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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
I bet she has some sort of nerve damage. I pray she gets ok...... It is so hard on the caregiver watching your animal drag their legs.

Please keep up updated. And for financial help, contact imom.org. Without that organization, JJ would not be well today...... They can help you. It is a quick process to get approved. Less than 24 hrs after you fax them the paperwork.

And also post a new post saying the same things in the health area which is were this post is, so you can get specific replies to this. Someone might know something you can do.

But when JJ first came to us with the nerve damage it was due to it being severed by the bone and so he dragged his legs. Hopefully your baby will heal and believe me when I say I am rooting for you both.

I willl watch for your post and the replies.

Good luck sweetie...........Jenn

p.s. There is also a tick paralysis. Have you checked her for ticks??

Great advice Jenn.

Oneteapot I'm sorry that I don't have any advice - though Jenn is correct, you're better off to start a new thread to get people's attention. I just want to say that you guys are in my prayers. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by oneteapot View Post
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Heart problems such a Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) can cause a clot followed by hind leg paralysis.
These 2 links will help explain....

I hope this resolves but I would take any paralysis very seriously.
Please start your own thread so we can follow Chippers progress.
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JJ updated surgery pics.

What amazes me about this surgery is the vet made the incision along a hair line where color changes and there is absolutely NO SCAR visible at all.

It was like cosmetic surgery. Dr Henry did an amazing job and until it healed I had no idea. But there is no visible evidence of scar tissue or that surgery was performed anywhere on JJ's body. At a casual glance and even on close inspection of the ex-wound site, it looks as through JJ were born without a leg. Great doctor!

Here is JJ today laying in the floor by the porch. He is definately my chuck.....hehe.. But like I said in an earlier post, his temperment is very dominate but he has finally leveled out and lets the dogs walk past him now.... He is the largest cat I have and he is very very beautiful..... since used to being inside now, he has NEVER tried to go back outside since his surgery. He has totally adaped to being a nursing mom/dad cat. He nurses them daily still. And they love it. His son Hank is big too. Bigger than any of the others. If you look close in the below pic, you will see where they have been nursing. Every night, he nurtures 5 kittens and lets them nurse. They dont' all nurse at once but take turns. And he grooms them while they nurse. They are all happy with the arrangement.

Speaking of Hank, this week he and his mom are getting fixed. I am making their appointment today...We received their certificates in the mail Friday afternoon. This Friday we are sending off for the rest so they can all be fixed...

I feel Hank is top priority since I have young females waiting to be fixed. Don't want an accident. They have not went into heat yet and I don't want them too.

Also the two feral males I have been trying to tame outside will now be no problem to catch. Both of the dark colored ones, Festus and "Rowdy" both let me pet them now... The grey has been gone or out of sight for a week at least. No idea where he is at, but the other two males will be no trouble. Took 6-8 months on one of them to let me pet him. But now, when I squat down, he walks up to me slowly. If I reach out slow I can pet him and after a minute or two, he will actually purr. I believe that they were dumped and reverted to being in survival mode. If I had not come along when I had to come in his life, it would have been too late for him. But I can tell at some point in his life, he was petted, but still very fearful. But he has made amazing progress. I finally named him Rowdy.

Star is also doing much better since I am "forcing" her to be a house cat. She is meowing at me all the time and seems more relaxed in the house and since being frontlined. [ She got it anyway].... She is finally getting playful with toys after over two years of me working with her. She plays with balls now and loves the cubes I bought and sits or attacks the other cats in them constantly. The cubes were the best thing I could have gotten to bring her out of her shell and into the main stream of our lives with the others. I am so proud of her.

Jimmy is back to walking through the house again. He has period where he just hides and then decides to hang out. I still can't openly pet him but we talk everyday... He is coming along but at a slower pace. But each time he ventures out, he is much more relaxed. It is possibly his life experiences before being a house cat were just horrendous and that's why he is talking so long to totally relax in his environment. But I have no doubt, he will one day be a couch potato cat. Feral or not... He knows all the others and they hang out but humans are the thing that he fears the most. He is healthy and fat and sassy... Very laid back kitty man... I can't wait to see him in the enclosure checking out the outside world.

