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Here's the latest JJ update. I let him out today while I cleaned his room up and took a few pictures before I put him back in his room. I am attaching the pics.. He seems to be doing ok, but his leg will never be the same. He will more than likely always be an inside kitty from now on. We have the new yard laid out. The last week I have been driving T-posts. We are putting 4x4's in all the corners to make it secure. The dog yard is huge. The kitty enclosure is 20 x 10. Should have it completed in a week or so.

Don't get the wrong idea. JJ rests all the time in his room except for a few minutes a day when I hold him. This is the first time I have let him on the floor in approx a week .......

I hope he keep getting better. He doesn't appear to be in pain at all.


p.s. The vet did not xray his toes. I have thought that maybe they are broken? I woder if I put a popcycle stick and taped it in might help it to heal straight if it is broken. Any thoughts on this. All that might happen is JJ would take it off........What do yall think?
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I used to watch Emergency Vets on Animal Planet and several times both dogs and cats would hold their toes like that and it is a sign of nerve damage. Since the Vet said that the pelvic break looked like a recent break this may still resolve itself.
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I sure hope so.............. And there is some nerve damage. Before I put him back in his room, I sqeezed his toes slightly and he reacted and did not like it and I did not pitch them hard. Just handled them basically. When I first took him to the vet and when the vet squeezed them, there was NO reaction.

So hopefully time will heal it........

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I just found this thread & all I can say is--what an amazing little man JJ is! And you are an angel.
We once had a kitten that had apparently been tossed from a car; he had a break at the hip bone/pelvis area. He was put in an aluminum splint (that was bigger than he was) for 6 weeks. The fracture healed well, and Winston had no problem with running, jumping, etc. However, as he got older it became increasingly harder for him to even walk; the vet said the original break had damaged the soft tissue between the joints, which had worn away over time, and resulted in a bone-on-bone situation.
I didn't read this whole thread, so don't know if your vet has mentioned splinting JJ. I'm sure it depends on the exact nature of the break.
I do think you're right about making him an indoor only cat; the poor little guy has been thru enough!
Best of luck with him (and with all your fur-babies). Hope he continues to improve daily.
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Thanks for sharing JJ's latest pictures Jenn.
I would not splint his toes on my own.
It might be useful to take him in early, for a vet re-check, to be sure everything is healing as it should.
Lots of healing vibes coming JJ's way.
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He goes back to the vet in a couple weeks. The exact date eludes me right now. My paper on it is in my car but I'll wait on the splint for now.

And also I am going to ask the vet why he couldn't splint his leg to hold it immobile and in the correct healing position. That seems so logical but he might have his reasons for not doing it.

After he is healed we will get him fixed and get him his shots. And believe it or not, he has not sprayed the house once. Whew.....

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I think that you have some valid questions for your vet.
Whew is right....no spraying.
JJ is such a good boy.
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My 15 yr. old male cat, Buzz, was hit by a car Tues. right before I was to take him for his regular vet visit for annual shots. He broke "cracked" is how the vet termed it, his pelvis. HE told me to keep him in a small area by himself. Well, he is in our master bad, which is small. But I am worried because he isn't eating anything and I am giving him water with my kid's medicine syringe. I have gone to check on him and he will be laying in the litter box. He can get in to go but can't get back out. Do you have any advise. I have been on this computer tonight trying to find more specific information to help Buzz or ease any discomfort he has. I am so happy I came across this site. I am very happy your kitty is doing well.

Thank you,
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Oh, poor Buzz.
How much do you trust your vet? I can't believe he didn't send any pain med. home with you. You know Buzz has to be hurting. I would definitely call him again and, if he doesn't say anything besides "keep him in a small area " I'd be calling another vet.
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If you have doubts about how Buzz is doing wildroar...call your vet right away.
If you are not comfortable with the answers, get a second opinion.

It might help to get more responses to your questions if you start a new thread in this forum similar to JJ's.

I am so glad that you found TCS.
This is the best site on the web for caring, knowledgeable support, but when in doubt about Buzzes care...
always consult a vet.
I will be watching for your thread & updates about how Buzz is progressing.

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What the vet told me is to keep JJ confined to a small area with NO JUMPING OR CLIMBING at all. Make sure he doesn't jump off your bed. He could re-injure himself. He actually suggested me wiring two of my WIRE crates together and letting that be his area. The reason I have him in our spare bathroom is because the floor area is only about 4' x 3'. It is very tiny with a commode. No tub. There are no shelves for him to get on. He has nothing to jump up on.

