been on my mind Jenn.
It is great to hear that all is going well.

Hooray...Cow got spayed.

Come back soon...
you are missed.
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
You & your gang have been on my mind Jenn.
It is great to hear that all is going well.

Hooray...Cow got spayed.

Come back soon...
you are missed.
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That's great news! Glad to see you back.
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Hey xo,

Speaking of cow, when we took her to get spayed she was pregnant we discovered. We had to put off her spaying because the vet said if the kittens were survivable, we would have to take them home. I was not with my husband when he took her so thank goodness at that time he put off the spaying so we could discuss this. We decided to wait on her spaying for a bit because I wanted her to have healthy babies and also because I could not do that to her and her babies in good conscious. So we worked on feeding her good healthy food so her babies would be healthy. On Sept 17th, she had 5 kittens. Cow was spade when they were three weeks old. The vet assured us it would not interferre with nursing and he was right. However, the kittens have had a hard time of it. One died at 4 days old and so I have 4 remaining kittens but one of them struggles to live. Three have great homes waiting for them and when they are eight weeks old they will be leaving me. They are all so beautiful and are 4.5 weeks old. Three are already eating food and using a litter pan. The 4th kitten is a tiny little thing and very sickly. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow but YEAH, cow is fixed. It did not interferre with her nursing. The three healthy ones are named Snoopy, Tulip, and Lily. Snoopy is the only boy. The sickly one is named Faith. But right now it is touch and go. She has not nursed sinced Thursday or Friday. We are giving her KMR in a bottle or eye dropper depending on Faith's mood, kitten chow and lightly browned ground round steak trying to keep calories in her. She is not losing weight but not gaining either. She is merely holding her own. She is weak. She does not have diarreah. I have never seen a kitten just quit nursing. She was fine two weeks ago. Then she just quit thriving. She is half the size of the other three kittens.

Of the original 5 kittens she had, the first of the 5 was also extremely weak and could never nurse. I kept her alive for 4 days before she finally died. It bottle fed her but she was so weak she just couldn't make it. She dies in my hands wrapped in a blanket. We had a funeral for her in my back lot and buried her in a little box with a marker for a grave. It was so sad. I wanted her to make it so much. I am so glad three of the four remaining are healthy. Two have blue eyes and are silver with grey tails and ears. The third healthy kitten looks exactly like cow. The 4th remaining kitten is striped with a white chest and white legs and also very very tiny. It has not nursed for days and days If she lives, I already have her a nice home too.

I told all the new kitty owners that I will get them all spayed when the time comes according to their ages. Snoopy [the only boy] and Tulip are the silver kitties. They have silver bodies with white legs and whit striped faces. The one who likes like cow is named Lily. The sickly baby is named Faith because we have faith she will live... I want her to live. Please send her baby kitty vives because she needs it. I will post pics of her as soon as I can.

I hope the vet is figure out some miracle to help Faith gain strenth. She desperately needs it. She will have such a good life in her new home. I just hope she makes it there.

Love, Jenn
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Oh, you and Faith are in my prayers.

(Can we see so cow and calf pics, pretty please?)
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Wow... what a thread... I only read about 20 pages and skipped through some, but JJ's story is just amazing!
I've been away from catsite for a few months, life has been hectic here... but this thread was the first one to really catch my attention. I'm glad it did, because it reminded me of why I love catsite so much!

Great job everyone, JJ looks awesome Jenn!!
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You are right Pondwader....
JJ is an amazing, unique boy who proves that with enough love...
miracles still happen.
Jenn...Sweet Faith will be in my prayers.
I can hardly wait to see photos of Cow's babies & Mama Cow too.
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I have some sad news. Poor little faith went to the vet, took antibiotics and passed away in my hands 30 minutes later. It was so horrible. My husband and I could hardly believe it. We cried and cried. We took her home and Juan built her a little box and we buried her next to her sister Miracle. It was a very sad day. We had such high hopes for her. There will never be another Faith kitty like her... Thank god the others are healthy. We tried to resuititate her but could not. Juan and I believe the liquid antibiotics got in her little lungs and so she drowned on her meds. I wanted to kill the vet. I have never been so mad in my life. We could not leave her there so we brought her little body home with us to bury.

Thanks for the prayers for little Faith.. It was just meant to be I guess but I will never forget her. She got sick so fast and I am not sure why. The vet said it was a problem with her lungs. But the first few weeks of her life she was fat and healthy appearing. Then she just went downhill.

We broght the others in the living room from their den today and Cow nursed them on the lounge chair by my husband. They will get their shots in about two-three weeks. I am watching them like a hawk to keep them healthy till then. I can't up load pictures of them from work but next week sometime we should have home internet and so I can then. Cow has been looking for her other baby crying the mom cry that cats do when a baby is lost. It is so sad. I feel drained from this ordeal.

I hate death. I loved this kitty.
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I am so sorry Jenn.
RIP sweet Faith.
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i am so sorry to hear that, but God obviously thought she was too special for this world and wanted her to be an angel with him. RIP little babies. i am glad she is spayed now and can't go through that again.
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