This is Star attacking Tink. Star is probably a year older than Tink but they have known each other Tinks entire life and were friends when Tink was still a wild kitty. These two and Cookie are very closely bonded and watch out for one another.
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aww, he is looking really well, and his looks a lot like Pebbles's did. The pics of the others are good, I am so pleased that everyone is doing so well, it seems like ages since we had an update!!
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I know that you are busy with work, your growing fur family & your new home, but....
I was beginning to have JJ withdrawals.
Thanks for the fix....JJ looks handsome & healthy.
Job well done Jenn.

I love your kitties in the cube pictures.
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I'm sorry I haven't been updating.. I really am......... I have been so busy with getting the final stages of our move ready that we are working nonstop . We are just half dead these days. All my kittes are doing wonderful! And thank you for the compliments. And JJ is the best cat ever. He knows how to open doors......... If he can't get his paw in the door, he reaches for the doorknob and when he can't get it open, he stares at us. He is very intelligent. It's comical and he makes us laugh all the time.

He is human or half human. When he uses his litter box, he squats over it. He NEVER gets all the way in it. He uses it like a toilet. He does reach around and cover it thank god. hehe..... He is very civilized.... I do believe he is mimicing the toilet from watching us. He is something else.

But I must tell you all something. When we get moved, we will be without internet for about 2 months...... We can't afford the satellite equipement costs right up front. So, we will have to save for that. It might not even be two months but that's what we are estimating. I am thinking of trying my hand at writing about my cats during that time.. I have never written before and am not sure what I would say because I think putting it down in a book format might be entirely different than talking to you guys. Not the same thing at all. But I might try. I dont' want to lose track of all they do. And if I don't take daily pictures and keep things updated, when I get back you guys won't know what's going on. So I promise to keep track of things while I am off line. We are going with a satellite company called vsat. Satellite internet is the only way we will get internet out there. It is too remote for dial up or dsl. We already have satellite tv installed. We did that last week. We are lucky our cell phones reach out there. Alltel brand. All those others did not work where we live. But alltel reaches from every corner of our property so we got lucky on that.

But I promise to do better until that dreaded internet lull happens...... It will be approx 2.5 weeks before that occurs. We are moving things now but we do plan on paying an additional two weeks rent here so we can clean things up for the owner. The deposit will aid us in saving for internet equipement. It is going to cost somwhere in the neighborhood of 800.00 for equipement alone. We could get it cheaper but not better. And we want it to last since we have to buy it. It's won't take long because of the money we will be saving after we get in the house. But even before saving for internet, we have to winterize the house as this is already the end of August. Missouri winters in the mountains can come quick and we need to be ready. It is already in the 80's here and this week, it is dropping to 59 degrees at night. I can already feel a change in the air. The animals need to be ready and so do the people. We still have to buy wrapping for all the pipes we installed. We are buying our wood burning stove first and getting it ready to use. We have two electic heaters. We have already insulated everything but we have to get the animals shelters prepared. We have decided in the enclosure to completely cover a 10x10 or 10x20 section with tarp with a tiny opening [a slit] going into their yard and we are putting a heat lamp in there for them if they choose to sit outside in the cold. Of course they always have their kitty door but some are hard headed cats and choose to be cold. We want them wam. And we want their beds warm.

We have to do those things before the internet. It is our priority.

So........I will keep updating but some of it won't be online after we actually get moved. But I will be back. It will only be for a bit....

And I am glad Pebbles amputation went well too. It is just amazing that such major surgery has so little physical impact on scaring. Doctors who care make all the difference in the world......

I love my JJ and I am so glad he came back to me when he got hurt.

With love to all,
Jenn and her gang.
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Hank and Cow have their appointment to get fixed Wednesday morning with Dr Divine..........

It will be simply divine not to have to worry about Cow anymore....... love it love it love it!!! I am getting them both wormed with a rabies shot as well. The other shots will have to wait till after the move. But those things are very important.

All this little group as they get fixed will get wormed with their rabies. After the move, when we have more money, we will do the feline leuk/aid testing and shots. Then all will be done.

The next group to be fixed are the two black/white feral males. Rowdy and Festus.... They are going with us. I cannot leave them behind. They rely on us for food. I know I have enough cats but I already feed them and have for months. It will be no different and they are homeless except for us.

I just gained their trust and will not abandon them.
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Here's a couple of house updates so you can see what we have been up to.