Jumping or climbing is totally off limits to JJ. His pelvis is not merely cracked. I looked at the xray and his pelvis is actually in two pieces.

As far as your kitty, is he actually tinkling? Or just laying there in his litter box. If he is unable to urinate, his bladder will swell and with no relief could actually explode without relief. This is usually due to nerve damage or possibly with his advanced age, he is just very sore. But only your vet know for sure.

It's good you are giving him water but make sure he is passing it or he will have problems real soon. If he is your only cat, I would get some clumping litter so I could watch and make sure he is passing the water you are giving him. His belly with also feel very tight.

But personally, I would take him back to vet promply.

BUT, if he is passing urine, I would confine him to an area smaller than a king sized bed since he could jump off the bed. He needs to probably be crated or in a very small room with no climbing areas.

It is hard I know, but the reason the vet wanted Buzz is a small area is to limit his walking, climbing and jumping. It is so he can heal properly. You can do it........

Good luck with Buzz and let us know how he fairs. I hope all goes well with him.

And also, if he is passing urine, you might try giving him a little food. Tuna or something special. But laying in the litter bothers me a little. He might know he needs to go but be unable to.

Vet is best if he is not passing urine. He might need a catheter until well.

One more thing on a confined area. It need only be big enough for a pillow, a litter box and a bowl of food and a bowl of water. JJ had no walking area unless he moves around and goes behind the commode. He is limited and I can see he is healing. He will never be the same but he is young. A year or two probably at most. At 15, it's just hard to say. But if he is urinating that is an excellent thing. If he can urinate, he can probably poop. But give him soft stuff to start him off especially if he is not eating yet. It will be easier for him to pass. And if you have a cover litter box, get something smaller with short sides. 3" tall. There might be litter on the floor but it will make it easier for him.

But if not urinating, give him nothing and rush him to the vet.

Poor little buzz......... I pray he gets ok. Sound like he has been your baby for a long time.

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just looking in to see how he is doing.
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He is doing a little better.......... Not in pain or at least I don't think so.

Right now he is resting in the living room napping.... I took this just now.

His hair coat is finally looking much better. Still not totally healthy but he is adapting to being in the house now as well. He doesn't purr much when I hold him but he is content to be held and loved on.

It's kinda sad in a way how his life has changed. He is now a house cat which is good for his safety but it is sad that he had to have a broken pelvis and be cripped to get the love all kitties deserve.

He is so beautiful too...

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JJ looks so sweet.
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He's looking great, Jenn - thanks to all your love and care!
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I am still hoping for a full recovery. It's not likely but not impossible either.

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Well, JJ has had a setback of sorts...

Remember me talking about him turning his toes turned under? Without going back through all this thread, it was mentioned that he probalby had nerve damage. Well, that is correct.

He has not been to the vet yet. But he will have to go. He foot is very irritated from rubbing the carpet as he walks. He IS using the hip which moves the leg but the toes curl under and there is nothing to be done about it.

That's fine in itself BUT the friction has caused his foot to be red and very irritated looking. It is slightly swollen and today when I bathed him a scab came out of the top of his foot and there is a gaping hole in the top of it. Or at least what I consider gaping. It is probably 1/4 inch deep.

I dried his feet and packed the hole with antibiotic ointment and we put my husbands finger splint on JJ's lower foot so that he can't rub it as he walks. Since the foot is numb, he does not try to remove it.

My husband and I both feel he will probably end up having to have the foot removed. It just hasn't been confirmed by a vet as yet.

Here is a picture of our split we are using to keep him off the top of his foot. And also the antibiotic ointment remains intact this way. We used 4 bandaids and some this flexible medical tape to pad it. And the finger brace is very lightweight.

Poor little guy.. But he is walking all over the house with it. He "clicks" as he walks. And it works perfect to keep him from rubbing it. There was nothing we could do at this late hour but but find a temp fix.

If anyone has any experience with a cat that had to have partial foot removal I would love to hear from you. There is probaby no other solution but that since there is nerve damage. What that would solve is keeping his foot from getting infected constantly. Otherwise he would have to live his life in a brace.

My husband made the brace slightly larger using the table edge and we bent it over our thumbs to make sure it wasn't too tight on his leg since he can't tell us. We put a piece of the tape over the top of it as well so it won't rub his leg...

I have also finished clearing and de-rocking the cat enclosure area. All I need to do now is haul a little nice dirt in and sod the ground so they can have great grass. The tub in the background is what I am going to use for their "minnow entertainment center"...... I am going to partially bury it in the ground and put landscape rocks around it for them to sit on. I have to make the rest of the ground soft for JJ because it will be his outdoor adventure area and I want him to enjoy it..

He will be ok but just not ever be quite the same. But he will still have a good life. I just feel so sorry for him.

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I have an idea.

The main problem with his dragging toes is sores from friction.

I found this site selling boots for dogs with the same type of nerve damage. I am sure someone makes them for cats.

This is a wonderful solution. It would keep his toes straight. And possible I could make one myself. It could fasten high on his leg with velcro but it would need a pocket to put some sort of flat stick/brace or something. And it would need to be ulta padded.

I think this would work. Or at least it's worth a try before something drastic like surgery.

Here is the dog link to what I have in mind for JJ.

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Poor JJ...
You have both been through such a rough time.

How long has it been since JJ was examined by his vet?
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Its been right at a month...

He is well as far as his hip. His hip healed beautifully and he uses the leg. He lifts it and he has learned to compensate when he wants to climb. He goes ahead and makes the jump to stuff but he hold this leg UP and it never touches anything. When he get to where he wants to be, he puts it back down. It's just the nerve damage that is causing the sore when he is walking that is causing the problem. He drags his toes and does NOT walk on his pads at all. It is terrible. But not painful since he has no feeling in his foot. That is what is scary. It could potentially get extremely sore but he wouldn't feel it. I have to get his foot in the correct position to avoid the sores associated with HOW he HAS to walk.

I found this site and it is here in the USA.


44.00 for a split that will hold his leg in the correct position. That's real good. And it is much better than what he has on his leg tonight.

I am talking him back to the vet in a few days. I want him reevaluated before I use this type of product.

I can't afford extensive corrective surgery on him. I just can't. I have to find another solution. This might work since he is never going to be allowed to roam free again. He will have to use his kitty enclosure.

He has a handicap now.

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JJ is your special kitty.
You have been so patient with his healing process,
I am so glad that he is doing so well.

Your vet might have some ideas for you to try.
I hope that you find a workable solution before his paw becomes infected.

I'll watch for your updates.
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I've been searching on line for permanent orth splints for cats and I think I can make him something comfortable.

I will keep you updated and YES, JJ is my special kitty.. I just want him to comfortable and healthy.

Thanks all for the kind thoughts.

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Read this post. Glad to see JJ is doing better. It's probably a little late for this, but I would have filed a police report. They may not have been able to press charges/etc.. but it would have let the neighbor know you mean business.

Thoughts and prayers go out to JJ. Hopefully all will be pretty much back to normal soon for you guys!
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I don't have any absolute proof. And I am really reluctant to do that because we are renting his house while we fix our own up and we are not prepared to move in our new house as yet...

We have discussed this may times with him. He denies it. However, the other day my husband and I were talking with him in the garage and he brought up the subject of JJ. He asked how he was doing. Juan, my husband looked at me and replied that JJ was crippled and had nerve damage. He also told him we took him to the vet as we could not STAND to see him suffer in pain. My husband said this very very seriously and we watched the mans reaction. He just kinda shook his head and didnt' say anything.

I stilll think he did it. The vet believes it was a vehicle that hit him but I also think a hard kick would have done the same thing. I still 'suspect' he dumped him and either threw him from veh OR kicked him to get him away from his car after leaving him somewhere. OR possibly after he was dumped off, another car hit him. But JJ has always been without a home and lived outside. He is car savey...

And also, there are no animal control laws about dumping animals in our county or even strong laws about animal cruelty.

And example of this happened in Humanville Missouri. I live in Missouri by the way. The OWNER of this young dog, a hound, did not like him. He was about 10 months old so he beat him in the head with a hammer to kill him. That is NOT against the law in Missouri. You can dispose of your own animal as you see fit. But then, he shot him in the head with a nail gun several times. There was another person there who called the police. As it turned out, the dog was only unconsciouness and not dead. The reason they couldn't do anything serious legally to the man was because he thought the dog was dead when shooting him in the head with the nail gun. Therefore, according to the law here, he was not mulitating the dog which is an offense.

He got off with a fine. The town was in an up roar over the judges decision. The dog has since totally recovered and was adopted by a loving family out of state and has a wonderful home.