It is very exciting.

The kitty door is installed with carpet...... ahhhhhhh....

Carpet..........ahhhhhhhhhh Trim to be done after we move in... We don't care about trim at this point at all.......but carpet...........ahhhhh

Husband built me some beautiful closet shelves.

And we finally have a restroom.........ahhhhhhhhh The green rock is going to be tiled.

Bathroom shelves..........large deep ones......ahhhhhhhhh

Nothing is trimmed but like I said, that is the very least of our worries.

And the first kitty corner post is in place. Husband is doing the rest or most of them TOMORROW!!!!! Then the fence stringing process begins....

We still need to lay carpet in the living room but the rest is finally reached a livable conclusion after 7 long months of grueling work......

All we need for next spring is a fully functional windmill for electricity. Then we can plan our retirement in style!!!

You know how you can hear a saying your whole life and think you understand it? Well, when you live that saying........well........it takes on a whole new meaning. And that saying is "ENJOYING THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABORS"..........and I mean that wholeheartedly. It is a very satisfying feeling. To a lot, this little fishing shack we turned into our home might not seem like much but to us, it is everything. It is paid for in full... We have a home. A small 800' home but our home. Next year we are adding an other bedroom to it but if we don't, it will still be just fine...

I don't know what else to say. I am hardly ever at a loss for words.

Well, xo and satai, booktigger............see ya tomorrow!! You guys are just great!!! You have been here with me all the way! Your support means a lot and I am truely going to miss you until I get my darned internet back.

We will have lots to catch up on and you guys better keep updating on this post so I can find it all......hehe

Love, Jenn
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Aww, it is looking really well Jenn, and it is fab that your ferals wont be without you in the move. It must be wonderful having everything how you want it, and I hope you get everything sorted and back on line quickly, we will miss hearing how they have all settled in the new house - keeping a diary so you can update us is an excellent idea. I am glad things are going well with getting them neutered.
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I am so impressed with all that you are accomplishing in your life.
I hope that you continue to write during your web downtime.
So many of us live in cities.
Because you live in a more isolated environment, & have an interesting, unique voice that brings color & life to your stories, I always look forward to reading your posts.

You will be missed.
When your return please send a PM to me that you are back.
Be sure to let us know, before you leave us so we don't worry.

Fingers are crossed that Dr Divine is all that you hoped he would be & that the kitties do well.
Your place is really looking great.
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It will be a couple weeks Xo, but I promise to let you know BEFORE it occurs. And I will be pming when I get back......

I hope Doc D works out good too........ He is probably a good doctor because he is actually interested in controlling the pet population over making more bucks fixing at a higher rate. He is doing this out of the goodness of his heart nearly.

The rabies/worm meds per cat is only 6.95. So all of cow's babies before we move, will that that done as well plus the two little rug muffins from my job. They have never been outside since I brought them indoors and I hesitate to let them out until they have at least their rabies vaccination just for precautionary reasons...

Speaking of the rug muffins, the one named Sugar......my husband has fell in love with her. I was telling him about the cat here named Pebbles and he changed her name to Pebbles. He loves it. hehe He did that this morning. I think she will end up being an inside cat only.. She is very very laid back. She does not play well with the others. She is a finicky eater so we have to hand feed her. She does not share well and I don't mean she doesn't share. She is so laid back and passive that she will let the other cats get all her food and take all her stuff. So we have to watch her and make sure she gets her share. We have taken to feeding her seperate until she gets bigger. She is my husbands little baby girl and he carries her all the time.

She does not romp. She only wants to lay by my husband's leg. Dovey is so jealous of her. So Juan protects her and she knows it. He has bonded with her big time.

She is healthy but very very tiny compared to the others. She probably weighs two pounds. Maybe 3 but I doubt it.

When he is on the puter, she lays on a towel on a little table beside him.... I will have to get some pics of this.

But she is his and I am so glad....... His other fav cat is Yellow and Yellow loves this little girl kitty. He grooms her too. So, Yellow and Juan and Pebbles/Sugar are a team........

And that's todays news. Time to cook supper now..... Hubby is not home yet. It was his day off so he is out working on the new place. After I cook, I might drive out and view his progress. But I might not too. I am pretty tired today.