This is the link...... Missouri animal laws suck. Basically people can do what they want.

This is the newpaper clipping. Read this whole link. It is shocking. The man who did it got 15 days jail time, two years probation and a fine.

And the the CARE unit link who took care of the dog name Trucker cause he kept on trucking no matter what. He has a happy ending... And it is worth reading.

But these are the Missouri laws. What happened to JJ is not proven but he was abused by someone. But it was actually legal. The police would laugh at me for reporting this.

This happened about 30 miles from outside of Springfield Missouri.

This is a link to Truckers latest updates and his adoption.

It's pitiful the laws in Missouri concerning cruelty to animals. We lived in Arkansas before MIssouri and it is much the same if not worse. Especially in the rural areas.

It is just heartwrenching.

I lost a great job over animals in Missouri. I was a police dispatcher for years and we had a small kennel that the animal control officer kept strays in. He with put them down or took them to the no kill shelter in the area. But he was out of town and the policemen were supposed to feed them. And they weren't. There were 4 tick infested dogs in the kennel. I fed them daily but because of my job and me THINKING others were also feeding them, they went 30 hrs or so with no fresh water and NO food. I went and bought food out of my own pocket for these animals and it make my sgt very angry when I asked him where I needed to file my receipt. He fired me over it and his exact words were "You are trying to burn our asses"... I remeber him throwing me a wad of money asking if that was enough to cover my expenses because he did NOT want me turning in a recipt to the PD. I wouldn't take the money from him and my employment was terminated the next day and I had been there years.

Arkansas and Missouri laws for animals are very nearly non existant. Which should be a crime. The officers also sprayed mace at the dogs in the kennel which drove me nuts. We had arguments over it. They would also do this if they saw an animal in a veh with the window cracked while the owner was in a store and they laughed about it. There was even one incident where some hotel workers caught a raccoon and put it under a trashcan and beat the can with a stick to scare it to death. The officers were called and they picked the little raccoon up "to save him" and took him to the woods alledgedly to turn him loose in his habitat. You would think that was a happy ending but what they did then was use the raccoon for moving target practice. And these are the cops enforcing the animals laws????

It makes me sick.. Absolutly sick and nothing can be done about it.. The cops who did this actually laughed about it in my presence becuase they knew it bothered me and made me sick and loved getting a rise out of me.

Just pretty pitiful and says alot of the quality of people we depend on in this area for law. There is no one to complain to about this either.

I probably shouldn't have said all that but it is absolutely true and it has bothered me to this day. That's why I rescue and help who I can. Because you never know who is down the road in this area.. You just never know.

I am going to get JJ some sterile gauze tomorrow and try to figure something else out for his little toes to keep him protected. His laying on his feeding table now and I am thinking about taking it off while he sleeps. I might wait till tomorrow however. And if I can figure out something else to use, I'll try that. My husband has a different type of brace at the new place that I will pick up tomorrow until I can get him some sort of open molded brace that fastens with velcro. I just want him comfortable..
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I just put a different type of bandage on JJ's foot. It is light and it can be his sleeping bandage.

I put fresh antibiotic ointment on it and took the finger brace off. After putting the new antibiotic on it, I wrapped it in the brown tape for medical stuff. It does not pull hair and is very very flexible and breaths.

After doing that, I got a little piece of folded cardboard and two tiny strips of duct tape and placed the cardboard under his face and taped it. The cardboard is not regular cardboard. It is from a box my asthma medicine comes in. It is thin and lightweight. I folded it over to give it just the right amount of support for him. If this doesn't look better in a couple day, he is off to the vet. You can tell in the photo how thing the cardboard is. It is justa support factor. It is not broken and I felt the finger brace was just too much. And also, even thought it was light, he did not lift his leg as high when he walked. I don't want him hampered. He is doing much better with this one. He is even laying in the corner grooming him self. That's a good sign.

I think it is more comfortable and it is absolutely non-binding. It might or might not keep his foot straight but it will keep the wound clean. And he can sleep in it easier and it doesn't click when he walks. I left the toe area open as well.

I like it better. I am going to buy him some paper tape tomorrow.

This is his new bandage. Even if he turns his toes under, it will be covered but I thik the cardboard will keep it reasonably straight so the top portion will be free of any pressure.

And I don't have to worry about the brace rubbing his little leg at all. The brace was scooting around and I felt like it would rub his leg and I don't want that.

Now I can go to bed and rest in peace tonight. Hopefully JJ will too., The other cats know my husband and I are doctoring JJ. They are just sitting watching him witih his little cardboard foot. They know something is wrong. And JJ does not like being doctored but I can tell he knows we are helping him. It doesn not appear to hurt but that is a deceptive statement since his foot is numb or I think it is. I am going to keep a close eye on it.


p.s I have been watching JJ. He is having an easier time with the new bandage. It is much better with the finger brace off.. Even thought the finger brace appears light to me and my husband, it might not have felt the same to a freshly healed pelvic bone. It stays in place now. Every now and then he drags is foot a little but he then straightens it back out. The little cardboard brace is working for now. I think the other one made him tired or made his hip tired, but now he is doing good again. He needs one that actually makes him stand on the ball of his foot in a regular position. I wil figure out a way with husbands help..

Wow, he is actually walking correctly with it on. Praise the lord........
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Thanks for the update, I have been following JJ's story annd think you are doing a wonderful job with him. hope he continues to do well.
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Just look at how beautiful JJ's stripes are on his other hind leg.

I keep thinking that if that foot was amputated....
it would be easier for everyone...including JJ.
Avoiding serious infection long term might prove to be a real problem.

In California, we have organizations that sometimes help when financial resources for a surgery are limited.

Have you tried to find financial help for JJ's care?

You are so loving...
JJ is very lucky you took him in.
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I will do a search on financial help for animal surgery and see what I can find out. And you are right. The thought has crossed my mind that his quality of life would be better with a partial amputation. My cat Yellow is lucky. He has a malformed broken/healed leg but no nerve damage. Just arthritis in the joint from the break. I wish JJ were that fortunate.

My husband brought home some sterile gauze and paper tape. We washed, doctored and re-bandaged his foot tonight. It looked better but I even told my husband that this is a forever thing we have to do. It will not end and he will need daily dressings the rest of his life or some type of covering to avoid future infections. I have been reading about dogs like this and they call it the curled toe syndrome or something like that and it is due to nerve damage.

Tomorrow when I change his bandage I will get a picture of his foot.

It happened so fast. I knew he was dragging it and walking on top of the toes and it "appeared" he was getting a callous which at the time I didn't feel was a bad thing. You know?

When I washed it and saw it was a scab I was horrified. It made me feel so damn guilty. I told my husband tonight it made me feel like I had injured him and been neglectful in some way. Hubby said that was ridiculous but it still made me feel that way.

Possibly in the Springfield area they might have an organization that help offset surgery costs. I know there is nothing where I live. Springfield Missouri is the closest large town to me and it is 30-40 miles away. Not too far.

But tonight he has a new bandage of a different sort AGAIN. A sterile gauze pad with antibiotic ointment on it. Then it is wrapped in gauze with paper tape and then I put the carboard underneath the foot and put paper tape around that in two places... The toe portion is open for air.

I have a lot to pray about tonight and a lot of soul searching to do about what is in JJ's best interest...

I know right now he is as well as he will ever get... Long term infection and prevention of that can be a serious thing to contemplate. Tough decisions.

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OH my gosh, I have found a place called IMOM.org that helps animals who need surgery. As soon as I can get JJ to the vet and get the estimate, I can start the application process. They will help me pay for surgery if he needs amputation.

Thank you god....... I have been so afraid of what JJ's life would be like.

There are two vets in my area that I would trust to do this type of surgery. The one I took JJ to and the one I take the other cats to.

The vet has to agree to give me an estimate of the cost and agree to treat and release JJ to me and then send them the bill which they would pay.

I hope so much this works out.

Thanks you xocats. Your idea was fanstastic

They have a forum that posted a little about JJ's situation on and I got a quick response from the committee members telling me what to do. I told them it would be a week or so until I can get JJ to the vet for the estimate and they are going to be watching for my emails on his situation. They said to apply for the general fund emergency help.

They said 'tripod kitties' do real well and that sometimes it is better to remove the leg instead of just the foot. But we will see what the vet says.

I will keep this thread informed of JJ and his progress.

This is the link the the site.

....... Jenn
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Oh my goodness Jenn, that's fantastic news for you and JJ. You might be right about the amputation being just what JJ needs. There was a thread on this forum about a cat named Pebbles and how well she rebounded from her amputation.

I'll be waiting to hear all the news on JJ!!!
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