Talk later, Jenn and her gang.
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Thank for the update Jenn..
Everyone should have their very own kitty,
now Juan has his little Pebbles.
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Well, I am up talking to Hank........ telling him tomorrow is his surgery day. I can't find Cow. We have searched for her all day long. It is midnight now and I am fixing to go back outside and keep looking. She is the main one I want to have this tomorrow. My husband was off work today and he said he looked all day long.

So..........if we can't find her another outside kitty [probably Festus] will go in her place.

But here's little Hanks before surgery picture....... He is a handful and is so much like JJ. He is one bundle of pure energy! He is going to be a very very big boy like JJ also. He has a solid hard body and is a leader as well.
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Oh No Jenn...
Cow....where are you?????

Hank is a very handsome boy.
I sure hope that Miss Cow returns before you have to leave tomorrow.

Good luck.
Will be watching for your update.
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Me too. I'm still looking. I just came back in from calling her.
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Well, no cow kitty.

Festus and Hank are ready to go. I brought Festus indoors an hr ago. He is scared as he has only been inside once other time and that was an accident when he was "running with the pack" ...or........ "piddling with the pride"....hehe

But right now, he is back there with Jimmy. I have his big wire crate in the living room which is where I will be putting him. Him and Hank can ride together. I will send after surgery pics when I get home from work. My husband is taking them.

Festus looks so different than when he first came up as well. He was a wild mangy cat dirt thin...

They are both in the crate right now.....

In 4 testicles, I'll be back!
Jenn and the gang
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This is festus and he is in the car with Hank....... Never could find Cow. We have looked and looked and called and called. So Festus is the substitute. If we can locate Cow, we will get her done in the next day or two. We won't need a cert for it.

Surgery day has arrived and poor Festus is scared to death but doing good. While he was in the house this morning, he did approach me and let me pet him. But he doesn't let anyone else touch him. I hope all goes well today. I am not worried about Hank. He is a perfect kitty. I was just figuring out his age and the first time I took a pic of him was May 16 and he was about 5 weeks old so he is around 5 months now.

But this is Festus a month ago or so on the porch... He used to be a mangy mess. His rear portion had absolutely no hair and he was covered in scabs. I am not sure if it was mange or ringworms. I used atheletes foot med so it was probably ringwoms. He was very difficult to treat. I wore gloves and worked up to him slowly over a couple month long periods to treat him and entice him with food. He is a true success story... He is a porch cat at this time. Both Hank and Festus are going to be commercially wormed today by the vet and get their rabies shots as well. So then, they will be good to go for our move.

This is his brother who is in the next batch [pending Cow] with a couple of the little girls.
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I'm so glad I got caught up on this thread. It sounds like everything is starting to fall into place Jenn, and I couldn't be happier to hear about the house, JJ, Jimmy and the rest of the family. Festus is gorgeous, and so lucky to have found his way to your porch.

I will definitely miss you and these threads during your internet absence.
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Hi Renny.......!

I am still here this morning. I am going to work a few hrs late today. Husband drove my car and it has all my stuff in it. Credit card, check book, drivers license and money for gas. He left me empty and I didnt' realize it until I was at the gas station. So I am back home....... My job said it was ok to come in late today and I have about 3 hrs to kill till he gets home with the cats. The good thing about that is I will get to see them when they get here.

And guess what else? When I got home just now, Cow was on the porch.....

Where was that stinker last night? I am bringing her inside and if they can work her in tomorrow [hopefully], she will be fixed.... But if not tomorrow, next Tuesday. The vet fixes ferals/strays/SNAP cats on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.......

So it could be next Tuesday. Tomorrow or next Tuesday.
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And you know, I am going to miss this place while offline. I have come to really enjoy writing about my cats here......
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We will miss you too, I enjoy reading about your cats.
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That a relief that Cow is back.
That little stinker got out of having surgery today.

Festus & Hank...have Mommy post about how you did today.

New week....Cow & Festus's brother, you go for sure.

There is nothing like a nice calm morning...right Jenn?
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I love calm mornings.....
I love calm mornings.....
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I love calm mornings.....
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I love calm mornings.....
I love calm mornings.....
I love calm mornings.....
I love calm mornings.....
I love calm mornings.....
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Good one Jenn.
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Surgery is over.........whew

I just got home...

When my husband got home it was only 11:20am this morning. He said he was only at the vet for two hrs. It is about 45 minutes from our house and hubby said he really liked the place.

They could not worm them at the same time they did the surgery so he bought the pills for us to give them here at home. They both got their rabies shots.

Since I had to go to work and hubby had to work on the new place, we put both cats in our bedroom on the bed with food and water and litter in there so they could sleep it off. They didn't eat anything and I didnt' figure they would but I wanted it in there anyway just in case. Vet said to keep Festus inside for 24 hrs before releasing him. I am keeping him inside until Friday morning because 24 hrs willl be while we are working and I want to be here. An extra day inside won't hurt him.

But as soon as I got home from work I went to check on them and Hank dashed out of the room. He appears fully recovered and if he has any trauma, it is due to being in the bedroom all day. He ran staight to JJ for comfort. Look at his picture. He looks as thought he is asking "What happened Dad?"......... And JJ is checking him out. They are very close.

And poor little Festus is so drugged... Still...... He was in the bed snoozing inthe same spot I placed him around noon. He did not appear to have moved except to scoot under the covers slightly as the bed was not made. When I petted him he lifted his head and looked around and then layed back down. He is still in the bed in the same spot. Cleo when she was fixed sleep for 4 days off and on. He might be the same way. And also, since he was feral, they might have given him more medication to sadate him. I just don't know, but he is out of it.

Here he is...

so two down.....................Yeah!!!!

And you know, I don't mind them sleeping in our bed..... changing the sheets is nothing. I am so glad Festus found a way to get comfortable to recover. He was the main one I was worried about. I knew Hank would be ok, but Festus had never been in our house but once for about 5 seconds... He has never laid in a bed before nor been in our room or anything else for that matter. I think he might like in the near future having a kitty door.

The other feral male, {Rowdy}, will be different. I actually brought Festus in the house to crate him. I have been working on holding him for several months so he was used to me having my arms close to his body. The other one is only used to being scratched on the head. I have never held him nor acted like I would hold him nor touched anything except his head and back and ears. That is all. I will have to put the crate on the porch and pet him and relax him and then put him in it real fast. They are used to the crate being out on the porch. I started preparing for this a while back. Festus has been sleeping in the open crate for about a month now at night. That's why it was easy to crate him. Rowdy is used to the crate being in his vicinity so it won't spook him .... I will have one shot at getting him in it so I have to plan it carefully. Vet said to catch him, crate him and call them and they will work him in the next day.

So that's a plan..........
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Well, they boys are doing fine. Hank has napped off and on all evening and is asleep now. Festus is wandering around the house but he is sticking close to the laundry room and Jimmy as he is just a little nervous. They have been sitting together behind the washing machine..... I think Festus is happy to be back and not riding in the car. He seems more relaxed than I have ever seen him but that is probably due to the meds he took.

I'm not sure what it is about that washer that the wild cats like but it sure is something...........that's for sure. Festus b-lined for it just like Jimmy did. It might be all the shelves in there. Jimmy sleeps on the top shelf every day for his quick cat nap.

I also wanted to bring the dogs in for the night so I brought Festus back to the living room since he has only "conversed with them" through the front door for months and wasn't sure how he would do being "cornered" in the laundry room while they were in the next room.. He would not be able to get out of the laundry area without walking past them. When I let them in, he calmly walked back to the laundry room, went right past the dogs, and went back to Jimmy's area again... He is not scared of them which is good.

Jimmy likes the dogs. Or at least he isn't afraid of them. He shares sleeping quarters with them on a nightly basis nearly. He sleeps about 15' from the dogs by choice.

So all is well and the sheets are changed for the humans and everyone is recovering in their area of choice getting ready to bed down for the nite. And that goes for me too.

Nite all...........Jenn
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Aww, I am glad that Cow came home eventually, even though it was too late for her op!! And I am so glad the others are doing well after their ops - the pics are lovely, and i do hope the move goes well.
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I think that you could start a juggling act using kitties.

I am so glad all went well.
The pictures of your recovering boys are adorable.
I just realized that Hank has very similar coloring and markings to my big boy Dexter.

Wonderful update.
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Dexter is beautiful! I have looked at him several times on your siggy. And you are right. He does favor Hank. His spots are striped like Hanks too.

I have never had a white cat before. All of mine have always been darker colored. This is the first time I have known white eyes need nearly daily wiping to keep the furr looking fresh...

And speaking of JJ, he is growling at Hank and hissing. He has not attacked him but he is warning him to stay away. I think it has something to do with the change in the odor of Hank or something. Maybe it is the vet smell. I wiped Hank with a babywipe all over but JJ is just not liking him as much right now.

Hank had never matured yet so it is not that. He was still a baby...

It's not like how he was with the dogs. This is much more lax in nature. He'll get over it. And it is also possibly Hank is just irritating him trying to be so close right now. It's one or the other I think.

Also the boys are doing fine this morning. Hank slept with his sister in a pile as usual and Festus slept with Jimmy on the ironing board...

I am putting Festus outside in the morning probably. But not today. He won't run off or anything. I have shown him the food, water and litter but have yet to see him do anything. I did feed him some canned cat food this morning however by himself to make sure he eats. I am just not ready to throw him to the wolves this morning so soon after surgery. I want the "small wound" to heal. I don't like infections of any kind. However minor. So, I am going to give him time to heal. I know lots just put them back outside but I just can't yet. A couple days house time will do him good anyway.

So everyone is full, fat, and sassy this morning. Most are already outside to start their day. The babies, Jimmy, JJ , Cleo and Festus are indoors. And Star too of course. Everyone else is playing in the woods and chasing bugs and stuff.

One word about Star. Since me bringing her back in, she has made a major turnaround finally. She is letting me approach her and pet her. She has made a huge breakthrough. Until a few days ago, she was still basically standoffish. But she is really getting vocal and talking to me now and is actually nearly fully relaxed. I believe one day she will come and sit in my lap. I truely feel that now. It has taken her a long long time. Close the three years. 2.5 years. Jimmy will be doing the same one day too... He is going for the long haul like Star.........hehe The difference between Jimmy/Star and Festus/Rowdy is that Jimmy/Star were born feral. I believe Festus/Rowdy were not born to feral mothers. They were reverting back to the wild but they remember humans and human contact.

And I'm off to work. Thank goodness the morning is normal.......... a nice calm one...

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Well, I made a big mistake with JJ. I thought he might like to go outside for awhile and sit in the grass so hubby and I carefully carried him outside. Upon sitting him down in the grass, he bolted back to the door of the house as quick as he could. He was terrified of being outside. He was scared to death. He hid under a box by the door till we could get to him and carry him back inside.

He is our inside kitty. I am now not sure he will even like his enclosure! The last memory he has of being outside was when he was hurt so bad. He remembers and he feels secure and safe inside the house.

I WILL NEVER TAKE HIM OUTDOORS AGAIN. If he decides to use our new kitty door, it will be on his own... He feels safe in our home and that's where he is going to stay. I never dreamed he might be scared to be outside. It never even crossed my mind.

The fact that we helped him is the very reason he turned in to our guard cat. He has never felt safe before.

When we brought him in, we both held him and comforted him. He finally relaxed enough to rest and he sat in my husband's lap for a long time. He is recovered from being outside for 1 minute now, but it will never happen again. I think he thought we were abandoning him and he was having no part of it. He was confused and didn't know what was happening. He only knew safety was at the door to the house. It's a big compliment but it hurts to know that he is still so scared. It kinda reinforces my theory of it being the neighbor who hurt him... who lives right across the street.. Even if it is a few acres away. They have never seen JJ since his injury. Before or after surgery. And other than going to the vet, JJ has not been outside.

It just never crossed my mind that he would be so afraid. Someone hurt him very badly... I am hoping when we get moved, he might venture into the enclosure and the very fact that it is enclosed and is connected to the house might help him like it. But after his reaction today, it will take a while. He has emotional scars still. I knew he had never tried to go outside but once and that was to attack a TOM that was on our porch. That was before surgery however. But as a rule, he enjoys laying in front of the door and looking out but he never tried to go outside. Now I know he is afraid.. And that is sad. The vet has okayed him to go outdoors and said he would be fine. But that will not happen... no way jose.

He is ok now. He is eating.. He loves his food. And he loves us too. And he loves feeling safe!
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